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Kick the buddy APK (unlimited Gold / Money) is the best stress relieving game to get rid of your anxiety and frustration by smashing the dummy
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Many people play games when they get bored or want to escape from the grinding daily routine. However, those games mostly don’t help when you are extremely anxious and want to smash something. Many people have the habit of breaking things around themselves when they are angry, which costs them a lot of money afterward, and they regret that later. Keeping in view the problem, we have come up with the solution in the form of Kick the buddy mod APK.  

In Kick the buddy mod APK, you will torture a cute buddy with different weapons that will help you to relieve anxiety and frustration. It is way more than a stress-releasing and relaxing game and is one of the top interactive action games. In this game, you will slap, smash or do whatever you want with the virtual doll that will give you the real-life experience of beating someone and releasing your anger. The game may seem offensive for many people who are sensitive and remain calm in their panic situations, but it is beneficial for those who get furious early.   

If you were looking for such a game, we welcome you to read the given article to know about installing this game. You will also get all of the game’s features in the article in detail.

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How to play  

After installing Kick, the buddy mod APK, click on the game icon. It will take some time to load and give you some tips regarding this game simultaneously. Then it will ask you to mark that you have read the privacy and policies. After that, you will see a cute teddy or a doll, and your goal is to torture the doll until it dies using different powers and weapons. On the top left corner, there is a ribbon icon, click on that, and it will show you four other options.   

The first option is for stuff by which you can get different weapons and tools to kill your doll. The next option is of profile by which you can change the outfits and appearance of the doll. The third option is of extra, by which you can change the game controls like the voice of the buddy, sound, etc. And the last option is for decor, by which you can decorate the room with different things, paintings, and themes.  

Whenever you kill the doll, you will get some money in the reward that you can use later to buy different weapons outfits and unlock other things in the game. However, if you are playing the mod version of the game, you will get unlimited money and won’t wait or play for a long duration to unlock epic weapons.  

Where to download    

Kick the buddy APK game is available both on the play store for android and on the APP Store for iPhone users. You can download the game directly from the play store and play for hours to collect cash, gold, and diamonds to unlock powerful weapons and other stuff. However, you can get the diamonds, cash, and gold from a play store purchase that will cost you a few bucks.   

MOD version    

We understand that many people want to unlock all the weapons and other stuff at once without spending much time and money. For them, we have come up with the mod version of the game, Kick the buddy mod APK everything unlocked. In this moded version, you will get everything unlocked with all the premium weapons and decoration items. The incredible features of Kick the buddy mod APK are given below:  

Unlimited bucks: You need bucks, virtual money, to unlock each item in the game. Kick the buddy mod APK all unlocked provides you unlimited bucks, so you can shop freely in the store and buy whatever you want. This will make the game more interesting as you will find more weapons and skills to kill the doll and release your frustration.  

Unlimited Gold: You need gold to buy epic items such as legendary weapons and premium decoration themes. But you can’t earn the gold with each passing level, and you have to purchase it by yourself with your real money. In Kick the buddy unlimited money, you will get unlimited gold without any purchase and buy whatever you want without any restriction.  

Everything unlocked: In Kick the buddy APK mod, you will get all the characters, outfits, and decorative items unlocked that will allow you to customize your room or doll appearance as you want. And also, there is no need to reach a certain level to unlock anything.  

Ads-Free: If you download this game from the Play store, you will get ads after some time if you are playing with your Wi-Fi or mobile data which is irritating sometimes. But if you download Kick the buddy mod app, you will get an ad-free version of the game for free.  

Highlighted features      

Fun gameplay to relax your nerves  

You might have played a lot of other video games but kill the buddy mod APK is unique because it focuses on relaxing your mind from anxiety and frustration. Your main goal will be to kill the dummy or the doll with any means you like. You can stretch the dummy’s arms, legs, and head and smash them against the walls and corners of the room. You can also try different weapons and tools on the buddy. The game fully allows you to bash the dummy, eventually calming your nerves.  

Customize Your buddy  

You can dress up your buddy with various clothes and costumes available in the store. This will make your buddy attractive, and you won’t get bored of the same appearance. You can apply makeup and other stuff to make it cool-looking.  

Variety of stuff  

The game offers a variety of stuff that you can access and purchase from the store with the games’ virtual money and try it on the dummy to kill him. You can shoot the dummy with the bullets from a variety of guns, throw arrows on him, or blow the buddy with explosives and grenades. Besides these typical weapons, kick buddy mod APK also comes with some terrific killing methods like high volume music, feeding your buddy with different stuff and Power of Gods mod.  

You can unlock this stuff one by one from the store with money. However, if you are playing Kick the buddy mod APK, you will get all the stuff unlocked with unlimited money available for you to spend.  

Graphics and sound effects  

Besides the storyline and controls of the game, graphics and background sound effects play a crucial role in making the game addictive. Kick the buddy all weapons unlocked has realistic animated graphics that attract users and make them love it. The other important factor for the game’s popularity is the dummy’s sound effects and different weapons that feel good when using them on the buddy.  

Room decoration  

Kick the buddy mod APK also allows the gamers to change the room’s atmosphere with different themes and stuff like cardboard, boxes, chairs, etc. You can also change the complete background of the torture room into a prison cell, a park, beachside, or even a crowded place. This variety of customization options will not make you bored while playing the games for hours.  

Slot machine  

On the top right corner of Kick the buddy mod APK, a slot machine offers free spin for gamers once in 24 hours. If you are lucky enough, you can win a lot of premium stuff and prizes without spending any money. It is always recommended to use this free spin once a day and get an opportunity to win some exciting prizes.  

Achievements and challenges  

To make this game more addictive, Kick the buddy mod APK comes with multiple achievements and challenges that you can unlock one by one with your skills by playing continuously for a long time. You will get a lot of exciting rewards by unlocking each achievement that many include any premium stuff, attractive outfits or epic weapons.  

Autosave your progress  

The game allows you to connect your google play account with your profile, which will decrease the chances of losing your progress. Moreover, there is no need to manually save the progress every time you unlock any achievement. The progress will be auto-saved, and you can access the game anytime, even if you have changed your device.  

Pros and Cons     


  • Anyone can download and play this game.  
  • The game does not require the internet to run. 
  • The game helps you to keep you calm when you are frustrated. 
  • You can release your anger on the dummy by bashing him instead of breaking things in your surroundings.  


  • Many people think that the game promotes violence and is not social-friendly. People may have a harmful effect on their cognition after playing the game.  
  • The game is not for children under 16 years.  


So, if you are a person who has anger issues, have a short temperament, and usually break things in your surroundings when you get furious, then this game is especially for you. The game gives you a calming and soothing effect, and you will become addicted to it once you start playing. In addition, if you download Kick the buddy mod APK 2022 from our website, you will get everything unlocked for free. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download kick the buddy mod APK latest version from our website and give this unique game a try.  

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How to install     

You can install kick the buddy mod APK in a very few easy steps:

  1. Uninstall kick the buddy game if you have already installed it from playstore.
  2. Download kick the buddy mod APK from our website  
  3. Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.
  4. Now click on install