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Granny chapter two mod APK 2022 with unlimited everything + frozen enemies. Granny chapter 2 hack mod free download.
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Granny chapter Two mod APK is the next version of the Granny game with more challenging gameplay and a better storyline. This game series is addictive for people who love to play horror games more than usual racing and driving games. You need strong nerves and courage to play this game because it will scare you with every footstep.  

After the success of Granny mod APK the developers came up with the next chapter of the game, Granny 2 mod APK, also known as Granny chapter two mod APK. This chapter was released in 2019, exactly two years after its previous version. This game chapter got more downloads than the previous one because of the many improved features. You can imagine the popularity of the game series from this that Granny chapter two mod APK got more than 100 million downloads in less than 3 years all around the globe.   

To know more about the features and how this version is different from the previous one, we invite you to read the below article written by us or download the game to explore the games’ amazing features by yourself.  


The basic concept of the Granny chapter two mod APK is the same as its previously released version but with more challenges and is more difficult than the previous one. In this chapter, you encountered two enemies. The one is Granny, and the other is Grandpa. You have been locked in their houses and have to escape before they eat your brain. You have 5 days means 5 lives to escape. If you fail, you will end up in the game. You have to use all of your brain and strategies to leave the house before they catch you.  

Where to download  

You can download Granny chapter 2 APK directly from the play store. The game is available for both Android as well as IOS users. The game is free, and you don’t need to make any purchase to unlock premium features. However if you want to download mod version you have to download it from our website.

Highlighted Features  

More challenging gameplay   

Granny 2 mod APK has more challenging gameplay than the previous version of the game. In this version, you have to tackle 2 zombies, Granny, and grandpa, who have locked you in a house with more rooms and hidden places. The house has 3 stories, several rooms, drawers, cupboards, etc. You have to explore every corner of the house to get essential things in order to escape.  

The Granny and Grandpa are blind and can’t see you unless you make noise and get caught by their superb hearing skill. The Granny can hear minor noises, even your footsteps, but the grandpa is not good at hearing. But this doesn’t make grandpa less scary or dangerous. He has sharp teeth and will kill you immediately by reaching up to you. In Granny 2 game you have to be conscious and find all the clues silently by keeping in mind not to make noises that can attract Granny and grandpa towards you. 

3 escaping ways  

In Granny chapter Two mod APK, you get 3 ways to escape from the house. The one is through unlocking the main door. The door has a number of locks, and you have to find different clues and keys to open the door. You can find these keys in drawers, safe cabins, and in random corners of the rooms. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to stay away as much as possible you can from the Granny and grandpa to ensure your survival.  

In grandma part 2 game the 2nd way to get out of this haunted house is through the broken helicopter on the house’s roof. You have to reach the helicopter by finding the special key to the roof and then repair the helicopter wing with tape. Now you have to refill the helicopter’s fuel tank and then find its key and fly above this haunted house.  

The 3rd way is to get out of this house by boat, which is at the water channel in the house’s basement. You have to find different engine parts to repair this boat, such as the spark plug and the key.  

None of the above levels is easier than the other, and you have to make equal efforts to escape the house any way you want.  

Overcome your fear  

Granny chapter Two mod APK is one of the most horror games you can find on the internet. The game is so mysterious that you can never expect what will happen next while playing. The Granny and grandpa can come from anywhere listening to your footsteps or the noise you make accidentally and kill you. The game can be the best pick for you if you want to overcome your fear of haunted things. This game will make your nerves stronger if you especially play it at night.  

Graphics and the Sound  

The graphics of the Granny chapter two mod APK is superb as to its previous version but with more animated effects. The interior of the house has also been changed to some extent. The sound effects have improved slightly and are now more realistic than before. You are advised to put your handphones on while playing the game.  

MOD Features  

Immortal Character: In the Granny chapter two mod APK, your character becomes immortal that is almost impossible to defeat and kill. No matter how many times the Granny and Grandpa hit you, you won’t be dead.  

Frozen enemy: In Granny 2 mod APK, you can freeze the Granny and grandpa for some time, which will give you some extra time to escape from them.  

Granny chapter 2 mod menu 

Unlimited ammunition: In the normal version of the game, you get very limited ammunition, like only two bullets. But in Granny chapter two mod APK, you will get unlimited ammunition that will help you shoot your enemies and freeze them for some time.  

Anti-ban version: Many mod versions of the games get banned from the original servers because of files that contain bugs and viruses. However, the mod version of Granny 2 hack APK provided by APKSAW has an anti-ban feature and doesn’t contain any file that can harm your device.  


  1. Limited yet addictive gameplay that won’t let you bored  
  1. It helps you overcome your fear  
  1. Have realistic 3D graphics  
  1. Easy to install and play  
  1. Simple controls  
  1. No need to route your device to install the mod version  


The game is not for those who have weak hearts and are afraid of haunted things. The game contains bloodshed content that can scare you and thus also not safe for children to play.  

Final words  

Granny chapter two mod APK is the next version of the Granny game series, one of the most horror game series available on the internet. No doubt the game has become so popular and gained sensational downloads in a few years. People become addicted to it because of its realistic graphics and amazing storyline. So, if you want to try something daring and different from your daily routine, we recommend you download Granny chapter two mod APK latest version from our website, which is free and easy to install.  

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How to install  

You can install Granny: chapter two mod APK in a very few easy steps:   

  • Download Granny chapter two mod APK from our website    
  • If your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.  
  • Now click on install.