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Shadow fight 2 mod APK (unlimited money + gems) is a modified game version. It is a nail biting mixture of RPG and classical fighting.
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Nowadays, many people play games to refresh their minds and divert their attention from daily grinding routines. Everyone has their unique taste in gaming categories and some people like Fighting and others like Racing games. Viewing the rise in game addiction, the game developer companies and studios are now intensely focusing on user interests to deliver the best video games. In this article we will give you a chance to explore about one of the best fighting games, Shadow fight 2 mod APK. 


Shadow fight 2 APK is a most suspenseful combination of RPG and classic fighting with high-end graphics that you can’t see in any other action game. Nekki game studio offered this game and was first released in 2014. It is the most successful version of the shadow fight series and has attracted more than 100 million users in different regions of the world. The game contains many unique positive reviews by its users that raise its rating to 4.5 on the play store. The game comes with eye-catching graphics and the unique powers of the fighter, which will make you addicted to that game. 

The story behind the shadow fight 

The game’s background story on which Shadow fight 2 mod APK is based plays a vital role in developing the users’ interest. The more interesting the story is, the more addictive will be the gameplay. Do you want to know about the story of the hottest favorite game on the internet nowadays? If yes, then you are at the right place.  

The story of the Shadow fight 2 APK mod game is based on an unbeatable samurai warrior searching for some worthy opponent and travelling in many world regions for that. Once, he learned about the gates of Shadow, which was a pathway to another world. Reaching there, demonic powers attacked him and transformed his body into the Shadow, by which he lost his physical mass and appearance. Now the Shadow is asked if he wants to get rid of all this; he has to defeat demons, take the ancient seal from them and lock the gates. 

The Shadow is helped by a master, Sensei, who is supposed to be his teacher. He also meets with another character known as May, a blacksmith who offers help to the Shadow. 


In the first round of the Shadow fight mod APK game, the Shadow fights with the first demon, Lynx, a ruler of a small town like other demons. Lynx has five bodyguards with him, and the Shadow has to defeat them before reaching the Lynx. After defeating the Lynx, he then handovers his seal to the Shadow. Then the three characters, Shadow, Sensi and May, proceeds to the next round.  

In the second round of shadow fight 2 mod APK, the Shadow fights with another demon named Hermit, an old magician who runs a fighting school. The fighting becomes serious, and eventually, the Shadow defeats the Hermit, which handovers his seal to the Shadow as an honour. Then it starts the third round, where the Shadow fights with the third demon, Butcher, leader of the juvenile gang. After defeating the Butcher, the Shadow gets the third seal, and the game proceeds further. 

In the fourth round of Shadow fight 2 mod APK, the Shadow fights with the fourth demon called Wasp, the daughter of the pirate king and a highly skilled monster. The fight begins, and the Shadow wins, resulting in the fourth seal to the Shadow. The Shadow gets the fifth seal and fights with the fifth demon, the widow. The widow is a classical fighter and gives a tough time to the Shadow, but he defeats her at last and gets the fifth seal. 

The Shadow proceeds towards the last demon, where he fights with the Shogun, a highly-skilled Samurai with unique powers. The fight continues for some time, but finally, the Shadow defeats Shogun and gets the sixth seal from him. 

In round seven of shadow fight 2 mod APK, after getting all the six seals, the Shadow and the May reach the gates of the Shadow, where all the six demons they defeated earlier gather to stop the Shadow. They guard the gates and try to stop the show from releasing Titan because they are afraid of locking the gates and release of the Titan. But the Shadow fights with all the demons and then defeat them. Suddenly the Titan appears and takes May with him. Then the Shadow returns to the towns where all the monsters belong, defeating them again and learning how to break the seals. 

In round 8 of Shadow fight hack APK, he reopened the gates that he locked in the previous round to enter the gate to save May. Here he encounters the Titans’ army. The first demon he engages with is Shroud, a warrior already defeated and slaved by the Titan. The Shroud gives a great fight to the Shadow and is about to beat the Shadow when another character Kali appears and saves the Shadow from the Shroud. She takes the Shadow to a safe place, a hideout, where he meets with a new character, Cypher. 

Cypher is the leader of the rebellion gang fighting against the Titan. Now the Shadow meets with his other members, aliens, and you should keep in mind that Titan is also an Alien. Shadow defeats the Cypher in a friendly match to show his strength to everyone there. After that, Kali takes him to the ancient, mighty warrior with many unique powers. Ancient is there before the rise of the Titan.

Before the Ancient can transform some energies to the Shadow, Shroud comes there and try to interrupt. But the Cyphers’ army arrests him and locks him in prison. Now the Ancient test the Shadow by attacking him with all of his mighty power to see if the Shadow is worthy of holding those powers or not. Now the Ancient changes the get up of the Shadow and ask him to take part in the tournament. 

In Round 12 of Shadow fight 2 real APK, we see that the Titan is organizing a tournament where many soldiers take part, and Titan is watching to filter the warriors that he can add to his elite forces. The one who wins the contest will be the elite soldier of the Shadow, and the Shadow wins many of the battle matches where he meets with justice. Justice is no one other than the May, which is now under the mind control of the Titan. The Shadow fights with justice, defeats her, and frees her from the Titans’ control. 

Now it’s time to fight between the Shadow and the Titan. Shadow has to fight with his bodyguards before he reaches the Titan. After defeating the bodyguards, The Shadow fights with the Titan, where the intense fight begins.  

After powerful attacks from both sides, the Shadow finally defeats the Titan, and his body is transformed from Shadow to a normal human being. He takes May with him to the home, and now we see that the Shadow is also following the Samurai; it is the point where the story of Shadow fight 3 begins. 

Highlighted Features

Game controls 

The game controls of shadow fight 2 mod APK are somehow similar to the other RPGs games, such as the Taken series, in which you fight with a single enemy at one time and try to save yourself from your opponent’s attacks. In the game, one key corresponds to one action or move, and your skill is to combine the keys to make powerful attacks on your opponent. 

Lethal weapons are divided into four groups: 

  • Hands: To hit the enemy or use weapons. 
  • Legs: uses kicks to attack the enemy. 
  • Dag: to damage the enemy from long distance 
  • Mage: To use magic attacks 

Difficulty levels 

To make Shadow fight 2 mod APK interesting, it comes with different levels where the difficulty increases gradually. The opponent demon in each level gets stronger and stronger and acquires different skills that make it hard to fight against him. This thing urges the player to play more, enhances his skills, unlock new powers to pass the level and reach the next. 

Game modes 

To keep the user interest, the game comes with different modes that you can select after reaching a sufficient level. You will need a lot of patience and skill to reach the next mode. In the game, you will defeat demons in one mode, and they will again appear in the next mode but with more strength, and to compete with them, you have to keep upgrading your skills and pieces of equipment. 

By defeating the bosses in each mode, you will unlock the storyline that makes this game more interesting and suspenseful. The first mode will be the plot mode, in which you have to beat the seven demons or bosses in seven different chapters. After clearing all the chapters, you will unlock the next modes like Secondary mode, tournament, survival and many more. In each mode you will interact with different characters; some of them will be your companions, and the others are your enemies with different skills. 

Play online 

The Shadow fight 2 hack version also gives you an option to play online and compete with your friends. You can connect your game profile to any social network like Facebook, and you will see the progress of your other friends playing the same game. This makes this game more fun playing and competing. 


The shadow fight 2 mod APK gamecomes with very basic yet soothing and relevant 2D graphics that match the storyline of the gameplay. Unlike many other games, instead of highlighting the object with different colors, the developers of the shadow fight 2 mod APK unlimited everything and max level have focused on highlighting the background of the gameplay with different attractive colors and left the main objects as black, which gives this game a unique look. This game can be distinguished from all other games by its unique graphics and strong storyline. 

Soothing background music 

The background music of the Shadow fight mod APK is very soothing and has such a melodic tone that urges the players to play with more courage and skill and reaches the next level. I bet you won’t get bored of playing the game for hours, even with your headphones on. 

Secure and safe 

The Shadow fight 2 mod APK game is entirely secure and safe and does not demand any unnecessary permissions such as access to your call logs or messages. The game also does not use your private data like the location for marketing purposes. The game is neither harmful to you in any way nor disturbs your psychological balance by promoting any violence. 


The shadow fight 2 mod APK game is very light, under 150 MBs, doesn’t occupy much of your device’s space, and does not demand high-tech software and processor to run on. The game can easily be played on android devices with 5.0 or above, and you don’t need to buy expensive phones to play this game. 

MOD Version 

The basic variant of this app is available on the play store, and everyone with android in his hands can download it easily. However, the game demands some coins and gems to unlock your skills and fighting equipment that you will earn in each passing level. It is a long tiring process, but if you want to get a lot of gems and coins at once to unlock your favorite items without any delay, we will recommend you download Shadow fight mod APK from our website, which is entirely free. 

The mod version of the app available on our website has the following enhancements: 

Unlimited gems and coins: Like many other games, shadow fight 2 unlimited money and gems also have the store function. You will unlock your favorite powers and skill boosters for your character in the store that will demand you for some coins or gems that you earn by winning each battle. But if you download the mod APK version, you will get unlimited coins and gems and are free to shop whatever you want. 

Access to everything: By downloading mod APK, you will have access to every hidden game feature that will help you pass each level, even if you find this game challenging. 

Unlimited energy: In the Shadow fight 2 mod APK, when you finish a battle, you run out of power, and you have to wait for some time to start the next war. This practice can irritate you sometimes, but if you download the mod APK version, you will get unlimited energy, and you don’t need to worry about the energy or wait for hours to start the new battle. 

Frequent Updates: The mod APK version is updated frequently on alternate days to ensure the bug fixes and add new exciting features, so the users don’t get bored playing the game. 

No ads/ No lag: The mod version does not show you the unnecessary ads for marketing purposes, making this app run smoothly on all android devices without any lag. 

Final verdict 

So, if you are a video game player who loves to try new action games with a classical touch, we recommend you download Shadow fight 2 mod APK latest version from our website. This game can be your best partner during your dull and anxious period, and you can relax your mind and body by just playing this game for some time. 

Moreover, if you download this game from our website, you will have access to all the premium powers and skills that will make you more addicted to this game. The game storyline will fascinate you to feel like a warrior Samurai who is fighting with demons in ancient times. Even with its 2D animation, the game will give you an actual image of the old times’ Samurai battles. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Go and click on the download Shadow fight 2 mod APK button and give this game a try by yourself. 

There is also a new version of this game that is more exciting Shadow fight 3 (Unlimited everything) and you can download it for free.

How to install 

You can download shadow fight 2 mod APK by following the easy steps given below: 

  • Uninstall the shadow fight game if you have already installed it from the Play store because you can’t run two versions of the game on the same device. 
  • Now download shadow fight 2 mod APK from our website by clicking on the download button. 
  • The file will be downloaded within a few seconds. 
  • Now check your device’s internal storage or the download folder to search the recently downloaded APK file. 
  • Once you find the file, click on the install button. 
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated version of android asks for permission before installing any APK file. 
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.  
  • Then click on the install button, and BOOM! Your game will be installed within a few seconds.