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Shadow Fight 3 mod APK is a third part of Famous Shadow fight series. Enjoy this game with unlimited gems and coins by downloading the mod version.
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Shadow Fight 3 mod APK cover


Nowadays, many people play games to refresh their minds and divert their attention from daily grinding routines. This article will give you a chance to explore one of the best fighting games, Shadow fight 3 mod APK.  

Shadow fight 3 APK is a most suspenseful combination of RPG and classic Fighting realeased after the excellent success of Shadow fight 2 mod APK with high-end graphics. Nekki game studio offered this game and was first released in 2017. It is the second-best version of the shadow fight series and has attracted more than 100 million users worldwide. The game contains many unique positive reviews by its users that raise its rating to 4.3 on the play store. The game comes with eye-catching graphics and the extraordinary powers of the fighter, which will make you addicted to that game.  

The significant change that the developers made in this game are its beautiful graphics that are more eye-catching than Shadow fight 2. 

MOD version

The basic variant of this app is available on the play store, and everyone with android in his hands can download it easily. However, the game demands some coins and gems to unlock your skills and fighting equipment that you will earn in each passing level. It is a long tiring process, but if you want to get a lot of gems and coins at once to unlock your favorite items without any delay, we will recommend you download Shadow fight 3 mod APK unlimited everything from our website, which is entirely free. 

The mod version of the app available on our website has the following enhancements: 

    Every item unlocked 
    Unlimited gems and coins 
    No subscription required 
    All weapons unlocked 
    Unlimited energy 

The story behind the shadow fight 3 

You might have played and known about the storyline of Shadow fight 2, where our main hero, the Shadow, fights with the Titan and defeats him. The story of the Shadow fight 3 mod APK begins 25 years after the death of the Titan. The world was living a peaceful life but now divided into the four Factions Legions, Dynasty, Heralds and the one where demons ruled many years ago. The three factions were against each other because of the shadow sphere, with many mighty powers. Everyone wants this shadow sphere to become potent and rule over other legions.  

We see here a boy named Rush boy, a native of the Legion faction who wants to be a part of the Shadow army which protects the Legion from other legions. But for this, he has to fight with the head of the shadow army, the Sarge, to prove his abilities. Meanwhile, the Gizmo, a soldier of the shadow army, tells Sarge that he has captured a spy from Dynasty in their Legion. We come to know here the spy is a girl named June who tells them that the dynasty army plans to attack one of their villages.  

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 APK mod Sarge and Rush boy reach that town where Deng Rao is already waiting. Deng Rao is the commander of the dynasty army who attacks the village as soon as the Rush boy and Sarge reach there. Here the fight begins, and the rush boy and the Sarge wins, but they don’t kill Deng Roa and leave him by giving him a warning that we will kill 10 of the Dynasty’s soldiers if he touches any soldier of the Legion. Deng Rao then runs from there. 

Now June warns them that they have started a new war because if Deng Rao tells everything to his emperor, he will not sit quietly. Sarge then orders to hang the June. June asks for help from the Rush boy, saying that he seems an excellent human to her and the people of Dynasty are not bad. The rush boy then helps her to escape from Legion. When Sarge knows this, he becomes furious and orders to hang the Rush boy. At that moment, June comes there and asks the Rush boy to go with him, and they both run away. 

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But after covering some distance, they come in contact with the Sarge, who asks them to defeat him in a battle then he will think about their freedom. Now rush boy trounces the Sarge and runs away from the Legion and reaches the Dynasty, a vast faction, and the Rush boy is there for the first time in his life. June takes the rush boy with her to her home and teaches him some fighting skills. 

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK we see that June asks Galen, a fighting teacher, to help them by teaching them new skills who sends them to the Ling, a blacksmith. Then they ask the Ling to make a shadow portal for them. The Ling says that he wants to help them, but they have to go to the Herald, make a deal with them, and get some shadow resources because it is impossible to make the portal without those resources. 

Then they both reach the Herald school, where Xiang Tzu challenges them, and the fight begins. The Rush boy beats the Xiang Tzu easily and then moves forward. After some time, they meet with Kibo, the school owner. Then they make the shadow portal and reach the palace where they meet with Itu, who tells them that the Shadow sphere has been disappeared because of the Rush boy. 

Then we see Galen, who is disappointed and in trouble because Xiang Tzu takes all the students of the Galen with him. Then we see that a tournament is being organized in Dynasty in which Rush boy also participates and reaches the second round. But then Ling comes there and tells the Rush boy that some people came from the Legion in search of a boy. 

Now the Ambassador of the Legion steps forward and says that we want to deal with the emperor. On the other hand, the Rush boy continues fighting in the tournament, defeating Xiang Tzu. Then in Shadow Fight 3 mod APK they go to Kibu after the tournament ends and in, but suddenly they get attacked by Greta, sister of Gizmo, who is the commander in the Legion army. The Rush boy defeats the Greta and reaches the Kibo. Now Kibo asks them to free Trio by getting help from people living in the Dome, a place invisible to ordinary people. 

Now June, Itu and the rush boy go in search of the Dome and finally find it. Now Rush boy asks June to stay there and enters the Dome with Itu, where they get to interact with Bolo, who asks them to prove themselves by fighting with highly skilled fighters to get the Trio. Then Rush boy defeats both the soldiers and the Bolo. Bolo tells the Rush boy that the emperor who has the sphere is not a good person and is more powerful now because of the sphere.  

Then suddenly, June comes there and attacks the Itu and says that her mind is not under her control. At that moment, Bolo disappears by which they come to know that he is a copy, and after some time, the original Bolo appears and takes the Trio with him. 

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK we see that the Rush boy, Itu and June find themselves in a forest, and they reach there by the magic of Bolo. Then they find Marcus and his army there, who was from Legion and came there to destroy the Dome. Then the Rush boy, Itu and June reaches the temple where the emperor had placed that sphere. Now the rush boy asks June and Itu to go inside, where they see that Marcus has already come here and he is about to break the shadow sphere. 

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK fight begins between Marcus and June. Meanwhile, the shadow sphere breaks and the power enters the body of June, and her body is transformed into a shadow. June then teleports Itu and Marcus with her to a village of Dynasty, which is destroyed by the Legion’s army. Now June asks them to fight against the Legion army and comes in his standard form, but still, the shadow energy is revolving in his mind. 

June thinks that only Ling can help them and go in search of him but can’t find him. Then they come to know that Ling is a shaman, old Haralds, who believed that they should save the shadow energy. Now they explore more about Ling and understand that the Bolo attacked the shaman, and Ling was the only person to survive. Then the find a notice having “Destroyed village” written on it. June understands and goes to the destroyed village where he finds that a group is already ruling there, named rebel warriors, where they meet with Yukka, group leader. 

Yukka tells June that they are planning to attack the Legion and Dynasty. Here the fight begins, and the Rush boy defeats Yukka and says that he thinks Ling is the prominent leader doing all these. Yukka says that the leader was seen last time going towards the capital. They all go towards the capital where they meet Merchant, who asks them to go to the Ambassador if they want to find Ling. 

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK we see that they reach the Ambassador where he attacks them with all his army, but rush boy defeats them all. He gets fears of the Rush boy when the Rush boy beats his more powerful soldier. Then Deng Rao attacks the Rush boy for revenge but gets defeated and runs away. Ling appears there and admits that he is the group leader after that fight begins between the Rush boy and the Ling. 

Now Ling tells the Rush boy that the end of the world is near because the Shadow has been released, and he is returning in the form of a villain. Then Ling asks the Rush boy to find the Galen, who was the student of the Shadow. After some struggle, they find him. Galen tells them that the Shadow is a very aggressive warrior and handovers the map of Shadow Island to them. They need a ship to reach there, where they meet with captain Phang who tells them that his companions have stolen his ship.  

Then they all find the ship, and a person, master Okada, appears from the ship, Bolo’s assistant. Now Rush boy fights with Okada and wins the battle. Now they all reach the shadow Island where they find the Shadow mine that disappears instantly. Then they find a girl named Moira who already knows the Shadow personally, and she thinks they can find him north. The Rush boy saves the girl from a demon who attacks her.  

Then they all reach a Forts’ gate where they meet with a queen, Lolanda, who asks Moira about others. Moira is the sister of Lolanda. Moira introduces all to Lolanda, who takes them to the palace, where Marcus hears the voice of a soldier who says that she is a witch and pretending to be a queen. Marcus says that you should not speak like this about your Queen. The soldier is the Sarge, who says that Xiang Tzu is disturbing everyone here. Rush boy defeats Xiang Tzu, and the Sarge shows them a path to escape. 

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK they reach the Queen, where Marcus asks the Queen why she deceived the Legion. Queen has fierce fighters that attack Rush boy but get defeated by him. Then Rush boy fights with Lolanda, beats her and asks for the Shadow. But she denies it by saying that she has not seen her for so long.

Then Lolanda tells them where the Shadow was last seen, and they all reach there. They meet with the shadow mine there, which means that only Rush boy can go in. Now the Crypt tells him the whole story of what Shadow did to her. Rush boy defeats the Crypt in a friendly match, after which the Crypt transfers powers to the rush boy and reaches the future by time travel. 

Here the Shadow is preparing hard to destroy the world. Here, shadow mine knows that Moira killed May by hypnotizing him, and Moira was doing all this because he loves Shadow. Here they meet with the Jet, who tells them that the Shadow destroyed his town, and now she is fighting with Shadow with her group. Shadow has also finished the Dynasty and the Harald. Then Jet fights with the Rush boy to see his abilities, and the Rush boy wins. 

In next chapter of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK Itu comes there and takes the rush boy to the Dome, where he tells them that the Shadow destroyed it and now, he is going to destroy the world. Now Itu takes the Rush boy to the Bolo, who tells him that you are Shadow’s descendent. Now the Rush boy defeats the Bolo to prove his abilities. Now they send Rush boy to the past, where he stops Itu to give proto-X code to the Shadow, after which the Bolo takes the Rush boy back to the future. 

Now the Rush boy fights with the Gizmo and defeats him, who tells the Rush boy that the Shadow promised him to make him king if he can bring Moira to him. Then Jet comes there and says that Moira is in danger. Then they reach the Dynasty’s’ palace, where they see that Moira is not there. 

Then we see that Moira is asking the Shadow to stop all these, but he manipulates Moira with his butter talks. Now Shadow asks Moira to take Shadow mine out of the Rush boy. 

The Rush boy finally fights with the Shadow and defeats him after a lot of struggles. The Shadow returned to his normal appearance, but suddenly powers get transmitted to the Moira, who then destroys the world, and only Shadow mine left. The shadow mine then hears that he can still create the new world, and the story of Shadow Fight 3 mod APK ends here. 

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Highlighted Features 

The Shadow fight game can be the best pick for those who play action games with classical touch and love the strong story behind the game. Shadow Fight 3 hack version allows you to show your skills to the world by saving them from different demons who want to destroy the world. 

3D graphics 

If you have played Shadow Fight 2, you already know it was based on 2D animation with cool effects. But in Shadow Fight 3 mod APK titan, developers made considerable changes to the graphics and made this game available for users in 3D animation. The pictures of the Shadow Fight 3 mod APK unlimited money come with beautiful animations that are no less than any high-level video game. 

Background music 

The background music of the Shadow fight 3 mod APK is very soothing and has such a melodic tone that urges the players to play with more courage and skill and reaches the next level. I bet you won’t get bored of playing the game for hours, even with your headphones on. 

Hero battles 

You can fight with each opponent in the Shadow Fight 3 mod APK special edition with style and show your skills to the world. You will unlock a new story of new battles, arenas, and characters by defeating each enemy. You can also choose your battle style, and you are fully allowed to pick one for your character. The Shadow Fight 3 unlimited money will be more exciting by unlocking each story, and the problematic level will rise. To compete for this, you have to upgrade your weapons and skills timely. 

Secure and safe 

Shadow fight 3 mod APK is entirely secure and safe and does not demand any unnecessary permissions such as access to your call logs or messages. The game also does not use your private data like the location for marketing purposes. The game is neither harmful to you in any way nor disturbs your psychological balance by promoting any violence. 

Create your hero 

Shadow Fight 3 hack APK gives you complete freedom to customize your character in the game and make it looks like you want. Now you can choose whether your hero is a ninja fighter or a highly skilled Samurai. You can also change the dress, skin tone, and even the skin of your equipment to make them look cool. This feature attracts users a lot, and they don’t get bored of watching and playing the same character repeatedly. 

Game events 

The game organizes different events online in which you can take part and compete with other players and track their progress. You can also win many exciting prizes such as character skins, skins for weapons and many more. Participating in the event will enhance your skills and abilities, motivate you to play hard, and unlock your next storyline. 


Despite the high-end graphics, the developers tried their best to ensure that everyone could play this game, not only the ones with expensive phones. Shadow fight 3 mod APK can be run on every phone having an android operating system above 5.0, and in this era of technology, this requirement is fulfilled by every phone. 


So, if you were searching for an RPG Fighting game with new modes and features or have played Shadow Fight 2 mod APK and are now waiting for the next part to continue the story, we recommend you download Shadow fight 3 mod APK latest version from our website. This game can be your best partner during your dull and anxious period, and you can relax your mind and body by just playing this game for some time.  

Moreover, if you download this game from our website, you will have access to all the premium powers and skills that will make you more addicted to this game. The game storyline will fascinate you to feel like a warrior Samurai fighting with demons in ancient times. With its 3D animation, the game will give you an actual image of the old times’ Samurai battles.  

So, what are you still waiting for? Go and click on the download Shadow fight 3 mod APK button and give this game a try by yourself. 

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How to install 

You can download shadow fight 3 mod APK by following the easy steps given below: 

  • Uninstall the shadow fight 3 game if you have already installed it from the Play store because you can’t run two versions of the game on the same device. 
  • Now download shadow fight 3 mod APK from our website by clicking on the download button. 
  • The file will be downloaded within a few seconds. 
  • Now check your device’s internal storage or the download folder to search the recently downloaded APK file. 
  • Once you find the file, click on the install button. 
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated version of android asks for permission before installing any APK file. 
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.  
  • Then click on the install button, and BOOM! Your game will be installed within a few seconds.