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Hay Day mod APK is the best farming game of 2022. You will get unlimited money, gems and seeds in this modified version.
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As we know that people are living in the robotic age where they work from 9 to 5 regularly and don’t find much time to refresh their minds in outdoor activities. For this reason, many people play games on their mobile phones and PC to divert their minds from the daily grinding busy schedules. When we talk about games, a diverse category comes into our mind where everyone has preferences. But one type that remains common that is loved equally by every age group and gender is Farming games. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce one of the very emerging Farm games, Hay Day mod APK. 

Hay Day APK has become a very popular game nowadays because of its attractive UI and UX that fascinates everyone while playing. Playing this game will refresh your mind and give you many skills for managing your virtual farm and town that the game provides. If you are looking for a game that can be your best partner when you are tired and refreshes your mood within a few minutes of playing, we recommend you download hay day mod APK. 


What is Hay Day Mod APK?

We all know that our ancestors used to belong to farming, so our love for nature and agriculture can never be replaced. Natural sceneries always have a refreshing gesture on human minds. Keeping this fact in mind, a video game developer company known as Supercall made Hay Day APK back in 2013. So, the game’s background is entirely based on a village farming background in which you harvest plants to gain experience points, and by earning more and more points, you unlock more items to farm on your fields. 

Moreover, besides harvesting crops, you also grow animals on your farm. You can unlock more and more animals when you have more points and grow your small town into a large business. There is also an option in hay day hack APK to interact with other players in neighbors and trade with them like in the real world. You can also open your shop where other game players will buy goods from you and give you money in exchange.

You will expand your farm by unlocking a diversity of seeds, animals, and other things as you pass each level while playing the Hay Day mod. The game is so addictive that you will forget about your hectic daily routine once you start playing this. 

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Features Of the Hay Day Mod APK

Start with hen farming 

When you open the Hay day mod APK after installing it, the first lesson is how to collect the eggs. The hen is the first animal you own by default in the game. Then you click on the basket and drag it to the hens, where the eggs will be automatically stored in your storage. Then you will provide feed by clicking on the hen feed which will be wheat grains and dragging them toward the hen. They will eat this feed and be ready to lay eggs again after some time. 

When you start the game, the game will provide you few chickens that you can increase later by visiting the online store that is accessible in the bottom left corner. 

Attend the visitors  

To give this game a realistic look, the game’s developers added a feature of the visitor in the game. Now you can visit the town of other players and see their progress. Moreover, your family members and friends can also visit your town. Hay Day hacked APK also gives you visitors on its own by clicking on them will provide you with suggestions. If you fulfill those suggestions, it will increase your experience points and ultimately help you level up. The first visitor you get will ask you to give your town a unique name so others can easily find you. 

Harvest crops 

Hayday mod APK provides you with the experience of farming by giving you a diversity of seeds that you can grow in your fields. You can do watering and give fertilizers so they can succeed faster. In the beginning, you will get only a few crop seeds like seeds for wheat and rice. But with every level pass, you will get more sources and more land unlocked so you can expand your farm. 


You can add more animals to your farms when you unlock sufficient levels and enough money to purchase them. When you start the Hay Day Mod APK game, you will have chickens only, but you will unlock many other animals like cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and many more. You can also unlock pet animals like kittens and puppies and add them to your farm. Earn money and experience by feeding them and collecting their eggs, milk, wool, etc. You can also use your factories; milk and eggs can be used to make bread and many other dairy products. 

Hay Day pets guide

Online store 

You can access the game’s online store by clicking on the bottom left corner. You can buy seeds to grow your crops, animals to add to your farm, and purchase land to expand the harvesting area from the store. Moreover, you can also buy different factories and shops to make goods that you can sell later and earn money. In the beginning, you will find very few items to buy in-store; this is because you are on a very low level. Once you level up, other things will unlock automatically in the hay day mod APK. 

You need virtual money to buy things in the store that you will earn by completing each task. You can also get cash in exchange for real money through a play store purchase. But, if you are using a modified version of the hay day mod APK unlimited mod provided by us; you will get unlimited cash without spending a single penny. 

Farm expansion 

In Hay Day Mod APK 2022, you can expand your farm by unlocking different crops, trees, animals, and factories. The bakery is the first shop you can open in the beginning. You can click on the toast option to start making bread, cakes, and other bakery products from wheat. And for every product, you will need enough grain and milk. The baking will take some time, but you can speed up the process by spending money on the factory. In the next stage, you will have to purchase a feed mill that you can place on the farm. You can make chicken feed in it that will take almost five minutes and need wheat and corn as substrate. 

In the beginning, the Hay Day mod APK will provide you with six fertile soiled land plots on which you can harvest different crops. But you can also buy more fertile land with money in the online store. With each level, you will also expand your farm area in which you can place different shops, and factories and do other activities. 

Source of income 

In Hay Day Mod APK, the primary source of income or coins for your virtual town will be a truck coming to your town every day that will demand you for some products like a few blocks of wheat crops, some delicious cakes, or a few milk bottles that you can process in your farm in return of some money. You may not have the required products in your store, but you can manufacture them on your farm before the truck leaves. 

Completing the tasks will give you coins and experience points that will eventually help you level up. For you, it is essential to level up in the game as it will unlock different items in the online store. You can also trash the order if you do not want to fulfill it by clicking on the trash button, and it will replace your order with a new order within a few minutes. 

The next building you can unlock for storage is Barn. The initial capacity of the barn is also 50, but you can increase it more than the silo with money at higher levels. You will need these storage buildings when you have grown your farm enough to store the diversity of the products. 

Customize you farm 

In Hay Day Mod APK, you can easily design your farm according to your interest. You can change the positions of your fields, shops, factories, trees, and every other thing you want. For this, you need to long-press on the item you wish to change the position. You can place the item in any area within the green screen. The red screen indicates that you cannot put your item in that area because of restrictions. 

Trade with other players 

There is also an option for the market in this game. You can place your products in the shop that you want to sell. Your products will be available globally for every player playing Hay Day mod APK. The players will buy your goods, and you will get money as a reward. This practice will give you money, but you can also clear your storage in the barn to store some new products. 

On the other hand, if you need any item and it is taking too long to manufacture in your shops, you can also visit the other players’ shops and buy that product if it is available in their stores. This buy and sale practice will give you a real-time trading experience, and you will love doing this. Many other farming games are not giving reality exposure up to this level as Hay Day mod APK is giving. 

Fishing and Marine experience 

The Hay Day hack version also gives you the experience of fishing. There is a water channel in the game, and different boats and ships come there for trading goods. You will unlock this at higher levels, and you can trade with those ships to earn some money and experience.  

Moreover, this game also gives you a fishing experience. You will hire a person to catch fish for you in exchange for some food or dairy products. That person will demand for some time and will see a variety of fish for you, including bass. You will need these fish to make food products like sushi and fulfill your orders. 

Like a real-life experience, you will also need to maintain and upgrade your dock so ships can come to your town without any difficulty. For this, you will need some time and coins to upgrade the port which will give you handsome experience rewards in return. 

Treasure chests 

You will also find some treasure chests that will give you surprising rewards in return for the game. You can open these treasure chests on your farm or go to a neighbor’s farm to open the chests. The tips of the chests can include from as low as wheat bundles to as high as gold coins and diamonds. Always try to hunt for treasure. If you fail for the first time, don’t worry. Try it another time until you succeed. 

Hire the workers 

In the real world, when we have plenty of work to do, we hire different people so they can help us finish our jobs. Similarly, Hay Day mod APK unlimited mod offers an option to hire other virtual workers to help you do your jobs faster. For example, you can hire a boy named TOM in the game. The tom is a virtual worker that will work on your farm, and you can employ him for free for one day. However, to hire him again, you need to spend 15 gems that you can purchase with your real money, earn them with each level up, or get unlimited gems if you are playing Hay Day mod APK. 

Once you hire him, make sure to utilize this opportunity fully and don’t give him easy tasks that take less time. Give him complex functions that take more time, and he will do them efficiently for you. For example, if you are at higher levels, you can give him the task of making level jars that will help you upgrade your dock and eventually speed up your leveling process. In this way, you can utilize Tom, and you will never get bored of playing this game. 

High graphics 

Although the game provides many enjoyable features, the developers did not compromise on graphics. You will observe that everything looks real in 3D shape, from little milk bottles to major big factories. The UI of the game is so smooth and refreshing that it gives a soothing effect to the player’s mind. 

Moreover, the game’s background music is also not too over or loud. The music tone and audio effects are so relatable and smooth that you can play this game for hours, and it won’t still hurt your eyes and ears. 

Frequent Updates 

The developers update this app frequently to ensure bug fixes and add more exciting features for their users. For example, in the latest update, the developers provided new clay, a new pottery studio, a new product like affogato ice cream, a new pig named Silky, and many more.  

How to install it?

You can install this app in 4 easy steps:  

  1. Uninstall the Hay Day game if you have already downloaded it from the Play store
  2. Download the Hay day mod APK from our website   
  3. Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on. 
  4. Now click on install 


So, if you are looking for a game that can be your best partner in your spare time, or looking for a game that you can be addicted to but also don’t like action games or want to try something new, then we will recommend you to download Hay Day mod APK from our website. You might have tried any other farming game, but this game is different as it will refresh your mind with eye-catching effects and exciting, addictive features. 

With each passing level, you will become addicted to it and forget every worry in your life. Unlike many other action games, this game doesn’t promote violence or hate. Moreover, this app is completely secure and safe and doesn’t demand extra permission like Call logs, location, etc. You will get all the features mentioned above along with many additional features like unlimited money and gems if you download the Hay Day mod APK from our website, which is entirely free.