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Granny mod APK 2022 is one of the most mysterious horror gameplay with a lot of suspense and fun. The game has 3D graphics and amazing storyline
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You tired of playing the same boring games and want to try something daring and adventurous? Are you interested in playing horror games more than driving and racing games? Are you interested more in survival rather than fighting games? If yes, then you are definitely at the right place. Here we introduce you to one of the best and most realistic horror surviving games, granny mod APK.  

Granny mod APK comes with 3D graphics and an attractive storyline where you have to escape from a horror granny using different things hidden at different corners of the room. The Granny APK was first released in 2017 by DVloper, a well-known game developing company famous for horror games. The game became so popular that it has gained more than 100 million downloads and 3 million+ positive reviews on the play store. The game is available both for android and IOS users and is also available to play on PC. If you want to learn more about its features, we will discuss them in detail. 

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In Granny mod APK, you get locked with Granny in some house or other location. You have to find certain things like keys, handle locks, etc. By keeping yourself hidden from the Granny. Several levels cover different locations, and their difficulty increases gradually. The game has the most realistic 3D graphics with scary sounds that will make you scared. You have to avoid Granny as much as you can because she will eat your brain if she finds you.   

Where to download  

The Granny game can easily be downloaded from the Play Store and APP store and is also available to download for PC from their official website. The game is free and doesn’t require any app purchase or subscription for extra features.   

MOD version  

Although the game is available for free, the MOD version is also available, making it easy to clear the different levels. Different mod features provided in our mod version of Granny god mod are given below. 

Granny mod menu 

Frozen enemy: Granny hack APK gives you this feature by which you can freeze the granny for some time when she comes closer to you. This will provide you few extra seconds to escape from her.  

Immortal character: Another mod Feature provided by the Granny invisible mod APK is the immortal player with unlimited health. This means that you won’t die even if Granny attacks you, and you can easily find keys and other parts to escape from the house

Highlighted Features  

Escape or die  

Granny APK mod is a horror game where you have to escape from the house to survive. Granny has become a zombie and wants to eat your brain. You have 5 days to escape, or you will be locked in the house forever. If you get caught and eaten up by the Granny, it will lessen one day from the given five days.  

Don’t make noise  

The one plus point in the mod Granny is that the Granny is blind and can’t see what’s happening around her. But she has very good hearing and feeling senses and can reach you if you make any noise by mistake, break anything like a vase on the table or run very fast. Even though she can’t see still, she can find you very easily by following the sound waves produced by you. So, you have to be very careful while finding your way to move out.  

Find clues    

In Granny’s mod APK, you will get several drawers and cupboards in the house. Many of these drawers contain useful things such as pliers, keys, wires, nails and other accessories that may help you break the locks and open doors. Moreover, you can also find knives, pistols and broken glasses that you can use to hurt Granny and freeze her for some time when she comes in front of you.   

Hide rather than run  

AS Granny has very good hearing abilities, so if she finds you and you see her coming towards you, then what will you do? Many of you will say that they will try to run away from her. But this is not a good practice because once she senses your location, she will follow in your footsteps while you are running and will eventually catch you. So, the best practice to get rid of Granny after being spotted is to hide under the bed or in the cupboard and then wait until she leaves that area.  

Difficulty level  

Grany mod APK has different difficulty levels that you can choose according to your skills. The one is extremely hard where Granny moves faster than you and has 2 extra locks on the doors with more darkness. In hard mode, the Granny moves a bit faster than you and has one extra lock on the door. However, the difficulty is neither too easy nor too hard in the normal mode. In easy mode, the Granny moves slower than you. And last, in practice mode, the Granny is not in the house. Practice mode allows you to explore the house freely.  

3D Graphics with horror sounds  

The developers of Granny mod APK have made its graphics so high that the players can take better exposure to the haunted house. The graphics are so realistic that every corner of the house will give you a haunted vibe. Besides graphics, the sound effects are also scarier than any other game. The sound of picking and dropping things, opening and closing doors and drawers are so realistic that it will feel like you are actually at that place, locked up in the house in reality.  


Despite its high graphics and wonderful animations, Granny mod APK can be installed and played smoothly on any android device supporting version 4.4 or above. The game does not require expensive devices with high specifications; instead, can be played smoothly on your normal use devices. The PC version of this game is also available so that you can enjoy it on the big screen with more exposure. 

Important Note  

The game has high-end graphics and a haunted storyline. So, people with weak hearts or those afraid of scary things should avoid this game. Also, the Granny mod APK is not recommended for children as they are more afraid of haunted things.   


If you are interested in haunted things and looking for a game that will give you a real-life horror experience, we recommend you download Granny mod APK latest version from our website. The game will give you so much realistic experience that you will feel locked up in the house trying to escape from the Granny. Moreover, the game is not so heavy and doesn’t occupy much of your device’s storage. Also, the game is safe and doesn’t contain any bugs or viruses that can harm your devices. The game is also available for PC so that you can enjoy it on the big screen with more exposure. 

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You can download 3rdchapter of the game Granny 3 mod APK

How to install 

You can download Granny mod APK by following the easy steps given below:  

  • Uninstall the Granny Arena game if you have already installed it from the Play store because you can’t run two versions of the game on the same device.  
  • Now download Granny mod APK from our website by clicking on the download button.  
  • The file will be downloaded within a few seconds.  
  • Now check your device’s internal storage or the download folder to search the recently downloaded APK file.  
  • Once you find the file, click on the install button.  
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated version of android asks for permission before installing any APK file.  
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.   

Then click on the install button, and BOOM! The game will be installed within a few seconds.