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Download Traffic rider mod APK unlimited money and enjoy the endless riding experience with a variety of mighty bikes.
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May 20, 2023
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In an era, full of workload and chaos, everyone tries to calm their mind by spending some time playing games on mobile phones. Because of increasing demand, game development companies in the market try to make addictive games that refresh the player’s mind. If you are a bike lover and love to play the bike driving game, then we are bringing you one of the most demanding bike riding games, Traffic rider mod APK.  


Traffic Rider APK is one of the most playing bike riding games developed by Soner Kara, creator of the most successful endless racing and flying games of all time. The game was first released in 2016; it has gained more than 100 million downloads with 7 million positive reviews. The most important feature of the Traffic Rider mod APK that makes it different from other racing games is that you can play this for hours without getting bored or irritated. There are hundreds of missions and bikes that you can unlock gradually as passing each level. If you want to read more exciting features of this game, then this article is definitely for you.  

Beginner’s guide  

Your main goal in the game is to complete the game storyline in career mode, which contains almost 42 different levels. The difficulty of each level increases gradually, and to cope with this difficulty, you need to purchase bikes with more power and upgrade them from the garage, which needs money. You can earn this money by passing each level or playing endless mode. Each bike has unique features and handling power; you can upgrade these features anytime from the garage.  

Where to download   

Traffic Rider APK is easily accessible to everyone, and everyone who has a smartphone and play store can download it easily. The game is also available for iPhone users on the app store. As we have mentioned, you need money to upgrade the bikes you can earn from playing the game, and the game also offers to exchange your real money with the game’s virtual currency by making an app store purchase. Moreover, some unique bikes can only be purchased with real money. But not everyone feels comfortable spending their hard-earned money on games, so for those players, we have a mod version of the game, Traffic Rider mod APK.  

Traffic Rider mod APK is the modified version of the normal game with unlimited money and other exciting features that you can get free of cost by simply downloading it from our website.  

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MOD version  

Here we will discuss some features you will get after downloading the traffic rider mod APK from our website without spending a single penny.  

Unlimited money: There are two types of virtual currency in the game: green cash and unique gold coins. By downloading Traffic Rider mod APK unlimited money, you will get unlimited money and coins that you can spend to purchase any bike or upgrade them to the maximum in the garage.   

Everything unlocked: There are different bikes and modes in the game that you can unlock only at a certain level and can’t before that, even if you have enough money. By downloading the traffic rider mod APK all bikes unlocked, you will get everything unlocked, which gives you the freedom to play the game the way you want.  

Premium bikes: There are some unique bikes with premium features that you can only get by spending some money and making an in-app purchase, and there is no other way to get these bikes. However, you can get these premium bikes free in the Traffic Rider hack APK.  

Highlighted Features  

Smooth HD graphics  

In Traffic Rider mod APK, you will experience high-quality, smooth HD graphics with beautiful sightseeing that gives your eyes a stunning view, and you can play the games for hours without getting bored. There are even minor visuals of the bike on your screen that give you an easy-to-locate your bike speed, distance covered, etc. Moreover, you can also try different seasons like snowfall, summer, and spring on different places like highways, mountains, and deserts with a beautiful variety of day, night, and sunset views. All these views seem realistic and breathtaking with the game’s HD graphics.  

Real bike sounds  

There are almost 29 bikes in the game, and each bike has a different unique sound recorded from the real version of the bike from the same model. This gives you an ultimate virtual experience, like if you are riding the bike on the road in reality. The sound of increasing the speed of the bike and shifting gears seems so realistic that you can even play the Traffic Rider games with your headphones on for hours without hurting your ears.  

Camera View  

Traffic rider mod APK provides a first-person camera view. It means that you are shown on your screen what the actual player is watching on the road while driving. This gives you a unique experience of playing the game with a touch of reality.  

Customize your bike  

You can also increase your bike’s power, handling, and braking by spending coins in the garage to meet the difficulty level of certain missions. Traffic riders at all levels unlocked also allows you to customize the color of your bike and the driver’s gloves. In addition, you can also apply different eye-catching stickers on different parts of your bike.  

Bikes and levels  

There are 29 bikes with realistic graphics and sounds and four game modes in Traffic rider unlimited money. The modes also have different levels whose difficulty increases gradually, and you have to put more effort into passing each level, making this game more interesting and addictive.  

Play offline  

Sometimes we are in places without internet or have poor bandwidth. In such places, it isn’t easy to play games online or use other social apps that require the internet. Keeping this in view, the developers developed the Traffic Rider mod APK so that it can be played offline and doesn’t require any internet connection to run. However, if you have the internet on, the games give you an option to watch ads to get some exciting rewards such as double your cash or a free revival after the crash.  

Game controls  

The controls of Traffic Rider mod APK are very easy and highly customizable. There are four options for steering Tilt, Buttons, Handlebar, and Gamepad. Moreover, you can also change the throttle and gear from manual to auto and vice versa. The brakes are also detachable. You can also select the sensitivity of handling your bike according to your convenience.  

Save your progress  

Traffic Rider mod APK gives you the option to connect your game’s profile to google play to save your progress. This can be helpful if you have changed or lost your cell phone; you can start your game from the same level on your new phone.  

Online leaderboard  

Traffic Rider mod APK also gives you the feature of an online leaderboard where you can watch the world records and progress of other players all around the globe which will motivate you to play more and beat the records. There are also 30+ achievements that you will unlock gradually by performing exceptionally and beating the records.  

Multi-language support  

Traffic Rider mod APK supports almost 19 languages, which makes it easier for people to play who speak languages other than English. This is also one of the major reasons why the game is loved equally worldwide.  

Game modes  

There are four different game modes in the traffic rider mod APK  

    Time trial  
    Free Ride  

Career mode  

In the career mode, there are around 42 different missions. Each mission has a different difficulty level and requirements to play. These missions are designed on roads covering all four seasons and different places worldwide. You will get the reward of certain coins and a bonus by passing each mission. The difficulty level of the missions increases gradually, and you have to upgrade your vehicle to a maximum or buy a new one to pass that mission.  

Endless mode  

The second and the most interesting mode of Traffic Rider’s fully unlocked APK is its endless mode. In this mode, you can ride as long as you want with no specific goal and by the bike of your choice. The ride continues unless you crash with some vehicle or the side fence of the road. You can also choose whether you want to ride in one-way or two-way traffic in this mode. The main aim of playing this mode is to earn maximum money as a reward for close overtakes, and the distance covered and to set world records. This mode of Traffic rider hack APK makes it unique from other racing games.  

Time Trial  

In time trial mode, you have been given a specific time of 90 seconds. In this mode, you can crash and get unlimited revivals. You can also choose the road with one-way or two-way traffic and view it day, evening, or night. The ride automatically ends after 90 seconds, and you get the reward of your ride at the end.  

Free ride  

Traffic rider mod APK also gives you an option of a free ride in which you can set the traffic and density by your choice. In this mode, you won’t get any rewards or set any records. This mode tests the bike’s speed, handling, and brakes. You can also play this mode for practice.  

Tips and tricks  

    The faster you will ride, the more score you will earn.  
    Drive over 100 KMH, and overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash.  
    You will get 15% more cash while driving in the evening and 30% more when at night  
    Driving in the opposite direction in a two-way gives an extra score and cash  
    Overtaking with one-wheeling will get you a double score and cash  

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Final Verdict  

Suppose you are a game lover looking for a game that can relieve your anxiety and depression or already playing a Bike rider game and want to get everything unlocked. In that case, we recommend you download Traffic rider mod APK’s latest version from our website and enjoy all the earlier features for free. It doesn’t occupy much space and requires high specs devices for the users to play. The game is also child-friendly and doesn’t promote hate or violence. Traffic Rider mod APK 2022 is bug-free and doesn’t harm your devices by any means. So, what are you waiting for? Click the download button and enjoy the unlimited fun.  

How to install  

  • Uninstall the Traffic Rider game if you have already downloaded it from the play store  
  • Download Traffic Rider mod APK  
  • Open the download.apk file   
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.   
  • Now click on install.  

Boom! Your game will be installed in a few seconds……