Hill Climb racing Mod APK unlocked (Unlimited money / gems)

Conquer the peaks of the highest mountains with hill climb racing mod APK 2022, that comes with all the vehicles, stages and power unlocked
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May 20, 2023
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Are you a video game lover who spends a lot of time playing games on your mobile? or a person who wants to get rid of the hassles of life by spending their boring free time playing games to divert his intentions and relax his mind? You might have tried and are tired of playing boring racing games and want to try something different. Today we are introducing you to a fun racing game based on entirely different concepts from other typical racing games, Hill climbs racing mod APK. 

What is Hill Climb Racing Apk?

Hill climb racing APK is a physics-based driving game with many different tracks and eye-catching vehicles with additional features. This is one of the most popular driving games that will make you addicted to playing for hours without getting bored. The game was first released in 2012 by Fingersoft company, and since then, it has gained more than 500 million downloads and 10 million reviews. The game has more than 30 vehicles and different storyline tracks that you can unlock with each passing level and with a specific amount of money that you will collect while driving and at the end of the race as a reward. 

Hill Climb APK is an endless driving game in which the difficulty level of the track increases gradually as you cover the distance, and you have to keep your vehicles upgraded to cope with that difficulty. Moreover, the game has daily challenges that won’t make you bored while playing. Want to learn more about the features of the game? We welcome you to explore this article with us, or you can directly click on the download button to give this game a try yourself. 

The story behind the game 

Many of you have played or maybe are thinking of playing Hill climb racing APK but don’t know the story behind the game. Like many other popular games, this game also has an interesting story that will make you more excited while playing. So, there are two different stories on the internet that people relate to this game. Here we will tell you both of the stories one by one. 

The other story that people refer to in this game starts with a boy fond of mountain biking but doesn’t have a bike. He asks his parents for a mountain bike. They say they will get him a bike if he gets good marks in his upcoming school exams. He then works hard and tops in his class and gets a bike from his parents. He then goes to a nearby hill for biking every Sunday. One day he hits a tree and gets his back injured. But he still runs after his passion, and one day he becomes a famous racer. A few years later, he falls into a moat in a championship and dies.  

So, the game is based on the same story in which a person, Bill, drives different mountain bikes on different hilly tracks, and your task is to cover the maximum distance without getting the bill hurt. 

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Features of Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

Driving Tracks 

The Hill Climb racing game has more than 30 tracks with beautiful themes like a desert, Highway, Cave, Moon, Bootcamp, Alien planet, Forest, Ragnarok, and many more. These maps come with endless tracks, and you can cover as much distance as you want, depending upon your driving skills and vehicle’s power. 

The first track that you will get by default will be Countryside. Select the vehicle and track, click on the start button, and cover the maximum distance to earn more coins and rewards. You can unlock the following stages with coins that you will gain during each drive and after passing each level. 


The game also has more than 28 vehicles that you can unlock with coins. Each vehicle has specific features some have a good grip on the ground, some are heavy, and some are so lightweight that they can quickly flip in the air. Every vehicle also has attractive graphics and sound effects. 

After downloading the game, the first vehicle that you will get will be the hill climber. The rest of the vehicles will be unlocked when you reach the required amount of money.  

Vehicle up-gradation 

You can also tune the vehicles and upgrade their different parts to increase the vehicle’s power and grip to the ground. You can upgrade the specific part of the vehicle 16 times, and each time the up-gradation cost increases more than the previous. 

Coins and gems 

The game’s virtual currencies are coins and gems, and you need these to buy different vehicles, their parts, and race tracks. You can get these coins and gems in different ways, like collecting them from tracks while driving and claim as a reward for clearing a level.  

The game also has a shop option by which you can purchase the game’s currency with your real money. You can also connect your account with your Facebook profile to get extra coins. However, if you are using the Hill Climb racing hack APK, you will get unlimited gems and coins for free. 

Easy controls 

The game has two fingers control and is very easy to play. There is an option to accelerate on the right bottom corner of the screen and the left corner for the brake. You can maintain the balance of the vehicles by applying a combination of brakes and racing on bumps to cover the maximum distance. 


Besides unlocking the available vehicles from the game menu, the Hill climb racing unlimited coins and gems hack also gives you the option to customize your vehicle in the garage. You can select this option from the vehicles’ menu. To unlock the garage, you need 300 gems that you will pay for one time only.

Drive carefully 

In hill climb racing unlock APK, you have to drive the vehicles on the tracks with all your finest skills because you will end the ride if you hit the head of the driver on any rock or to the ground while attempting flips or backflips. You will also find yourself not eligible to continue the race if you run out of gas and you have to start the ride again. 

Play offline 

Many of you people want to play games in your free time but are unable to do so because many games require the internet to connect their servers before you start playing. Keeping in mind, the game developers have made it available offline, which means that you can play this game anywhere, anytime you want, without connecting to mobile data. 


If you are looking for a fun driving game that can wave your anxiety and be your best companion during your boring time, we recommend you download the Hill climb racing mod APK latest version from our website. You will get everything unlocked and all the features mentioned above in this mod version for free. Moreover, this moded version is entirely safe to use and doesn’t affect your device or promote any violence.  

So, why are you still here? Go and click on the download button to get the experience of one of the best and the most downloaded driving game on your Android phone. 

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