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SimCity Buildit mod APK 2022 is a 3D city building game with unlimited Simcash/keys/coins by which you can design your own prestigious city freely
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The trend of playing games on mobile to kill the free time has become so vast that you feel everyone is addicted to some game. Besides typical racing and fighting games, there is also a new category of games that people love to play, the building games. Today, we will introduce you to one of such building games, SimCity buildit mod APK.  


SimCity buildit mod APK is one of the most famous building games that gives you the complete customization of your city with so many features. Many options in the game won’t let you get bored. The game was first released in 2014, yet it has gained more than 100 million downloads with five million+ positive reviews. The one main reason for the popularity of this game is that developers update this game regularly and keep on adding new events, buildings, and surprises that make this game more addictive than other building games.  

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How to play   

After installing the SimCity APK, it will ask you about your age and then take you to your land. There will be a short tutorial of the game for your ease. First, you build a road connected to the main highway so sims can get to your city. Then you can build your first ever house in your city along the roadside. Then it will ask you to make a building supplies store to make some nails and fulfill demands to make another house.

Oh! It’s getting darker; you need a powerhouse to light up your city. Purchase one wind power plant from the services section and place it along the roadside. Then you have to establish some factories to produce basic needs such as metals, woods, etc.  

The game progress in the same way. You keep on building houses and fulfilling the demands of the population, which in turn gives you taxes in the form of simoleons. You can name your city and connect it with Facebook to get connected with your other friends playing SimCity buildit APK mod, visit their cities and buy from their depot. Every passing level will unlock different parks, landscapes, buildings, and even regions. You can trade with your friends, join their club and make your new one.  

There is a lot more waiting for you in SimCity build it mod APK. The more you play, the more you will be addicted to it.  

MOD version  

If you want to play this game in God mode with unlimited coins and cash without spending a single penny, then you are in the right place. Download SimCity Buildit mod APK unlimited everything from our website and enjoy everything unlimited for free. Our mod features include:  

    Unlimited Simoleons  
    Unlimited SimCash 
    Unlimited Gold keys
    Unlimited Platinum keys
    Maximum land expansion 
    All regions unlocked 
    Unlimited storage   
    Anti-Ban version 
    Bugs Free  

Highlighted Features  

Build Your city  

In SimCity mod APK, you must build an attractive city fulfilling all people’s basic needs. To increase your population, you make different buildings, hotels, and residential areas. Then you try to fulfill the basic needs of your sims such as water, power, managing waste, etc. You can also boost your population by providing parks, landmarks, and other recreational places near their houses. Provide basic services like Fire stations, Police stations, and hospitals to every residential area.  

SimCity Buildit layout for beginners

Different lands to explore  

There are five different lands to explore besides the main city: Green Valley, Sunny Isles, Cactus Canyon, Limestone Cliffs, and Frosty Fjords. Each land has different-looking houses, parks, landmarks, and other buildings. You have to make an entire city on these lands and fulfill the needs of your sims living in your city to grow the population and collect more taxes. You can only open these lands when you reach the minimum population requirement to unlock them. Once you open land, you can build their specific houses and services on your other islands and your capital city.  

Attractive Buildings  

There are a number of buildings that you can build on your land in SimCity buildit mod APK. There are almost 12 different types of houses with unique designs unlocking at specific levels. You also have to make several factories and stores to fulfill the basic needs of your population. There are also some government buildings for the state’s official work, such as Town Hall. There are also a variety of Parks, landscapes, education, landmarks, Gambling, and entertainment buildings that boost your population.  

Sme entirely different-looking buildings known as epic buildings that result from the completion of epic projects and generate speed-up tokens in SimCity mod APK unlimited everything. You can get Turtle speed-up token as a reward for completing 40 points in the epic project and Llama tokens and cheetah tokens at higher points. These token parts can be collected from their respected buildings after a few hours and used to speed up the production of different things in the stores.  

SimCity Buildit buildings list with details


Trading plays a pioneering role in the running economy of any country, and to give SimCity hack mod APK a real touch, the game’s developers introduce the option of trading. You can trade with your friends and with the other players all across the globe in a no. Of ways.Also You can put your spare production from different stores and factories in the Trade depot and let other people buy your products. You can also set the price of your products according to your will.   

There is also a building called Global trade HQ where you can buy different items listed by other players globally with your simoleons and fulfill your needs. In SimCity buildit mod APK 2022 you can also trade with other countries through ships and plans and get golden keys and simoleons as a reward for fulfilling the shipments. This trading option helps you to grow your city fast in a realistic way.  

Mayor’s Club  

SimCity buildit mod APK allows you to join any club worldwide when you reach level 18 or above. You can chat, trade, and visit the cities of other club members. There is also a mayor’s pass and contest of Mayor that continues for about five days. Your mission is to score maximum points by fulfilling the different assignments and collecting rewards, including epic buildings that can’t be purchased after the contest ends, no matter how much money you have.  

Club wars   

Life is not always about peace; you have to fight with others for your survival. There is a war Headquarters in SimCity buildit mod APK unlimited simcash by which you can participate in wars and collect epic rewards. Your group leader initiates the war, after which you and your other clubmates have to launch attacks on enemies’ cities and do the maximum damage. The items necessary to launch the attacks can be obtained by completing war deliveries. You will be rewarded based on how many points you were able to score in the war.   

VU tower  

There is a building known as Vu Tower, owned by a scientist named Dr. Vu. The scientist does different experiments and launches different attacks as a result of which different disasters occur in the city that damage the residential buildings. You can repair those buildings and get golden keys as a reward. This is one of the fastest ways to get the golden keys.   

To launch the attacks in SimCity buildit game, you have to provide certain Vu items to the scientist that you can get through popping opinion bubbles, global trade Headquarters, and as a reward for completing assignments in the contest of mayors and winning club wars. You can also get these Vu items from specific buildings, such as Maxi’s minor and random Vu generator.  

3D graphics and sound effects  

SimCity buildit mod APK has realistic 3d graphics that make players addicted to the gameplay for hours without getting bored. The sound effects of factories, transport, education, and entertainment buildings seem so real that you feel like everything is happening in reality and you are the mayor of the city.  

Game Currency   

SimCity buildit mod APK has a very strong economic system with two types of currencies:  

  • Simoleons   
  • SimCash  

Simoleon is the basic currency of SimCity buildit mod APK that you can get by selling your products and using for buying and sale in daily activities. You will also get Simoleons as a reward for upgrading buildings. The SimCity residentials also pay tax in the form of Simoleons. You can also buy Simoleons from the play store with your real money. However, you will get unlimited money by downloading SimCity buildit APK unlimited simcash from our website. 

The other type of currency in SimCity buildit mod APK is SimCash which is rare and can’t be gotten frequently. The main source of SimCash is having a unique position in the contest of mayors and winning club wars frequently. You can use this cash to buy epic buildings that can’t be bought with Simoleons and speed up the production to get instant products. You can also buy SimCash with your real money from the Play store.  

Final Words  

If you are looking for some building game to play with unlimited money where you can build your city the way you want, then we recommend you to download SimCity buildit mod APK latest version from our website for free. This hack version will provide unlimited money and simcash and will not ban you from any server. The game is totally safe and doesn’t harm your devices by any means.  

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How to install  

SimCity mod APK is very easy to install and you don’t need to download multiple files or patches to run the moded version on your devices. All you need is to follow the below steps;  

  • First of all, uninstall the SimCity Buildit game from your device if you have already installed it from the Play store. 
  • Now you have to download SimCity Buildit mod APK from our website. 
  • It will take few seconds and your file will be downloaded.   
  • The file will be directly downloaded to your device’s internal storage. You can check your download folder for that. 
  • Press the install button when you find the file.  
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated Android version asks for permission before installing any APK file.   
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.    

By clicking on install button, your device will take few seconds and SimCity hack APK will be installed and ready to play.