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As life is getting busy, people are finding different ways and means to get some recreation that can refresh their minds within no time. For this reason, many people play video games on their smartphones that divert their minds from their daily grinding routine. In the early days, we had very few categories for video games like racing and fighting etc. But now a very addictive category is being popular among people, the building games. In this article, we are going to introduce you to such a park building game, Jurassic world mod APK. 


Jurassic World APK is an animal simulation game that is different from other simulation games regarding its graphics, storyline, mission and difficulty levels. In this game, we are supposed to make a strong squad of our dinosaur collection and make them fight together. We will unlock different weapons, dinosaur species, skills, building, lands, and more by winning these fights. The game claims that it has more than 200 species of dinosaurs, and your task is to feed and look after them in your park to save their existence. You can expand the forest with each passing level and unlock different buildings to accommodate your newly unlocked dragons in them. 

The story behind the game 

Jurassic world game APK is based on the theme of a series of Jurassic Park movies that are so popular and loved by all age groups. There are also a series of Jurassic Park novels that are worth reading. The first movie of this series was released in 1993 in which a Spanish navigator discovered an island known as Isla Nublar, later called cloud island. A few centuries later, a wealthy businessman purchased this island and decided to create a theme park, Jurassic Park. 

The idea was to make a habitat for ancient lizards, away from the human population. They were also able to make a breathing dinosaur by extracting DNA stored in mosquitos in old rocks. And here, the story of disaster begins. We see that humans created a relatable environment and perfect habitat for the survival of these species. But due to some human mistakes, some of the dinosaurs escaped their habitats and tried to harm the surroundings. Then some well-trained dinosaurs like velociraptors fight with the escaped ones and save the humans from disaster. 

The whole game of Jurassic World APK is based on the same theme in which we provide shelter and food to the dinosaurs and then make them fight with the ones who try to escape the park and harm, other creatures. 

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How to play 

Level 1 

When we start Jurassic world mod APK for the first time, it gives us a tutorial about playing it. By following some quick instructions at the start, the game will offer you an option to battle; by clicking on it, you will make two dinosaurs fight together. You can use combo skills and moves to attack powerfully on your opponent. Then you will receive Majungasaurus as an event reward. There will be an option to hatch its egg that will take almost 3 minutes in the Hatchery. However, you can speed up the process free for the first time. 

After hatching, you will get your first dinosaur Majungasaurus, and you can place its shelter in any available space in your park. The next task will be to collect the food and feed your Dino. Here the tutorial ends, and you get promoted to level 2, where you are free to do whatever, you want and customize your park in your way. 

Level 2 

By reaching level 2 in Jurassic world game APK, you will unlock the ACU security office, Fountain, Expansion and Tropeognathus dinosaur. You will also get a mystery box to have food, genomes and some cash. You can get Tropeognathus by clicking on the market button and hatch now. It will take almost 5 minutes to hatch; however, you can speed up the process by spending 3 dollars or green cash in the Hatchery. Then you can place the eye-catching shelter of Tropeognathus in your park. You will again get a mystery box with exciting prizes.  

If you unlock the same Dino more than once and don’t want duplication, you can sell them as a reward for some genomes that will help you later upgrade dinosaurs. You can also make hybrid dinosaurs to get powerful combat skills. Then you will have a level 2 battle in which you can create a team of your three dinosaurs and make them fight against your enemy. The fight will be 1v1, but you can replace your dinosaurs with another one in your team whenever you want. If you win this battle, you will have Alanqa unlocked that you can access from the market. 

There are also requirements to upgrade your dinosaurs’ fleet to a certain level to unlock the next level or take the next battle, making this game more exciting and addictive. You will have to upgrade Majungasaurus to level 5 before reaching level 3 in the game. You will earn some loyalty points, coins, cash, food and genomes when you finish level 2. Also get Aquatic to hatch and make the battle in the reward. 

Jurassic Park mod APK proceeds in the same way in which you will get attractive buildings and dinosaurs with each passing level to place them in your park. Moreover, the difficulty level of each battle also increases gradually, and you need to be more skillful and powerful to win these battles that will make you addicted to the game. 

Where to download 

The game was first released in 2015 by Ludia Inc. till then, it has gained more than 5 million downloads on play store and so many positive reviews. You can also download this game easily from the play store, free for everyone. However, if you want to play this game in a boss mod where you will have unlimited cash and coins and all the dragons unlocked, we recommend you download Jurassic world mod APK from our website. 

MOD info 

In the normal version of the Jurassic world game, you have to make in-app purchases to become a VIP member to unlock all the exciting features and battles that will cost you a few bucks. However, in Jurassic world mod APK, a modified version of the standard gameplay, we provide all the VIP features unlocked without any subscription. Jurassic world mod APK comes with the following exciting features: 

Unlimited Coins/Cash: In the Jurassic world game, you need coins to buy food for your dinosaurs and to purchase other items from the market. You also need green cash to speed up the construction or hatching process. You can get these coins and cash by opening mystery boxes and also as a reward for winning each battle and levelling up. However, you can also buy some virtual cash in the game with your real money from the play Store. However, if you download Jurassic world hack APK, you will get unlimited cash and coins by which you will be able to speed up all the processes and unlock different items for free. 

All Buildings unlocked: In Jurassic world the game mod APK 2022, you will get all the buildings and shelters unlocked that you can place anywhere in your park. You won’t get this feature in the normal version, and you have to pass each level to unlock buildings one by one. 

200+ Dinosaurs unlocked: The most addictive thing in the game is a diverse variety of dinosaurs that look so real because of high-end graphics. Many people want to unlock all these species as soon as possible but don’t have much time to play this game all the time. Jurassic world the game hack APK comes with all the dinosaurs already unlocked that you can use in battles against your opponents. 

VIP passes unlocked: The game also has some events that give you epic buildings, dinosaurs and many more. To participate in these events, you have to become a VIP member, for which you have to purchase the event pass that will cost you a few bucks. In Jurassic world the game mod APK, you will get all these VIP passes unlocked for free. 

Free shopping: As you know that the game has a Market option from where you can buy several items, buildings, speed up tokens, and many more. To buy all these things, you need virtual money in the game that is limited. But if you download Jurassic world mod APK 2022 from our website, you can buy whatever you want freely without any limitations. 

Highlighted features 

Customize Jurassic Park 

You can customize your park as you want with full freedom by expanding the new area with the passage of each level and moving buildings to the places wherever and whenever you want. Initially, you will get a small area, and there will be a large forest around you that you can cut later by spending money. However, in Jurassic world mod APK free download, you can expand as much area as you want with unlimited money. 

Variety of buildings 

In Jurassic world mod APK, you will get a variety of buildings like creature glossary, VIP center, Hatchery, Live arena and aquatic, etc. These buildings are specified to perform specified tasks as we see in our daily lives. For example, in the hatchery building, you will hatch the eggs of dinosaurs and perform other lab works. The UX developers designed these buildings in a way that they look fascinating and real. 

Level upgradation 

In the Jurassic world game free download, you have to feed every dinosaur after some fixed time, collect food and other necessities to meet the requirements, and upgrade your dinosaurs to increase their attacking power. Then you have to fight against other dinosaurs, and after winning, you will be promoted to the next level. Every level in the game has different missions and difficulty levels that gradually increase. 

Battle Arena 

Unlike many other building games, Jurassic world mod APK doesn’t only focus on the development of the farm but also forces you to test the skills of your dinosaurs by making them battle against different enemies. This will urge you to unlock more powerful and unique-looking dinosaurs and won’t get you bored. You can start a new battle by clicking on the battle option and then selecting the team of your favorite dinosaurs you have. Winning the battle is necessary to pass the level to ensure that your dinosaurs have enough power and skills to combat enemies. 

Jurassic World PC Version

Mystery Boxes 

By winning each battle or passing each level, you will get a mystery box where you can get food, cash, coins, epic buildings, and even fascinating dinosaurs with unique powers. These items will help you grow your farm and make your dinosaur’s fleet more powerful. Don’t forget to open these mystery boxes and collect exciting prizes for free.   

Event passes 

Like many other popular games, the Jurassic world game offers event passes, and you will get exclusive dinosaurs, epic buildings, and unique items that you can’t normally get in the store. Every event has some specific missions, and by completing each mission, you will get an epic reward. 

However, these event passes are locked, and you have to make a subscription through an in-app purchase to unlock these events. For this purpose, you will link your google account with the game through the play store. The step is necessary because the amount will be deducted from your account once you click on the purchase button. 

However, if you download Jurassic world mod APK, you will get all these event passes and rewards for free without any subscription. 

Realistic graphics and sound effects 

The most addictive thing about Jurassic world mod APK is its graphics that are so realistic that you will feel all these things are happening in real. Despite being very compact in size of less than 25 MBs, this game has high-quality 3D graphics with very in-depth details for the buildings or the dinosaurs. 

The playback soundtrack of the game is so relevant and amusing that you won’t get bored even playing for hours with your headphones on. 


Despite all the pro-level features and a wonderful storyline, Jurassic world mod APK doesn’t demand you to have an expensive smartphone with high specs to run on. The game can easily be installed on any android device with version 5.1 or above and a minimum RAM of 2 GB for a smooth run. The game also doesn’t occupy much of your device storage space, so everyone can enjoy playing this game. 

Final Verdict 

If you are addicted to building games and fighting or have an interest in ancient creatures like dinosaurs, then we recommend you download Jurassic world mod APK latest version from our website. Our mod version comes in God mode with everything unlocked. Now you can amaze your friends by making a very attractive park in just a few days. So, what are you waiting for? Simply click on the download button and transform your boring time into some fun period. 

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How to install 

You can download Jurassic world mod APK by following the easy steps given below:   

  • Uninstall the Jurassic world game if you have already installed it from the Play store because you can’t run two versions of the game on the same device.   
  • Now download Jurassic world mod APK from our website by clicking on the download button.   
  • The file will be downloaded within a few seconds.   
  • Now check your device’s internal storage or the download folder to search the recently downloaded APK file.   
  • Once you find the file, click on the install button.   
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated version of android asks for permission before installing any APK file.   
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.   

Then click on the install button, and BOOM! The game will be installed within a few seconds.