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As life is getting busier daily, people are finding ways to escape from the grinding routine, one of which is playing video games on different devices. A decade before, people used to play games on their heavy computers, but with the advancement of technology, all PC games are now available to play on android devices. One of the most played categories of games is Action games, which most people love. Today we will introduce one of such games that you might have played on PC if you are a 90s kid, Mortal Kombat mod APK.  


The mobile version of Mortal Kombat game was first released in 2015 by Warner Bros, and yet the game has gotten 50 million+ downloads with four million+ positive reviews. Looking back ten years ago, we find these high-end games only for PC versions. It was the first time such a fighting game with 3D graphics was available for android users.   

MOD version  

Although the game is available on the play store and is free to download, you can install its mod version to unlock all the characters and special abilities to win the battles more easily. The other mod features that you will get in this mod version are given below:  

    Unlimited money  
    Unlimited souls  
    All the characters unlocked  
    Players with special abilities  
    Anti-Ban gameplay  

Highlighted Features  

Easy-to-play controls  

Mortal Kombat mod APK unlimited money and souls 2022 has a simple control interface that doesn’t bound you to practice a lot to perform basic moves. You can efficiently perform finger movements and win against mighty demons by making combos attack against them with dual supported gesture and touch control system. You can also change the position of the buttons that control your character in the battle from settings.  

Mortal Kombat Tips that you must know before you start fight

Mortal Kombat characters  

In Mortal Kombat mod APK 2022, you will get 30 characters with unique powers and different skills. You can choose the character of your choice and even upgrade it to the maximum level to launch powerful attacks on your opponent. While making a team of 5 or 3, you may choose five different characters that will attack enemies with all of their abilities to perform mighty combos.  

Attack variations  

About 30 different types of heroes are available for you to fight against your rival with unique abilities and attacking styles in mortal Kombat all heroes unlocked APK. All the attacks are classified into three different variations. You can change the fighting style of your hero by changing the variation. Each variation has unique moves and fighting styles, and you can try to pick one that suits best for you.  

Attacking techniques  

There are several attacking techniques that you can use during battle to win against your opponent in Mortal Kombat mod APK.  

Reverse attack

If your enemy is playing well and has a combo attacking streak on you, then after blocking the streak, you can use this attack to damage your opponent seriously.  

Wakeup attack

If your enemy knocks you down, you can use this attack that will perform a special move immediately after your character gets up.  

Tech roll technique

When you knock down, press the Kick or punch button. This will allow you to roll up and fall a distance away from the enemy and reduce the chance of combo attacks by the enemy.  

Finishing move

There are also some finishing moves that you can perform after winning the match or when you are winning.  

Meter bars  

Mortal Kombat mobile mod APK has a meter bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar indicates the different techniques that you can use during a fight.  

1-Bar: By pressing on a single bar will enhance the movement abilities of the hero during the fight  

2-Bars: This will allow you to break the combo streak of your enemy   

3-Bars: This is a mighty attack in Mortal Kombat mod APK that shows a cut scene.  

Combos’ attacks   

Combos play a vital role in winning a fight against your enemies. This are the combination of one or the player’s moves that launch a powerful attack on the opponent. To use combos, you must be aware of the abilities and moves of your characters. There are two types of Combos in Mortal Kombat hack mod APK. One is in-built combos already designed by the developers and is just a click away to use. The other is Custom combos that you can make by combining two or more combos to have their combined effect in the battle.  

Graphics and sounds  

Mortal Kombat X mod APK is one game that provides 3D graphics with sharp and distinctive colours. Before this, we only saw such attractive pictures in PC games. The sound effects are the most important thing that users notice the most while playing the game. The developers have given special attention to the sound impacts and graphics to give the most realistic experience to the players. 

Game modes   

Mortal Kombat mod APK all character unlocked can be played even with a single-player or with your friends or other players with diverse game modes.  


There are a variety of game modes in Mortal Kombat mod APK unlimited money that you can play under this category.  

Story mode: In this mode, you move gradually and have to clear a level to reach the next level. In each level, you play a role of a specific hero with unique abilities that will alter in the next level. 

Single fight: In a 1v1 battle, you fight against the enemy controlled by your computer. There is an immediate result after the war’s end, and you can apply different variations and techniques to win the battle.  

Training mode: In training mode, you can enhance your skills by fighting freely against different enemies, allowing you to have better finger movements while playing in the match.  

Tower mode: In tower mode, there are a series of fights that you can play continuously, but each fight has different challenges. These challenges constantly change after hours, days or weeks.  

Luck fights: In this mode, you fight against a single enemy using different modifiers such as using special moves, throwing back attacks, and freezing the attacks of enemies using ice.  


There are also a variety of game modes offered by this category in Mortal Kombat mod APK.  

Custom Combat: It is a multiplayer mode that can be played offline and is similar to test-your-luck fights in single-player mode. The only difference is that Custom combat allows you to choose the modifier according to your will.  

Test your might: In this multiplayer mode, you will be able to test your hero’s skills by breaking the objects in front of you. The strength and difficulty of subjects increase gradually.  

Team battles: This game mode allows you to fight against enemies in teams. You can select teams of your choice with your friends or add players from random team matches all around the globe. The game can be in 3v3 or 5v5 format. Moreover, you can also make your faction fight against another faction in this mode.  

Tower battle: This game mode is similar to tower battle in single-player mode with the difference that you compete against the highest scorer in this multiplayer tower battle mode.  

King of the hill: In this mode, while playing with multiplayer, the winner stays on the battlefield and fights against stronger competitors until he defeats someone.  

Advantages of Mortal Kombat  

    Mortal Kombat Hack APK is a Highly addictive gameplay.  
    Wonderful 3D graphics  
    Splendid animation  
    Smooth sound effects  
    Free of cost  
    No premium subscription Required  

Disadvantages of Mortal Kombat

    It sometimes lags while playing  
    It has a huge file size of almost 1.3 GBs  
    It requires an expensive phone with good storage and RAM to enjoy this game smoothly.  

Final words  

If you want to reduce your boredom level and are interested in playing fighting games, then Mortal Kombat mod APK unlimited souls can be the best pick for you. This game will remind you of your childhood when you used to play such kinds of games on your PC. However, if you want to try this game in boss mode with unlimited powers, we recommend downloading the Mortal Kombat mod APK latest version from our website. The game will make you addicted to its gameplay with a unique storyline within a few battles, and you won’t get bored even playing this for hours.  

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How to install  

You can download Mortal Kombat mod APK by following the easy steps given below:   

  • Uninstall the Mortal Kombat APK if you have already installed it from the Play store because you can’t run two game versions on the same device.   
  • Now download Mortal Kombat mod APK from our website by clicking the download button.   
  • The file will be downloaded within a few seconds.   
  • Now check your device’s internal storage or the download folder to search the recently downloaded APK file.   
  • Once you find the file, click on the install button.   
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated Android version asks for permission before installing any APK file.   
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.    

Then click on the install button and BOOM! The game will be installed within a few seconds.