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Try a real-life racing game, rebel racing mod APK, and enjoy multiple features, including in-app challenges, diverse game modes, many strong opponents, sharp and attractive race tracks, and complete customization of dozens of real-life car models. Stretch your fingers on the steering of your favorite car and show the world your skill by defeating top racers around the globe. 



Racing and rash driving is banned in many countries keeping in view people’s safety. Many game developers worldwide tried their best to feed the racing hunger of people by developing reality-based racing games. Rebel Racing APK is one of such games developed by Hutch Games and was first released in 2019. The game is so addictive and challenging that it got more than 10 million downloads just in 3 years. The main reason for the popularity of rebel racing mod is its challenging gameplay with a vast fleet of detailed car models that you can also find in real life. 

Rebel Racing Tutorial for beginners 

When you start the Rebel racing game for the first time, it will take a while to load its graphics and connect with your server. Then it will ask you to connect with your google play account so that you won’t lose your progress. A tutorial race is waiting for you to know the basic controls. Got a call from Ava? Please pick it up. She will be your virtual guide in the game. 

In the beginning, you will get 40,000 cash as a reward, and you must buy a car with them to enter the festival racing. Here, you will get two options, a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 or a 2002 Nissan Silvia (s15). Buy one of your choices and proceed with the race. The car will be delivered in a high-tech delivery truck to ensure safe delivery without any damage, giving a real-life feel. Then you will be directed towards the map to beat your 1st opponent, the boss, in an easy money race. Defeat him and get some cash as a reward. 

After winning each level, the next level unlocks with a stronger opponent. Keep winning to get a lot of cash, upgrade your cars and unlock the new ones to compete with your opponents’ supercars. 

MOD version 

    No ads 
    Unlimited cash 
    Unlimited gold  
    Unlimited keys 
    All rebel passes are unlocked 
    Multiplayer mode unlocked 
    Free and safe to use 

Unlimited Cash/Gold: You need cash and the premium currency of the game, gold, to buy different cars and upgrade them to the maximum. You can get the coins and cash as a reward for winning race battles which is a long process, and you can also buy them from the play store. However, suppose you want to play this game in God mode with unlimited money. In that case, we recommend downloading Rebel racing unlimited money APK or rebel racing unlimited gold APK from our website. 

Unlimited Keys: Another premium currency of rebel racing is bronze, silver and gold keys that you can only win in event prizes. By downloading Rebel racing unlimited keys APK, you will have a ton of keys that you can use whenever you want. 

All unlocked: You can download rebel racing fully unlocked APK to get all the premium rebel passes, stages, and upgrading parts unlocked for free. Rebel racing unlock all cars also allows you to pick any of your favorite car despite reaching the required level. 


Game Features 

Enjoy Ultra HD graphics 

People in the past spent a lot of money on high-end devices like XBOX, PlayStations, and PCs with graphic cards to play games with high resolution and HD graphics. But technological advancements shrank these huge high-end devices into smaller chipsets in the form of smartphones. Now you can also play HD games on your android phones. 

Rebel Racing mod APK 2022 supports ultra-HD graphics that allows you to enjoy FHD gameplay without any upgrade. A detailed picture of the race tracks, car parts, and background themes in sharp colors looks eye-catching to the players. Although the game offers HD 3D graphics, you can still play the game smoothly on your devices without lag. However if you want an alternate game with high speed cars and drift mode available, we recommend you to download speed legends (MOD menu)

Realistic Roaring sounds of supercars 

After graphics, the first thing that attracts players the most is the sound effects. Rebel racing mod APK offers the most realistic sounds of legendary cars recorded in the studio. Now you can enjoy drifting in the streets while defeating your opponents with the roaring sound of your favorite cars. Besides the sound of running cars, you will also get little cute sound effects while buying a new vehicle from the store or upgrading any car to a new level which gives you another level of satisfaction. Background music can also be adjusted according to your taste from the settings menu. 

Easy Game controls 

Rebel Racing mod APK unlimited money has simpler and easier controls than many other racing games of such types. There is no option for acceleration or brakes. The car is accelerated by default according to its capacity, and there is no way to stop it. All you need is to control the steering of the vehicle and avoid hitting obstacles to gain maximum speed. There are two buttons on the screen’s left and right to control your car’s direction. You can also turn on the tilt option to control steering without touching the screen. A nitro boost can be used once in the race to get extra speed. 

Race on different Lands 

Rebel Racing Mod APK unlimited keys offers seven different maps, including Pacific Cost Run, Desert Town Drive, Peak view Dam, Pine River valley, Whiterock point, WestReach Bay, and the rebel raceway, each with different locations and themes. The background of each map is designed with attractive landmarks that give a fresh feel to your eyes and won’t make you bored. Each map is unlocked after beating the boss of the specific tier. You can race with specific cars on each map. The opponents will also get stronger as you open up the following map, so your reward is high. Keep upgrading your vehicles to defeat the best racers around all the maps. 

Get the cars from real companies 

Twenty-six re-known from the globe companies offer their cars for racing. These companies range from Ford to BMW, Nissan, Bugatti, and many others that provide from SUVs to many supercars, off-roaders, high roofs, and others. These cars are categorized in different tires, saying S, A, B, C, and D. These Tires are classified based on the car types, Top speed, handling, and acceleration. Every map allows you to race with a specific tier car to provide fair competition. 

All the cars are based on actual models from that company that you can also purchase in real life. Therefore, playing Rebel racing mod APK unlimited gold will make you feel like you are rubbing the tires of some branded expensive car on the tracks and defeating the strong players in real life. 

Upgrade to the best  

Are you getting defeated by the opponent repeatedly regardless of full efforts? It’s time to upgrade your car. Rebel racing hack mod APK allows you to upgrade your vehicle to increase its power, speed, torque, and handling. Go to the upgrades tab, and you will get an option to upgrade filters, Tires, exhaust, gearbox, and engine of your car with the new one. For this, you need specific parts resources that you can get as a prize for winning epic battles or as a surprise gift in daily rewards. You also need a certain amount of cash to install the parts to your car, increasing each time you upgrade it to the next level.  

Visit the shop regularly  

It is recommended to visit the shop daily to get exciting offers. You can buy mystery boxes, epic offers, cars, cash and gold and many other resources with your available cash or even buy with your real money via the Play store. You also have a car imports option that allows you to import three types of containers with different prizes.   

The bronze crate can be imported with 100 bronze keys and will give you augments, cash and gold as a reward. Similarly, you can open silver and gold crates with their respective keys to get legendary cars of specific tires. You can get these keys as a winning reward for event battles. However, you will get all these resources unlimited if you download rebel racing hack APK 2022 from our website.  

Customize as you like   

If you are bored of racing with your favorite car in the same look, try its customization according to your taste. Rebel racing free shopping offers the complete customization of your vehicle by which you can give it a completely new look. You can change the body color and wheel color and also apply different attractive DECALS on the body of your car. This will provide a stunning look to the vehicle. However, these customizations are not free; you have to pay for any change you make on your car.  

Manage Garage wisely  

Every car or part you buy or win as a reward for the race battle will be available to you in your Garage. You can order new parts, sell your car or fuse different parts to increase your car rating. You can watch your whole car fleet from here and sort them according to their company or tier. Using available resources, you can also upgrade any of your cars directly from your Garage. You can get unlimited resources by rebel racing cheats version from our website.  

Daily rewards and exciting events  

Rebel racing mod APK rewards you for playing this game daily. You can claim your free daily reward from the rewards section in the main menu. These rewards will get more epic if you maintain your daily streak for seven days, and you can even win a powerful car on the last day of the streak. You can also access the news section and get info about upcoming events. You can participate in the specific event to unlock epic rewards you can’t even buy with gold or cash.  

Rebel passes  

Rebel racing game also offers you event passes. You have to purchase any pass you like, which will give you a series of rewards. You can claim these rewards after each win besides the base prize. Claim all the prizes to reach the legendary prize that can be an epic car before pass duration ends. These passes keep upgrading from time to time to make this game more interesting. You can get all these passes unlocked if you download rebel racing mod APK. 

Keep an eye on Fuel Tanks 

The one most interesting factor, or the game’s drawback, is that you can have only eight races at one time. This is because you are given eight fuel tanks, and each race consumes one tank. one tank takes 12 minutes to refill for free. You can get an extra tank by watching an ad or buy two extra tanks with free refills from the play store with your real money. However, there is no need to worry about fuel tanks if you download rebel racing mod APK unlimited fuel from our website. 

Connect with social sites 

Rebel racing mod APK allows you to connect your game profile with Facebook and google play to save your progress so you can have a backup of your progress in case your device is lost. When you connect the Facebook profile to your game, it will automatically fetch your name and profile picture to display on your game profile. You can also follow the rebel racing community on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Twitter and YouTube for the latest updates. 

Final Verdict 

If you are a racing lover and love the roaring sound of the latest supercars but can’t afford to buy one, then you can feed your racing appetite with one of the best racing games, Rebel racing. Grip your fingers on the steering of the world’s most expensive cars and burn some rubber on the world’s most dangerous tracks with experienced players. You can download Rebel racing mod APK latest version from our website to get some extra game features for free. 

However, if you love bikes more than cars and want an ultimate endless bike simulation game wit a lot of tracks, challenging levels and superbikes then you must download Traffic rider (All bikes unlocked)

How to install 

The installation process of Rebel racing mod APK is very easy. 

  • Delete any previous version of the rebel racing game if you have already it on your mobile phone.  
  • Download rebel racing mod APK from our website and click on install. 
  • Does your mobile ask you to allow your device to install unknown resources? Don’t worry; permit it as it is entirely safe. 
  • This is all you have to do. Your game will be installed in a few seconds.