Towing Race Mod APK v8.6.1 (Unlimited Money) Download

Download Towing Race mod APK (All cars unlocked) and get an ultimate racing game. Our mod version will give you unlimited money, All cars and All levels unlocked for free
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Apr 17, 2023
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The video game genre is incomplete without racing games, and when it comes to racing, we can find millions of games on the internet. Free racing is a vast category in racing games that everyone loves. Today we have brought you a unique freestyle racing game with an entirely different theme and challenges, Towing Race Mod APK. The game is different from other games of the same genre and has exciting graphics and addictive gameplay.

What is Towing Race Mod APK?

Towing Race APK is developed by Rollic Games, developers who are famous for making unique stress-releasing mini-games. The game got so famous among users that it was released in 2021 and has got more than 10 million downloads now. The most firing point of the game is its unique idea of helping others by towing their vehicles with your truck.

You are also competing with other drivers simultaneously, and there is a race to reach the finish line first. But make sure to maintain the balance between the towing vehicle and your truck; otherwise, the rope will break, and you will be out of the race.  

Towing Race Mod APK 2022 is different from other racing games in a way that you have to tow the vehicle along with your truck at a suitable speed and must hit the finish line before your rival.

You must win the matches by safely reaching the finish line to unlock new vehicles and locations. Keep winning the race battles and show the world your ability to balance the vehicle in odd situations.  

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Features of Towing Race Mod APK

Diversity of Vehicles  

The difficulty level of Towing Race Mod APK unlimited money increases gradually as in start; you have to tow small vehicles like a sedan car, which ends with a heavy trailer, bus, and even the train. There are two types of vehicles in the games, the one you are using to tow and the others you are towing.

Towing vehicles changes automatically at every level. These vehicles range from 4×4 to heavy monster trucks with the ability to pull tons of load simultaneously.   

Have fun in Compelling story mode  

The basic mode of Towing Race Mod APK all cars unlocked game is its story mode, which offers a variety of unique levels and different locations. This mode is selected by default; you just have to press the screen to start the game.

At each level, your opponent and the vehicle to be towed will get complicated, and you must play with tactics and be conscious of reaching the finish line before time.   

After every four levels, the fifth will be a boss level in which there will be a head-to-head fight between you and your opponent. The vehicles of both drivers will tie in opposite directions, and the first one who will pull to the finish line will win the battle.

Interesting Battle mode  

Another exciting game mode of Towing Race Mod APK is its battle mode. The first battle will unlock when you reach level seven and so on. Each battle has unique challenges and hurdles. In some battles, you compete with an opponent aiming to reach the finish line first; in others, you only have to pass safely through the deadly obstacles.

However, you can’t play battles as much as you can because each battle costs you a specific entry amount. This mode is more interesting than the previous one, and people love playing this for hours.  

Manage your garage  

As said earlier, you have to tow heavier vehicles as you progress the game, so it’s impossible to pull such a heavy vehicle with your old rusty trucks. You can access the garage from the main menu and select the most recently unlocked vehicle from the rare or legendary slot. To choose any vehicle, you have to watch a short advertisement.

Don’t forget to increase the strength of the vehicle and the rope from the main menu. Each upgrade in strength or rope will cost you a few bucks, but it’s necessary if you want to continue playing the game and maintaining your win streak. You can get everything unlimited by downloading Towing race hack APK. 

Play and learn physics laws  

The game is not as easy as it seems. It’s not child’s play to pass every level with such a heavy load on your back. Towing Race Mod APK will experience real-life physics as you must maintain the balance between your vehicle and towing vehicle to distribute the equal weight on the rope that will otherwise brake. So, accelerate gently to the limit the rope can bear.

The game will also give you a gentle ping when the rope reaches its limit in the form of vibration, which means that you should stop accelerating now. This will give some time to relax the rope that has stretched to the maximum.  Play with strategies for better results.


Although the game is available on the play store, still if you download it from our website, you will get unlimited money that will help you to pass all the complicated levels easily. Don’t think much; just press the download button to download Towing Race Mod APK’s latest version from our website for free.