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Granny 3 mod APK is a thrilling horror game with 3D graphics and realistic gameplay. You will get unlimited health and ammo that will help you to escape the house.
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Granny 3 mod APK is the 3rd and the latest chapter of the Granny game series, one of the renowned horror game series loved by millions of people worldwide. This game can be the best pick for you if you want something daring and different in your life. The game will need all your focus and skills for your survival from the demons. The game also enhances your memory as you have to remember different things you dropped at different locations of the house in order to escape.  

After the success of the Granny mod APK and the Granny: chapter Two mod APK, the game developers have released the 3rd part of the series, Granny chapter three APK. This part was released in 2021, and just in a few months, it reached more than 10 million downloads with plenty of positive reviews on the play store. If you have played any of the previous chapters of the Granny series, then you might have been aware of the game rules and their features.

However, if you are new to this game series and downloading it for the first time, here in this article, we will tell you some features of the Granny three mod APK so you can play this game easily.  

About the Granny 3 mod APK:

Unlike the first two chapters, the Granny chapter three mod APK starts differently. The story begins when you go somewhere and lose your path and accidentally reach a castle. Unfortunately, you step into the castle for shelter and get trapped. The castle is guarded by Granny and grandpa, blind zombies who have good hearing senses and can reach out to you by following sound waves. They catch you and lock you up in a locker in the castle’s basement.  

Granny and grandpa have one granddaughter, Slendrina. She roams all around the house and will not harm you. You will only get scared by her sudden appearance from nowhere. On the other hand, Granny and grandpa are thirsty for your blood. The grandpa has a shotgun by which he will shoot every moving object. You have to find a way to open the lockup gate first and then escape from the evil castle by avoiding contact with the Granny and grandpa as much as you can.  

Features of Granny 3 mod APK:

Three challenging enemies  

The Granny 3 hack mod APK is more challenging than all of its previous chapters because you have three enemies in this chapter. The one is Granny, an old zombie lady with a baseball bat in her hands, eager to smash your head. The Granny is blind but has a very sharp hearing ability. She can even hear the minor sounds of your footsteps and reaches you in seconds.  

The 2nd character is Grandpa, who has become more dangerous than in the previous level and has a shotgun now. He will shoot you blindly whenever he notices any movement around him. However, you can hit him with another weapon and take the gun from him.  

The 3rd and newly introduced character in the Granny 3 APK is Slendrina. She is the granddaughter of the Granny and loves to roam around the house She is a ghost and can appear from anywhere, anytime. She will only scare you but not harm you. However, she will stop appearing in front of you and give you a special gift if you find it and return her lost teddy to the cradle in her room.  

Easy controls   

The granny series has very simple controls and is very easy to play. Don’t need to spend much time getting familiar with the game controls. You can move and control your character movements with the joystick on the left side of your screen. You can simply pick up the things when you reach near them by clicking on the hand icon. Also, You can drop them anywhere you want by touching on the drop button.  

Escape or die  

You can escape the castle in three ways, Either by the door, by car, or by train. You have to collect different parts and essentials to unlock a specific path. For example, to escape the castle by the subway train, you need to buy a train ticket, train accelerator leverage, and a training key. You can find all these parts hiding at different corners of the castle. The one main thing that you have to keep in mind while roaming around the castle is to maintain maximum distance from the Granny and grandpa in order to ensure your safety.  

3D realistic graphics  

Granny 3 mod APK 2022 has realistic 3D graphics that will feel like you are trapped in the real world in a castle trying to escape. The interior and exterior of the castle look so realistic that you will lose in the era of old age. Graphics of the Granny 3 mod APK are improved and are now much better than the previous versions. The graphics and sound effects will amuse you so much that you won’t get bored even playing this game for hours.  

Improves memory and strategy skills  

If you have played this game earlier, you will be familiar that you have to apply all of your skills to survive; otherwise, your head will be smashed. You also have to remember all the corners and rooms of the castle to get all the essentials. Moreover, the castle is too big with many rooms and corridors that you have to pay special attention to remember them.  

Granny 3 mod menu  

In the Granny mod menu mobile, you can adjust the difficulty level yourself. You can choose the extreme mode in which both the Granny and the grandpa move faster. In hard mode, they move a little bit faster. In normal mode, everything is at a moderate speed. There is also an easy and extremely easy mode for your practice. You can explore the castle freely in extremely easy mode. Moreover, you can also select the character of your choice as the enemy, either Granny or grandpa or both with Slendrina. In addition, you can also put two extra locks and an extra dark mode to play in more challenging conditions.    


Granny 3 mod APK is the latest chapter of the granny series, one of the most horror and mysterious games available on the internet. You can download this game if you want to try something adventurous in your life. The game is free, and for the enhanced features, we welcome you to download the Granny 3 mod APK latest version from our website. The mod version is secure and doesn’t contain files that can harm your devices.  

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