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There are two types of people, one who love street racing with sharp turns and drifts and the other who wants to speed up on the straight highway among the heavy traffic. Both types of races are interesting but speeding and competing with your rivals on a highway is relatively considered to be safe. Today, we are introducing you to a thrilling highway racing game, Racing Fever Moto MOD APK. The game will be a great attraction for you if you are a racing lover and love to race on bikes, especially which is going to be the best pick for you.   


As the name indicates, the players will have a fever from playing this moto racing game and will be addicted to it. Gameguru Advertisement FZC developed the game in 2018. The game is fun as well as a thrill to play at the same time. Driving in the odd weather conditions among the heavy traffic and beating the wanted gangs of the world is not an easy task. The game is one of the most played bike racing games, with more than 100 million downloads and plenty of positive reviews. This article will cover why you should install Racing Fever: Moto MOD APK on your android devices.   


At the start of Racing Fever Moto MOD APK 2022, we see a rider riding a bike on the city’s busy streets. He was overtaking the high-speed vehicles and passing through the narrow spaces between the two vehicles. He was doing rash driving at high speed and was caught by police. Now police chased him, stopped, and seized his bike. A rich person who also organizes the race among different racing gangs saw his driving and, impressed by his innate riding skills, offered him money to buy a new motorbike and asked him if he wanted to pursue his racing career. From here, the game starts when he accepts the offer and aims to be the world’s top bike racer.   

Where to download   

Gameguru Advertisement FZC has made it easy for gamers to install Racing Fever: Moto game from the play store with a single click. The game is free and won’t ask you a single penny before downloading. However, like many other games, Racing Fever: Moto APK also offers many in-app purchases that can help you to unlock your favorite bikes and progress fast in the game. However, not everyone is comfortable spending real money on a video game. So, for those people, we have Racing Fever Moto MOD APK unlimited money, a moded version of the actual game to get everything unlimited for free.   

Highlighted Features   

User-friendly interface   

The developers designed Racing Fever Moto MOD APK so that the players don’t have difficulty understanding the interface even if he’s playing for the first time. In the middle of the screen on the home page, you will have seven game modes you can select according to your choice. The bottom menu will have showroom, settings, and the racing option. The top menu will show you the rider profile, game level, and earned money. After selecting any appropriate game mode and level, click on the race button to start the race. Find the way among heavy traffic and reach the finish line first to win the race.   

Extensive Bike control system   

Racing Fever Moto hack APK offers four different types of bike control system. The first one is the Gyro control system, similar to the tilt control. The handlebars and button control systems are identical, with brake and race on the right side and the direction control buttons on the left side. There is also an option for a joystick if you have an advanced android device and want to play the game with a joystick controller. Moreover, you can also set the acceleration to auto, which will be suitable if you are playing with one hand. We recommend you the Gyro control as they are easy and more addictive than the others.    

Enjoy Marvelous 3D graphics.   

If you have played the Traffic Rider game before, you will find the game interface and graphics pretty much similar to that. Racing Fever Moto MOD APK offers stunning 3D graphics that look real and natural. The bike, roads, highway side fence, other heavy vehicles, and the surrounding environment are designed in so detail and precisely that the player’s eyes don’t get tired even playing the game for hours. The game also contains many animations and transition effects that execute while driving and after crashing with other vehicles.   

Engage yourself in challenging missions   

The players who have played the Bike rider game might think that Racing Fever Moto MOD APK also has few game modes and repeated missions. But that’s not true, and Racing Fever Moto’s unlimited money has much more than that. The game offers a number of story modes, missions, endless modes, and the most interesting police chase mode that you may not find in any other bike racing game. Moreover, you are also competing with other players with high-speed cars. The game also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with real players globally. Win as many races as possible beat all the gangs, and save the prize money to unlock new bikes.   

Multiple camera settings   

Racing Fever: Moto MOD APK provides four different camera views to make this game more realistic and give the driver extra safety while driving. Each view will give you a different perspective of the bike and surrounding vehicles. You can switch between these camera angles anytime during your ride by clicking on the camera icon on the top right screen. Besides these, you are also given two functional side mirrors on your bike that will help you look at the chasing police vehicles. These changing views give you another kind of freedom while riding.   

Get four different locations.   

Do you think riding on the highway is boring? If yes, Racing Fever Moto MOD APK will change your mind completely because the game offers four locations with different weather and day and night shifts. Now you can race among the fields of the village, dunes of the desert, snowy mountains in winter, and tall skyscrapers in the city. All these locations have their own unique environment and landmarks that will give an ultimate pleasant feeling to your eyes, and you won’t get bored of it.   

Ride on Incredibly Fast Bikes   

Racing Fever Moto MOD APK allows you to ride on more than twenty unique superbikes. All these bikes vary in speed, acceleration, handling, and braking ability. You can unlock these bikes one by one when you have sufficient money. Riding on your favorite superbike is no more a fantasy now. All the bikes are copied from real-life bike models with many customizations and upgrades available. However, you can download Racing Fever Moto all bikes unlocked version to get all the bikes for free. 

Addictive game modes   

Racing Fever Moto MOD APK provides more than eight exciting game modes, with tons of challenging missions and legendary prizes. The game has offline and online modes, including free ride, custom mode, daily race, and police chase mode. The most interesting game mode is police chase mode, in which you have to escape from the police. In other modes, you will face different challenging races with the world’s most dangerous gangs and the top racers. You have to beat every racer and complete every challenge to prove yourself as the world’s best rider.   

MOD version   

    Unlimited Money   
    Unlimited Tickets   
    All bikes unlocked   
    All levels unlocked   
    No advertisement   

Final Verdict   

The game is best for those who love racing, are interested in bikes, and keep looking for new video games. This is an ultimate bike racing game with hundreds of challenging missions and various high-speed latest bikes. Moreover, the graphics and sound effects are super realistic. The game will be your best choice and will become your addiction in a short time. So, download Racing Fever Moto MOD APK’s latest version from our website and enjoy the hack version for free.