PLAYit mod APK | Premium features unlocked 2023
Playit mod APK is an ultimate video player that provides exciting features for absolutely free.
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May 20, 2023
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Most of us hear music or other spiritual or religious tracks to calm our bodies. We may have thousands of audio and video tracks in mp3, mp4, or other formats, and we need an app or media player to keep them sorted in one place. For this, we have many applications available for Android. But here we are presenting you with Playit mod APK. 



Playit APK is more than an app with infinite features. You don’t need to download more than one app for audio and video players, and you can play all kinds of videos and playback tracks on this app smoothly. Play It app is an Indian app released in 2019, and since then, it has gained millions of users around the globe.

You can keep your music tracks in different folders and albums to keep them sorted using Playit mod APK. Moreover, this app also has a download feature by which you can download videos from Facebook, WhatsApp statuses, and other platforms. In the article below, we will discuss all of its exciting features. If you are interested to read, we welcome you. Otherwise, you can download the app and explore every part by yourself. 

Where to download 

The startup version of the Playit app is available on Play Store but with some restrictions. To enjoy this app in an excellent way with fully unlocked features, you have to make an in-app purchase that will cost you a few bucks. Want to enjoy Playit VIP but don’t have money to spend on it? Don’t worry. We are here. We have modified the Playit APK to the Play It mod APK for your convenience. 

Mod version 

The modified version of Playit mod APK comes with the ultimate enhancement that will provide a better user experience. The mod features include 

    No lag 
    VIP unlocked 
    All premium features are unlocked 

How to start 

After installing Playit Premium APK, click on the app. It will show you a very user-friendly interface. You can access your videos, audio, social sites, and other settings from the bottom toolbar. You can further sort your audio or videos into folders and albums by clicking on any category. There are also playback, private folder, and many other options that we will discuss one by one below. 

Highlighted Features 

Auto-detection of files 

Unlike other players, you don’t have to import your videos one by one to play. Playit mod APK 2022 will automatically access the audio and video files in your storage and make them ready to play with a single click by just giving this app permission to your device’s internal storage. 

All formats supported 

Playit VIP APK supports all formats of video files, including MP4, MKV, WMV, WEBM, and many more. In addition, this app is also supported all of the audio formats, including MP3, WAV, AU, etc. Many other apps in this category don’t help such a wide range of supported formats. 

Video to audio converter

You might have used many media players before, but did you ever use a player with an in-built MP3 converter? The answer would be no because this unique feature is only being provided by Playit mod APK VIP unlocked. Now there is no need to download any app or extension to convert your videos to audio.

This can be done easily by clicking on the ME option in the bottom toolbar. In the next interface, you have to select MP3 converter. Then click on the + sign. It will take you to your mobile storage. After selecting the desired video click on the convert button. Your video will be converted to MP3 just in a few seconds. 

Media sorting 

In today’s world, when everyone is addicted to music and has thousands of tracks, including audio and video songs of different artists, Playit pro-APK 2022 gives you the option to categorize all these tracks in other folders and albums. Now your favorite songs are just one click away from you. This feature will keep things sorted and avoid messing up. Select the music option from the bottom toolbar if you want to save some of the most listening tracks in a new playlist. Then click on the Playlist and then add new. Now you can name your Playlist according to your will and add music to it. 


You might have experienced that you are watching a movie or any other video and suddenly got a text or any further important notification from some app that you don’t want to miss; Then you have to pause the video, go back, respond to the message and then again open the player to resume watching the video. But, Playit mod APK has solved this problem by allowing floating and background video play. This video pop-up feature is the unique feature that makes this player unique from other apps of the same type.  

With this feature, you can chat with your friends, type a vital mail, or use any other app along with playing the video without pausing or going back to the home screen. The users with expensive mobiles were enjoying this pop-up video feature without installing any app. However, thanks to the Playit mod, this feature has been accessible to everyone. Moreover, you can adjust the floating screen anywhere on your main screen, just with your fingers. 

Explore online sites 

There is an option of SITES in the bottom toolbar in Playit video player premium mod APK. By clicking on that, you will have access to some social platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TED, etc. You can explore these sites normally or download any video you want directly to your storage.

If you want a handy browser other than google, we recommend you download UC browser’s ultimate version 

Background theme 

There is also an option to change the background theme in the Playit mod APK. There is an option for a shirt in the top right corner of the app. By clicking on this option, you will have access to many free and VIP themes that you can apply with just a single click. The VIP themes can be redeemed with your daily spins’ coins. Moreover, you can also set any custom photo of your choice in the background to provide a premium look while using the app. 

Download HD videos 

If you are a social media user, you might have been attracted by a number of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp status videos that you wanted to save directly to your mobile storage. For this purpose, you might have used a lot of apps and extensions. It is observed that many of those apps come with restrictions, ask for money, or third-party permission that may be harmful to your device. But Playit mod APK comes with an inbuilt video downloader. 

Vidmate Unlocked is another famous video-downloading app as well as a browser. The best thing about Vidmate app is that you can download videos of longer duration such as movies, drama serials, seasons, and whatever you like from any website.

PLAYit mod APK all unlocked provides you the facility to download videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and many other platforms in very easy steps. First, select the forum from where you want to download the Video and then the Video you want to download from the SITES option. Then click on the download arrow, and the Video will be saved directly to your device’s storage. You can also download the WhatsApp statuses of other people using the same method. 

Private folder 

The latest version of the Playit no ads APK now provides an option of a private folder by which you can hide your videos from others. It is observed many times that people take mobile from others to scroll for a song and then reach their private videos. Many people use app lock to hide their videos from others; however, this app provides the same feature as the app lock. Now you can move your videos to private video folders, which can’t be accessed without your permission. 

Built-in Equalizer 

PLAYit mod APK comes with a built-in equalizer by which you can adjust the audio level of your tracks. You can change the frequencies of different tones to give you an ultimate audio quality effect.

Playit mod apk

Final verdict 

If you are tired of searching for the best video player but didn’t find one, download and play it mod APK’s latest version from our website, which is entirely safe to use, and enjoy the remarkable features that no other app provides. This app is more than a player that will fulfill all of your needs with a single click. The developers regularly update this app for bug fixes and other unique features to ensure the best user experience. 

How to install

You can install this app in a very few easy steps: 

  1. Uninstall the PLAYit app if you had already downloaded it from the play store 
  2. Download Playit mod APK from our website 
  3.  Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.
  4. Now click on install
Playit mod apk