VidMate Mod APK (Premium + No Ads) Download

Vidmate mod APK is a powerful video downloader for every platform including YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp.
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May 20, 2023
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You may often find yourself needing to download a video for different purposes, and for this, you need a video editor. Vidmate mod APK is the ultimate video-downloading application for Android. You can download videos from all social sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and from any website directly from Google or any other search engine for free. You can download all kinds of videos for free, whether they are public or private, using this app. There is also no restriction for the video size; You can download from short videos like WhatsApp statuses to very long videos, including movies and YouTube videos, easily with complete freedom. 

VidMate Mod APK

Why Vidmate MOD APK

In today’s world, when everyone is addicted to social media and spends most of their time using different social apps, they often interact with many attractive videos that they want to save or download on their mobile to watch later. For this purpose, there are usually a lot of extensions and apps on the internet that provides you the facility to download videos. 

Many of these video downloader apps are free, and others are paid. Still, there is no surety that they will always work because some social platforms restrict users from downloading videos because of their privacy and policies. Here you will get to know about Vidmate mod APK. 

Vidmate mod APK is an online video downloader that works perfectly for Android devices and is completely free. Moreover, this app doesn’t limit downloading videos from Youtube or any other premium website that demands a premium membership subscription. With this application, you can download both audio and video files. 

VidMate Mod APK

Is vidmate mod APK safe? 

Since the Vidmate apk was released, it has attracted millions of worldwide users. You have heard about Vidmate APK unlocked from some of your family members or friend. With its increasing popularity, many rumors also came into the market. Many people think that it’s not safe for your mobile, and the argument they give is that if it were safe, it would be available on the Play Store. So, the answer to their question is that the app is not on the app store because it provides direct downloads from YouTube videos and not because it violates the users’ privacy.  

YouTube is a premium application that demands in-app purchases for the premium subscription and doesn’t want any third party to download its videos because it will affect its business. That’s why the Play Store removed the Vidmate app from their listing. However, the APK version of this app is available on different websites, where you can download it easily. 

In short, VidMate mod APK is entirely safe, and it will neither affect your device’s performance, nor it will compromise your privacy. You can download, install and run it on your Android device like any other mobile app without any worries. 

Where to download 

The Vidmate app is not available on the play store, and you can download it only from our website. We provide the moded version of this app which is more secure and comes with more enhancements for a better user experience. 

Mod version

The Vidmate mod APK has the following extra features that the basic version doesn’t provide: 

  • No Ads 
  • Bug fixes 
  • Free to use 
  • Unlimited downloads 

Highlighted Features 

Easy to use 

The Vidmate premium APK has a very user-friendly interface. After installing, click on the app, and it will ask you permission to access your device’s internal storage. Grant the permission, and after that, you will see a user-friendly interface. There will be featured videos shown on your main timeline, and you can watch online or download them from your device’s storage. 

There will be two toolbars. From the upper toolbar, you can access different social apps like YouTube, Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can access trending movies, music, and your already downloaded videos from the lower toolbar with one click. 

Online search option 

Unlike many other apps that provide only an option to paste the link and get the downloaded video, Vidmate mod APK provides the search option by which you can explore the internet and download what clicks you. You can say that it is a search engine but with more enhancements like the download button feature. Moreover, you can also keep your searches limited to some specific platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. This unique feature makes this app distinctive from all other apps of the same category. 

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Download video Quality 

Using VidMate mod APK, you can download and watch videos of all kinds in HD quality. Many other video downloaders automatically compress the files while downloading videos because of memory issues which affect the video quality. But, downloading videos through HD video downloader Vidmate, doesn’t affect the original video quality. However, this app also gives you the freedom of downloading videos in the quality format of your choice like HD, 1080P, 720P, and 360P. 

Access to different applications 

This app provides inbuilt access to different applications. Nowadays, everyone uses various social communication sites like WhatsApp and Instagram, etc. People want to save the stories and statuses of other people before they disappear. For this reason, they try different applications and sometimes different downloader apps for every single social site. This practice irritates the user and provides an extra burden to their devices. But using Vidmate pro APK, you can access all social sites and download whatever you want in a single place with only a single app. 

Unlimited downloads 

VidMate mod APK provides you with an option to download unlimited videos for free. You can download as many videos as you can store in your device’s storage. This app does not demand any money in any subscription to unlock extra features and limits. 

Private folder 

In many situations, we don’t want others to access our private data, and for this feature, many people use different app locks to make their downloaded data private. But a unique part of Vidmate ad-free APK is to provide an in-built private folder by which we can hide our downloaded videos from others and make them secure using a passcode. 

Follow other people 

You can also follow and subscribe to other people using Vidmate Pro mod APK to see what they like. With this feature, you can keep yourself updated with trending videos and data. This feature can help you update your music playlists regularly if you are a music lover. 

Live TV channels 

As we said earlier, Vidmate mod APK is not just a typical video downloader; it’s a complete library that should be installed on every Android user. You can access more than 200 different TV channels and watch your favorite programs and TV shows with this app. Moreover, if you don’t have time, you can download these shows to your mobile storage to watch them later. This feature plays a crucial role in traveling, where you don’t need to buy expensive subscriptions to watch TV on your mobile. 

Personalize your timeline 

Now you can customize your timeline and feed with the categories of the videos according to your interest using VidMate mod APK. For example, if you are a cricket lover and love to see cricket-related videos in your timeline, you can subscribe to the platforms that upload such content. This feature is helpful for those who have time, and love scrolling but get fed up with the videos that don’t catch their interest. 

Easy download  

Now you can download your favorite videos with a single click. Unlike other video downloaders, Vidmate mod APK doesn’t demand you to copy and paste the video link to start the downloading process. Instead, this app shows a download button like an arrow; by clicking on it, the video will start downloading on its own. 

Supports MP3 format 

Videmate is not just a video downloader, you can also download audio files using this app. While downloading the video, the app also gives you the option to select if you want to download it only in audio format. Suppose you like a video song but wish to download it in audio to use it to edit the videos or playback while doing your other work. Then if you are a Vidmate app APK user, you can download the file directly in audio format. Otherwise, you need two separate apps, one to download the video and the other to convert it to audio. 

Secure and safe 

This app is entirely safe, and it will not interrupt your privacy. It doesn’t require any extra permission like contacts or call logs etc. Moreover, the developers update the app regularly to ensure that it remains bugs-free so viruses cannot attack your device. 

WhatsApp Status savor 

Nowadays, many people try different apps to save the WhatsApp statuses of their fellows. But many of these apps don’t work well on their devices and don’t fulfill their needs. By using Vidmate Pro, you can save the WhatsApp status of anyone, whether it’s a picture or video, with a single click. You have to click on the WhatsApp icon within the app, and it will take you to the status library, where all the uploaded statuses of your fellows will be available. You can pick anyone by clicking on that and then clicking on the download button, and the status will be saved in your device’s internal storage. 

Final Verdict 

Suppose you are looking for a video downloader to download videos from YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other platform with ease. In that case, we will recommend you download Vidmate mod APK’s latest version from our website. We are providing this modified version of this fantastic app for absolutely free. You can enjoy all the features mentioned above with a single click on the download button. So, what are you waiting for? Download and get benefits from its unique features for free. 

How to Install

You can install this app in a very few easy steps:    

  1. Download vidmate mod APK from our website  
  2. Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.
  3. Now click on install