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If you are fond of racing games and want to test your driving skill, if you are in love with cars and want to modify them freely according to your taste, if you know about drifting and want to drift on the beautifully designed curved drift tracks and want to challenge your skills with Ai racers, then you are on the right place. Here we will introduce you to one of such drift racing games, FR legends mod APK. The drifting requires hours of practice and high skills that will make you addicted to this game.  

Alternate game: Speed legends


FR legends game were first released in 2018 by Twin Turbo Tech Co. LTD, and just in 3 years, it has gained more than 10 million downloads and 320k+ positive reviews on the Play store. The highlighted feature of the game is the name of the game. FR means “Front engine rear wheel” driving cars. These cars are designed especially for drifting, resulting in better weight distribution, better handling, and better car controls at high speed on inclined surfaces. To know more about this game, we recommend you explore the given article with us thoroughly.  

Where to download  

FR legend game is available for Android and IOS users and can be downloaded easily from Play Store or App Store. However, if you want to play this game in God’s version, you have to download FR legends mod APK 2022 from our website.  

MOD features  

FR legends mod APK unlocked is a modded version of the normal version of the game with so many exciting features that you will get absolutely free.   

Unlimited money: In FR legends APK, you have to spend coins to buy new cars and unlock new tracks and other things. You can earn this money by playing and winning a lot of races with maximum drifting. You can also get the money with your real money from Play Store. However, you will get unlimited money if you download FR legends mod APK unlimited money from our website for free.  

Everything unlocked: In the normal game version, there are a number of tracks and cars locked that you can unlock later with the money. However, mod version of FR legends hack APK, you will get everything unlocked that will allow you to play freely with freedom in the way you want.  

Highlighted Features  

Drift like a boss  

FR legends mod APK is not like a typical racing game in which you have to reach the finish line first; instead, it focuses on one of the most skilled driving techniques, drifting. You can’t do drifting precisely using normal cars; that’s why FR legends CRACK APK has specially designed Front engine rear wheel cars that you can customize according to your taste. If you have seen the Fast and Furious series movies, you might have been well aware of drifting and the car parts compulsory.  

you want to win races in FR legend mod APK, you must master the drifting skill. If you don’t know anything about it, you can learn and practice it easily in tutorial and practice mode.  

Game Controls  

Like other typical racing and driving games, Fr legends hack mod APK doesn’t have tiny buttons to control your car; instead, it comes with unique controls. You can accelerate your car by touching anywhere on the right side of your screen. Similarly, you can slow down your car’s speed by touching anywhere on the bottom left corner of the screen and drifting by applying handbrakes by touching the top left corner of the screen.  

The game controls can be customizable through settings. Like you can choose whether you want to turn your car by tilting the screen or using a virtual steering wheel.  

Camera View  

Fr legends mod gives you an option of 10 different camera views that you can change anytime during the race. These include the front, rear, side angle, and cockpit views, and you can select the one that suits best for you. However, if you want to experience the game realistically, we recommend using the cockpit view while driving.  

Car customization  

It is not always about buying a new car; you can also customize your previous one to give it a new look. FR legends mod APK allows you to upgrade your car parts like engine and brakes, providing you more speed and better handling along with its interior to give it a new look. Moreover, you can also change the color of your car and apply different stickers on it to make it more attractive. To do this, you need money you can earn by winning races or will get unlimited if you download FR legends unlimited money APK from our website.  

Unlock new Cars  

Besides racing and drifting, FR legends mod APK has a garage option where you can buy new cars from money collected by winning races. You can get a diverse collection of cars here, from normal to supercars, at reasonable prices. The game’s developers keep adding new cars in every update, so you don’t lose interest in it. You can number your cars according to your will and place them in different slots after you buy them, making you choose easily.  

Variety of Tracks  

For a racer, the most important thing after the car is the track on which he will race. FR legends all unlocked APK has a variety of tracks that you can unlock gradually. Each track has its number of curves and difficulty that increases gradually, and you have to be more skilled to drive on these tracks. Each track also has a different setup for spectaculars and weather conditions that make the drifting on the track more interesting.  

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Graphics and Sound effects  

Although the game fulfills all the laws of physics and provides realistic driving, drifting, and collision effects, the game’s graphics are not so high. The developers didn’t put much effort into the graphics to make this game lightweight so it can run smoothly on any device. Despite its poor graphics, Fr legends mod APK has good sound effects. These drifting and collision effects are so realistic that they won’t get you bored while playing.  

Racing with friends  

FR legends mod APK also allows you to race with your friends by inviting them to the track. This multiplayer mode makes this game more interesting and allows you to show your skills to your friends. You can play in all other modes offline, but you need an internet connection to play with your friends.  


The game doesn’t have high graphics and doesn’t require expensive flagship devices to run on. The game can be installed and played smoothly on any android device with version 4.1 or above. The game’s developers keep trying to update this game regularly to add more features and events and keep it bugs-free.  

Game modes  

FR legends mod APK has almost 8 game modes that allow you to play as you want.  


This is basically a beginner’s guide more than a game mode. By clicking on the tutorial mode, you will learn about controlling and the game’s basic features.  

Practice mode  

This mode of FR legends mod APK is made for practice. This game is unlike other racing games, and you need to be skilled in drifting to win the matches. So, in practice mode, you can set your hands on game controls and get a master of it within a few hours.  

Solo run  

In this mod of FR legends mod APK, you set your record by performing your best and then break your record next time by coming harder. In this mode, you are free to play; your only competitor is you.  

Battle mode  

In battle mode, there are two matches in a single run. The one is a lead run in which you lead the other AI car and are free to drift and control the speed of your car.

Multiplayer mode  

In this mode, you can play with your friends and astonish them with your unique skills of racing and drifting. This mode is one of the most interesting game modes that make this game more interesting than other racing games.  

Final Verdict.  

Suppose you are addicted to racing and drifting but can’t do it in real life and looking for a game that will give you the maximum exposure to the real-life racing experience. In that case, we recommend you download FR legends mod APK latest version from our website with all the relevant enhancements for free. The game does not promote any violence and is not harmful to children’s mental health. The game is also bug-free and doesn’t harm your devices. 

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How to install 

You can install FR legends mod APK by following these steps 

  1. Uninstall FR legends game if you have already it in your phone 
  1. Download FR legends mod APK 2022 from our website  
  1. Open the download.apk file  
  1. Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.  
  1. Now click on install  

Your game is installed and is ready to use now. 

If you are still facing any issues in downloading and running this game on your device then simple leave a comment below. Our team will assist you soon!