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Nowadays, driving is one of the most demanded skills everyone should have. People travel from home to the office and other places and should know how to drive a car properly for their daily commute. Many people find driving challenging, and they join different driving schools to learn this skill. However, many people also learn the basic driving rules by watching videos and reading articles online. But do you know you can learn the basics of driving in a fun way by playing a game? Yes, you read it right. Download Dr. Driving Mod APK and learn real-life driving virtually for free.  


Dr. Driving APK is offered by one of the famous Android games developers, SUDU Inc., ranked in the top 100 for their brilliant performance. Dr. Driving APK mod is an addictive driving game based on actual driving rules and was first released in 2013. The game became popular over time and has gotten more than 100 million downloads from different countries worldwide. Play the game in various driving modes, speed up but be careful not to smash with other vehicles or barricades. If you want to know more about this game, read the article thoroughly.  

Next Version: Dr. Driving 2

How to start  

Dr. Driving Mod APK 2022 is not just a game; it’s a complete driving school that will polish your driving skill in a fun way. After installing the game, you will be redirected to the game’s main interface, where you will have an option for online matches, playing with friends, or the normal career mode. You can also shop for your favorite cars and upgrade them by clicking on the shop button from the main menu.   

Dr. Driving mod APK comes with an extensive settings menu. From the main menu, go to the settings icon, and here you will find the option to mute the driving sound or the background music. You can also change the game controls from here. In many countries driving is on the left lane, and in some countries, on the right. Choose the lane accordingly from the settings menu.   

If you are a beginner and playing this game for the first time, we recommend you to play the career mode that comes with different game modes like Fuel, VIP escort, Parking, Broken brake, Truck, Lane, and speed. Each mode has different goals for your training and different difficulty level. Drive through all these modes to get familiar with the basic game rules so that you can compete with your friends and challenge professional players worldwide.  

Dr. Driving Beginner’s Guide

Interesting detailed graphics  

Dr. Driving mod APK unlimited money has 3D graphics designed with sharp colors blended naturally to give a realistic look. The car interior is detailed and comes with all the working meters and gauges that provide an ultimate premium feel. Moreover, the traffic and buildings are also designed precisely to make the players feel like they are actually driving in the streets in heavy traffic.   

Become a professional driver  

In Dr. Driving mod APK, you will be tested from each angle to learn about your weaknesses and to polish your driving skills up to the mark. The player is asked to change their lanes gradually to get a firm grip on steering. Speed up and slow down in time to avoid any collision. Have a near miss with the passing traffic so you can drive in rush hours, even in real life. That’s not where it ends; you are also getting a parking mode where you have to park your vehicle in a narrow space.   

Different driving modes  

Some people drive well, but they don’t know how to park. On the other hand, some people are weak in changing lanes, making U-turns, or driving during rush hour. Dr. Driving mod APK unlimited gold coins and money tried to focus on every problem a player can face. You can select any game mode from the given modes to turn your weakness into strength.  

Highway mode: This is the simplest and the easiest game mode of Dr. Driving mod APK where you have to reach the finish line by driving on a straight road with no turns and U-turns before the time runs out. There are three minutes and heavy traffic. Avoid collision with the divider, barricades, and other vehicles; otherwise, you will lose your mission.  

Speed Mode: This mode of Dr. Driving APK mod hack is a bit more difficult than the highway mode. The players have to reach the finish line within 3 minutes, but the road is not straight this time. Take sharp turns while turning on the indicators to avoid any collision. The player will be driving on a 3-lane road and indicated to switch lanes. Switch the required number of lanes before the time runs out.  

Broken Brake: In real life, you often notice numerous accidents happening daily because of brake failure and are unaware of what to do in that situation. Dr. Driving hack mod APK has a separate game mode where you will practice how to reach your destination by controlling the car’s speed even with the broken brake. Drive carefully and speed up within the range that you can control because the brakes are not working.  

Fuel Mode: Oh no! The fuel is limited, and there’s no filling station nearby. This is the situation every driver might have faced once in their lives. Dr. Driving mod APK will teach you how to survive and reach your destination before the fuel gets empty. Drive slowly, and try avoiding unnecessary brakes and drifting to save fuel. Drive smoothly, and you will reach the finish line safely for sure.  

More Mod Different driving modes  

Parking Mode: Many people drive vehicles safely but tremble when asked to park their car in a narrow space. Don’t worry; Dr. Driving mod APK will also train such people. Select the parking mode and drive safely. After covering some distance, you will be asked to park the vehicles in a space between the queue of cars. Switch the cameras for your convenience and shift the gear to the parking mode when done. The more professionally you park, the more money you will get as a reward.  

VIP Escort: This game mode is best for people who often hear that they don’t drive smoothly or take sharp turns. In this mode, a VIP who doesn’t like rash driving sits beside you. On the left side of the screen, there will be a comfort bar for the passenger. The comfort level of the VIP will decrease gradually whenever you take a sharp turn or do drift. Cover the distance with the maximum comfort level and park the car perfectly to get the maximum bonus.  

Drift Mode: This game mode of Dr. Drive mod APK is for those players who think they are masters of driving and now want to try rash driving. The player’s goal is to fill the bar on the left side by performing maximum drifts. But be careful, don’t collide with any obstacle; otherwise, you will be handed a parking ticket.  

Truck mode: Dr. Driver mod APK offers this heavy transport vehicle driving mode in which you are driving a truck and have to reach the finish line before the time runs out. Remember that truck driving is more difficult than driving a car and requires more concentration and focus.  

Real-life vehicle controls  

As said earlier that the game is not only for fun playing, but you are getting virtual coaching to drive the car. Keeping in view, the car interior and controls are designed according to real-life models. The accelerator and brake Padel are on the left side, and the steering is on the right side of the screen. You can also switch the steering to the left side if you live in countries where people follow the left lane. The left, right, and warning indicators also work with the available meters. Shifts the gear among drive, neutral, parking, and reverse options according to the need.  

Diversity of cars to unlock  

Dr. Driving mod APK offers a wide range of vehicles, from regular sedan cars to many SUVs, mini-vans, and supercars. These vehicles vary in speed and handling power. All the cars are locked, and you must unlock them by spending money. Collect the money by completing all the challenges and playing the game for maximum time to unlock your favorite car. There is also an option for in-app purchases to unlock the car with your real money. However, download Dr. Driving all cars unlocked version from our website and enjoy free rides.  

Also, the cars are highly customizable and upgradeable. You can upgrade the vehicle’s engine, Brakes, and tires to increase the speed, power, and handling. The only problem is you have to spend a hefty amount for each upgrade. The solution is to download the Dr. Driving unlimited money or Dr driving unlimited coins version of the game from our website, free to get unlimited cash and gold.  

MOD Menu  

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Final Words  

There are a lot of video games available on the internet, but no one can compete with mod APK Dr. Driving when it comes to driving simulation. Polish your driving skills and become a skillful driver by downloading Dr. Driving mod APK’s latest version from our website. The mod version of the game is entirely safe to play, and no virus or bug can harm your device. The game is also child-friendly and doesn’t harm your mental health. So, what else do you want to know? Give this game a try yourself. 

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How to install 

The Installation process of Dr. Driving mod APK is very easy. Just download the mod APK file available on our website and click on the install button after downloading. Now if your phone allows for permission to install third-party apps, give it from settings. And boom, the game will be installed within a few seconds.