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Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK is one of the best driving simulators available for android devices. The game is best for people who want to learn to drive in a simple way while playing a video game. After the success of its previous version, Dr. Driving 2 APK was released by SUD Inc. In 2015 with improved graphics and more challenging gameplay. The game offers offline and online modes and has gotten 50 million players with plenty of positive reviews globally. You can read more about this game from the given article or download the game to explore its unique features by yourself.  

How to play  

Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK 2022 starts with a vital reminder of always wearing a seatbelt before driving. On the main menu, you will see six game modes, some of which will be locked. Start your driving journey as a novice street racer in career mode with the regular nano car. The first chapter comprises twenty stages designed to familiarize you with the driving rules from scratches. The game has a realistic vehicle control mechanism with steering on one side and accelerator and brake pedal on the other. Moreover, the game has four gears that you have to shift manually. Drive carefully without any collision and complete the given task within time.  

Previous version: Dr. Driving 1  

Start from a challenging career mode  

This is the most extensive mode of Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK unlimited fuel, where players will get unlimited chapters sorted on the increasing difficulty level. Each chapter has twenty challenging stages, and you have to clear all these stages to unlock the next chapter. The prize at the end of each stage will depend on the number of stars you earned based on your performance in that stage. We have elaborated on different challenges below that you will face in each stage, read them, and prepare yourself for tough driving training.  

Speed: In this challenge, the driver is given a specific speed limit and has to maintain it until the finish line. Suppose you are given the speed limit of 60 Km/h, then you must keep your speedometer needle above 60 even on sharp turns; otherwise, you will lose your turn.  

Cup: This test will be challenging for those who drive rashly and make their co-passenger scared with the bumpy ride. A cup of water will be placed on the dashboard, and your task will be to reach the finish line without spilling the water smoothly. The more water left at the end, the higher you will be paid.  

Fog: In real life, especially in winters, we experience low visibility because of smog and Fog. This challenging mode of Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK all cars unlocked is designed to train people for driving in such situations. Turn the indicators on, maintain a safe distance from the next vehicle, and don’t let your concentration distract you.  

Drift: If you are tired of driving smoothly while following all the traffic rules, this Dr driving 2 mod APK game mode will be fun. Show drifting skills by filling up the bar before reaching the finish line. Remember not to collide with any vehicle, barricade, or roadside while drifting.  

Coins: The simplest game challenge will demand you to collect the required coins before reaching the finish level. These coins will also be added to your reward as a bonus at the end of the ride. 

Rain: Oh no! It’s raining, and driving in the rain among the heavy traffic is not easy. Don’t speed up too much or take sharp turns, as the car will skid and collapse with the side fence or any other obstacle.

Lane: If you have played the game’s previous version, you will know about this game mode. Follow the yellow arrows on a specific lane and fill your taskbar fully before finishing the ride. 

Under Construction: The road is being constructed, and there are certain barricades on the road. However, it’s open for traffic. Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK hack version demands you to reach the finish line within time by driving safely through the barricades.   

Slalom Test: The developers of Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK unlimited coins designed this road test to check the steering ability of the driver in a difficult situation. You must follow the sequence turning among the cones at the center of the road and hitting all the checkmarks.   

Misaligned wheels: The wheels are slightly misaligned, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to drive in this situation. Let the car drive for a few meters and observe on which side it’s going on. Turn the steering to the opposite side to keep the car straight.  

Speed camera: Speed cameras on the road will catch you if you cross the speed limit. You will be notified a few meters before the camera, and you will get some time to match the vehicle’s speed with the limited speed shown on the screen.  

Icy Road: It’s a snowy season in Dr driving 2 mod APK, and certain patches of ice are on the road. Avoid stepping the tires on these patches or slow down the speed as the car will skid badly on ice.  

Rush hour: This mode of Dr. Driving 2 hack Mod APK is similar to everyone’s daily life routine where he sometimes has to suffer unusual traffic. Drive among the vehicles carefully and don’t crash with any obstacle to reach the destination safely.  

Broken Brake: This mode of Dr. Driving 3d 2 Mod APK will ask you to reach the finish line before the time ends with the broken brake. Speed up vehicles to the limit you can handle quickly and maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles.  

Fuel: The fuel is limited. But don’t worry, there are certain fuel tanks on the road. Grab each tank while driving, and you will easily reach the destination. 

Parking: Many people don’t know how to park the car properly in a lane, so the others don’t get disturbed. Cover a certain distance, reach the parking lane, and park at the yellow lane before the time runs out.  

These are some challenges that each stage has, and the player has to be skilled enough to pass all these challenges one by one. As you progress the game, the coming chapters will have a combination of challenges like slalom test with misaligned wheels, rain on the under-constructed road, and many more. These combined challenges will make a stage tougher and ultimately gives addictive gameplay to the players.  

Test the vehicle in the Car lab  

Test your vehicle’s performance in different situations and challenges in car lab testing mode. Each car will have to pass through the 50 challenging levels, each with a combination of tests to check your feasibility and grip on the steering in uncertain situations. Playing in each level will cost you one fuel tank, and you will also be rewarded with coins and other epic rewards at the end of each ride.  

Ride on different vehicles  

Besides a wide range of game modes, Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK also provides you with numerous cars that you can unlock one by one. These cars include around 22 genuine life car models from famous car brands, each with high speed and other unique features. All the cars are fully upgradable and customizable. However, unlocking these cars is different from other games, and you need manufacturing coupons and car parts along with the money to assemble. Get these parts from the gift boxes and coupons as a reward for winning races.  

Check the leader board and be among the top racers.  

In the Top racer mode of Dr. Driving Mod APK 2, you will have to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time to make the world record. Select the best available car with the highest speed to set a new record. Each race in this mode will cost you one racing ticket, so participate carefully and don’t miss the opportunity. There will be no challenging obstacles or traffic on the road, so you won’t be distracted while reaching the goal.  

Participate in the Tournament  

Push your ranking level by participating in the tournament mode of Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK, in which you are competing with the world’s top racers. This mode can only be played online as you compete with the real players, not the robotic opponents. The cars of both opponents will be of the same level, but in each match, the location and difficulty level change.   

You can rematch with the same opponent if he also wants. The more matches you win; your profile will be promoted to the next level early. Remember, you don’t have to spend any fuel tank or race ticket to participate in the tournament making it easy to play even for hours constantly.  

Have a look at Market  

Dr. Driving 2 unlimited ruby APK also offers a marketplace where you can buy your needy items such as race tickets, car cards, upgrade coupons, and fuel tanks with the coins. The items in the Market renew every 2 hours, and it’s the quickest way to buy premium items at a reasonable price.  

Dr. Driving 2 game Tips and Tricks

Become a taxi driver  

If you are bored of taking part in the same challenges repeatedly and want to try something new, then Dr. Driving 2 hack APK has launched the Taxi mode for you. In this game mode, you will play the role of a taxi driver. Please pick up the passengers and drop them at their location safely but don’t forget to grab the fuel cans on the road. This model is an excellent opportunity to earn plenty of coins as you can play this mode as long as you didn’t crash, and it will cost you two racing tickets for one ride.  

Take part in the world championship.  

Another exciting mode of Dr. Driving 2 game play online is the world championship in which you compete with 20 players, each with low to high-speed cars. In the beginning, you will be in the last position and aim to get to the top while defeating each player. There will be no traffic or other hurdles on the road except for your competitors. The opponents are not real players; instead, they are robotic cars, but still, the game is great fun to play. Each ride in this game mode will cost one race ticket.  

Get exciting gift boxes.  

There are three types of gift boxes that you can get in Dr. Driving 2 unlimited coins APK, each containing epic prizes. The normal gift box renews after every three hours, and you can claim it for free or also have the option to buy with 3000 coins. The recycle box can be unlocked by 100 recycle coupons obtained by selling duplicate car parts. The premium box can only be unlocked with the most premium game currency, the ruby. These gift boxes are an excellent means to unlock new cars and upgrade the old ones.  

Complete daily assignments  

Another quick way to get gold is to complete daily assignments and tasks. You can access the assignment section from the bottom menu of Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK. These assignments are easy and include tasks like winning five career-mode races, collecting 100 gold coins, or driving 20 Km. Many of these assignments are attempted on their own by playing the game casually. Make sure to collect the reward money once in 24 hours because the assignments get renewed every 24 hours, and your previous reward will be lost if you remain uncollected.  

Keep your fuel tanks full.  

Keep a close eye on fuel tanks from the bottom menu while playing Doctor Driving 2 Mod APK. There are ten fuel tanks, and each race will cost you one tank. There are three ways to fill your tanks and keep enjoying the game. The first is to wait for 10 minutes as the tank refills on its own after 10 minutes. The other is to watch a video ad or buy a tank by spending 20 rubies.   

Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK MOD Menu  

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    Unlimited Coupons  
    Unlimited Race Tickets  
    All Cars Unlocked  
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