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People in the past suffered a lot from deadly wars and lost their loved ones in the conflict between different nations. These wars didn’t only affect the humans of that time but also left a huge impact on the minds of their upcoming generations. Today’s people seem curious about happenings in wars and their devastating effects on living creatures. People try different video games with war themes to end their curiosity, but these games do not always match their expectations. So, here we are introducing an ultimate war game, conflict of nations mod APK, which will remind you of the days of World War 2 and other historical battles.

About conflict of nations Game 

Survival of the fittest is the universal rule of nature that applies to human beings. Since the existence of humans, they have tried to prove their strength by occupying the territory of other humans. The game was developed by Dorado Games / DOG Productions Ltd and was first released at the end of 2020. Take control of any nation, build the army and provide them with the latest Armours, rebuild the destructed part of your city and prove your strength. Conflict of nations APK has got more than a million downloads on the Play Store. You will learn more about the game features deeply in this article.  

Like all other video games, your first step will be to download and install the conflict of nations mod APK from our website, or you can also download it from the play store. Then from the main menu, you will be asked to choose the game mode you want to play. There will be a hundred nations in each game, and you can select any available nations. These nations range from weak to the most substantial territories with nuclear power. The player aims to survive till last, protecting his country and defeating other territories. With each win, you will get money and epic rewards that you can use to build army camps and other buildings in your country.  

What is the conflict of nations mod APK?  

Conflict of nations mod APK is the moded version of the normal game, which help you in rapid progress and give an edge to you by providing unlimited resources. Yes, you read it right. Conflict of nations World War 3 mod APK will provide you with unlimited gold that will help you to buy the latest fighting equipment and upgrade them to the maximum. When every other country is busy earning gold, you will have plenty of gold and enough time to make a strategy that can defeat your opponent within seconds. This mod version is not available on the play store, and you can only download it from our website.  

Unlimited Gold: Gold is a basic necessity and a pillar of your economy. You need gold to buy other resources like nuclear warheads, Weapons, shells, tanks and fighter jets. Moreover, gold is also required to build any military base or other building in your city. The gold can be obtained from daily rewards and in-season prizes. You can also buy the gold directly from the play store with your real money. However, we have made the game easier for you by uploading the conflict of nations unlimited gold version on our website that you can download for free.

Play with strategy  

conflict of nations mod APK is not all about fighting and bloodshed; in fact, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it is a strategic game more than an action. Here your only goal will be to conquer the other lands; now, it is up to you whether you want to do it forcefully or can solve the conflicts through table talk with other mighty nations. Don’t forget to have a look at your available resources.

As a leader, your people demand better facilities and protection from invaders. Play with a strategic mind and astonish all the other players with your tactics. There are no restrictions in the game; you are free to do whatever you want in your country.  

Three distinct doctrines  

If we look back to World War 2, the one astonishing thing you would notice would be that the war involved almost the whole world. One of the deadliest wars in history was not between the two countries; in fact, there were different alias and axis. Similarly, in conflict of nations mod APK unlimited gold, you can choose one of three doctrines: Western, Eastern and European. You can shake hands with anyone of these and help them during the battle. But remember, choosing any doctrine means choosing your fate, so be careful and choose wisely.  

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Fight with Real Military Technology   

Conflict of Nations: WW3 Game Mod APK is not a game based only on fiction and fantasies. The game will give you a realistic experience by providing you with real-time military technology and advanced battle equipment. From tanks to the army base camps, troops, fighter jets, nuclear missiles, submarines and what else, you are not going to get in this game. You will play the role of a real-life chief commander whose army can demolish any country on his voice. But remember, don’t try to fight with the strong nations with more infantry and the latest missiles unless you upgrade your equipment to the maximum.  

Enjoy Mini Games  

To keep conflict of nations mod APK unlimited Money more interesting, the developers have introduced a variety of mini-games under the game section of the main menu. Here you will see different game versions, each with unique challenges and hard-to-defeat enemies. Each game has a specific number of slots; you can’t join when all the slots get occupied. It is recommended to join more than one game at the same time so you won’t get bored and don’t have to wait by sitting idle when the construction starts in one game. You can switch between the games anytime from my game menu.  

Have a look at the world’s politics  

As said earlier, that conflict of nations WW3 mod APK isn’t all about destruction and fighting, but you also have to look at the world’s politics and economy. Establish friendly relations with other countries, trade with them to strengthen your economy and maintain your good image in front of different countries. Don’t attack other countries unless it’s necessary for your existence. You can also take extra protection from the security council for a limited time. To progress fast, you must make good political relations with the world’s tycoons like the US, UK, UN etc.  


Getting an action and strategy game with a lot of fun and exciting gameplay for free isn’t an option for everyone. But here you are, getting this opportunity. Download conflict of nations mod APK latest version from our website and indulge yourself in the war of superpowers. Our mod version also has extra features that will enhance the playing experience. The game also has a compact size that is compatible with all devices and doesn’t occupy much of the mobile storage. So, is there anything more to explain? Just click on the download button and experience this fantastic game by yourself.  

How To Install it?

The installation process of conflict of nations hack APK is very easy, and you can play this legendary game by following the given steps.  

  • Download the conflict of nations WW3 mod APK from our website, but first, make sure that your device doesn’t have any other version of the conflict of nations game.  
  • After downloading, click on the install button.  
  • If your device asks for security permission, click on the allow button.   
  • The game will be installed in a few seconds and is now ready to play.