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It’s believed that the foundation of street racing was laid hundred and thousands of years ago when people used to run their horses in the streets and bet on them. The cars street racing is as old as the invention of automobiles, and it’s getting more popular daily. However, racing on the streets is illegal as it takes the lives and property of other people. But why worry so much about that when you have video games available where you can get real-life street racing experience? Here you will get one of such amazing games, Street Racing 3D Mod APK, for free.  


Street Racing 3D APK is a street-themed asphalt racing game released by Ivy developers in 2017. No doubt people are crazy about racing games, but you can imagine their madness about street racing because the game got more than 100 million downloads in five years. The leading point of the game is its 3D realistic graphics and challenging gameplay. The compact game size makes Street Racing 3D Mod APK 2022 an ultimate suitable game for all devices. You are going to get many more amazing facts about the game in this article.  

How to start  

In Street Racing 3D Mod APK unlimited money and diamonds, the player starts his career as a novice street racer who’s broke and not much experienced but wants to conquer the racing world with his abilities. The game will look familiar to you if you have played City Racing 3D unlimited money already. When you start the game for the first time, you will have some money, which is sufficient to buy a C-tier GT-86 with average speed and power.   

Start the racing journey from amateur challenge in career mode and race in London, Tokyo and New York streets. Each race will introduce you to new challenges in different modes. Complete the race in the top three positions to claim stars and cash rewards that can be used later to unlock new vehicles and leagues. Keep looking at daily rewards and other offers to get legendary cars in the minimum prize.   

Highlighted Features  

Stunning Visuals and sound effects  

Street Racing Mod APK offers detailed in-game 3D graphics with realistic effects and animations. The visuals are strong and nicely blended with sharp colors to give players a high-end realistic experience. Besides splendid graphics, the background music is also very motivating and will urge you to put all your efforts into winning the game.   

Simple Game controls  

The game controls are designed so that even a new player can play the game easily. There is no accelerator, and the vehicle will be accelerated by default. With nitro boost options, two brake pedals to control the speed are on both sides of the screen. Turn the car left and right from the left and right buttons on the screen, respectively. If you fond of playing games on emulator, you can also try PC version of the game.  

Enjoy Different Location  

As the name indicates, the player will be racing on different streets instead of race tracks in an arena. Race in the streets of California, Rio, Tokyo, London, New York and many other cities. Street Racing 3D Mod APK offers its players beautiful sightseeing in every famous city with unique landmarks. However, each city’s map or race track will be different and get complicated as you progress the game. Get ready to take unexpected sharp turns as you ride different city streets with unfamiliar maps.  

Use Nitro to get an epic boost.  

There is no means of racing without speed, and normal acceleration is not enough to chase the light. Use nitro booster in street racing mod APK to get a sudden boost in speed to lead other players. Collect all the nitro cans, knock down other players, jump from the ramps and show your drifting skills to get extra Nitro. A Pro player always uses Nitro wisely and can defeat the supercars of other players with his ordinary car. Never boost while taking sharp turns, as it will be challenging to handle the car at high speed on the deadly turns.  

Drive More than 30 Cars  

Street Car Racing 3D Mod APK offers more than 30 extreme racing cars to their players designed on real car models from some famous global brands. These cars are divided into four tiers, C, B, A, and S. Tier A is available by default for novice players, and the players have to get the driving license of other tiers one by one. Get the license by getting maximum experience points by winning maximum races in career mode. Once you get the license, all the cars will be unlocked, and then you can buy them one by one by spending money and diamonds. Each car differs in speed, power and handling from the other cars.  

Upgrade and customize the vehicle  

The options for upgradation, customization and maintenance of the vehicle are on the bottom left of the main menu. Speed Racing 3D Mod APK allows detailed customization to give the vehicle an updated and new look. Go to the mod shop and paint the car the color of your choice. You can also change the wheel rims from here. If you can’t defeat the competitors even with your best efforts, try upgrading the speed, acceleration and handling with little money. Don’t forget to repair your car after 2-3 races; it will cost you only a few coins and minutes.  

Street Racing 3D Game modes  

Street Racing 3D Mod APK has two game modes for both players interested in playing offline or online. These two game modes are accessible from the main menu, and each mode contains many challenging levels and rewards.  

Career Mode: Like any other racing game, Street Racing 3D Mod APK also has a career mode from which you can start your racing journey and progress to the master level. Career mode contains five different leagues, including Amateur, Urban, Club, championship and classic master. Each league has different exciting levels in different locations. Career mode is available offline, and you compete with computerized competitors, not the real ones.  

PVP Mode: This is the online game mode of Street Racing 3D hack APK and the most interesting one as you compete with the real player worldwide. This mode offers daily challenges, master challenge and a road to S class. In each challenge, you must keep winning the races to reach the top of the leaderboard. The top three positions on the leaderboard are getting the most legendary rewards, including a hefty amount of money and diamonds.   

Have a look at the Tasks  

You can access different options from the top left screen of your main menu, one of which is the tasks bar. This option contains a number of daily challenges, weekly challenges and achievements and is one of the easiest ways of getting money and other rewards.   

Street Racing 3D Mod Menu  

    Unlimited Money  
    Unlimited Diamonds  
    Unlimited Stars  
    All cars unlocked  
    All modes unlocked  

Unlimited Money: In this game, your primary focus should be on winning maximum races to get money as a reward and then use this money later to unlock new cars. However, the process is too slow, and you must keep playing the game for several days to collect enough money to unlock your favorite car. However, the other way is to download the Street Racing 3D unlimited money version from our website, where you are free to spend your unlimited money the way you want.  

Unlimited Diamonds: Diamonds are the premium currency that is hard to get, and you can only find them in achievements, rewards and exchange of your real money from the play store. Diamonds are significant as certain cars can only be unlocked by gems. However, you can also speed up the maintenance process and unlock different game modes with these diamonds. So, download the Street Racing 3D unlimited diamonds version from our website and stop worrying about gems.  

Everything Unlocked: There are certain cars and stages that you can’t unlock no matter how much money you have. So, download Street Racing 3D all cars unlocked version from our website, which is free, and you are getting everything unlocked in this version.   

How to install 

You can install Street Racing 3D Mod APK by following the given easy steps  

  • Delete any previous version of the Street Racing 3D game if you have already it on your mobile phone.     
  • Download Street Racing 3D mod APK from our website and click on install.    
  • Does your mobile ask you to allow your device to install unknown resources? Don’t worry; permit it as it is entirely safe.    
  • This is all you have to do. Mod Street will be installed in a few seconds.