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Football is a crazy sport with millions of fans all around the world. The sport is common and played in the streets of Africa, America, Japan, Europe, and other countries. Many people who can’t play soccer in real life entertain themselves by playing soccer video games on their handy devices in their free time. There are various free games available on the internet involving real-life on-field gameplay like FIFA, but now people are looking for strategic off-play games where they can manage their soccer team. Here, we are introducing you to one of the best drafts and pack opener games, Smoq Games 23 Mod APK.

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About Smoq Games 23 Apk

Smoq Games 23 is an ultimate pack opener game where you can collect player cards and make an undefeatable team by adding legendary players to your squad. The game is developed by Smoq Games, the developers who have consecutively built soccer card games for the last four years. This updated version was released in September 2022 and has gotten more than 1 million downloads in two years with a 4.8 average rating on the play store. The game is free on the play store and offers many in-app purchases for rapid progress. 

Strategic Gameplay

Smoq Games 23 Mod APK involves strategic gameplay that demands your attention to be focused on a single point. The game offers a variety of packs, including classic packs, plus packs, event packs, league packs, special packs, and many others. Each pack has nine player cards including ranging from common to gold and rare and will cost you a specific amount of money. The player cards have specific rating scores mentioned on the top; the higher the rating is more skilled the player will be. You aim to unlock all the high-rated players and arrange them in the best possible positions to win the league matches and the world cup.

Upgrade your players,

 Unlike other pack opener games where you can only unlock new players, Smoq Games 23 Mod APK allows you to upgrade your player skills to the maximum level by spending money in training camps. This upgradation will increase the player’s rating and chemistry and will help you to win matches in online drafts against your friends or random players from anywhere in the world.

Well-organized players slots

There are 211 soccer teams worldwide, with more than 3000 international players and many intra-level clubs and leagues. For the players’ convenience, Smoq Games 23 Mod APK has organized all the famous players from around the world in their respective teams, leagues, and clubs. It means you can easily find any of your favorite players if you know his team, league, or club. This will also help people to learn some accurate information about international players.

Buy, Sell and Exchange player cards.

The developers have made Smoq Games 23 Mod APK more interesting by introducing one-click exchange and quick buy and sell options. From my cards option, you can quickly sell any unwanted or duplicated player card for instant money. From the exchange cards option of the main menu, you can exchange your available cards with your friends or randomly with any other player in the world. You can also buy your desired player if you have enough money and anyone is selling it or add it to the wishlist for later buy from the market. 

Draft and play

Smoq Games 23 Mod APK is not all about unlocking new players or making your team but also allows a draft and play option where you can arrange your available players in suitable locations and then play a match with random players or friends. You should know enough about each player to assign them the best position depending on their skills and abilities. While forming the team, you will see ratings and chemistry points on top of the screen; more points mean an easier win against the opponents.

What is Smoq Games 23 Mod APK?

While playing the game, the most needed item will be the coins you can earn by participating in league matches and daily rewards. You can also buy the coins with your real money from the play store, which will cost you a few bucks. However, we have modified the actual game version to provide free unlimited coins to the players, by which they can open all kinds of packs to unlock their legendary players.

Download Information:

???? File Name Smoq Games 23 Mod APK
???? Version 1.50
???? File type Apk 
???? File size 111 MB
????‍???? Developer Smoq Games
???? Requirement  Android 5 and up


Smoq Games 23 Mod APK is undoubtedly the best pack opener game for the soccer lover that can entertain the players with its engaging gameplay. The game comes in a small size of fewer than 120 MBs, which makes it compatible with all devices.