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In today’s era, when everyone is living a busy life, people try to escape from their daily routine by playing games on their smartphones. If we look back 5-7 years, we had very limited choices of games to play on our devices, including some racing and fighting games with the same theme. But, with the rise of technology and people’s interest in gaming, several games are on the market in different categories. It is observed that one of the most loving categories of the game is strategic games that require plan and strategy to beat your enemies. Today, we are going to introduce one of such strategic games, Plants vs Zombies mod APK  


Pvz mos APK is a strategic defense game in which you play the role of a host and attack zombies by planting different defensive and offensive plants in your garden. Electronic Arts built the game (EA), which is famous for its strategic and racing games and has released a number of popular games, including Need for speed no limits, FIFA and SimCity. The game was first released in 2014, and since then, it has gained more than 100 million downloads with five million positive reviews on the Play store.  

The main reason for the popularity of modded plants vs zombies game is that you require a good strategy to defeat the zombies and protect your house from their attacks. The game is highly appreciated by those who love watching fiction movies based on zombies and those who love to play strategic games with animated characters. In this article, we will let you know about more exciting features of this game in detail.  


The zombies have attacked the world and are eating the brains of humans. You have a house attacked by the zombies; they can attack from your garden or even from the roof as they can do everything to eat your brain. You have to protect yourself using defensive plants that keep the zombies from coming forward for some time and then kill them with offensive plants.  

In Plants vs Zombies mod APK, every plant has its unique power and ability to fight against zombies, starting with sun-producing plants that give you energy points to purchase and place other plants in your garden. The deadlier zombies require powerful plants that can kill them before they reach the house and eat your brain.  

Highlighted Features  

Fun graphics  

The graphics of modded pvz game are smooth and simple yet attractive. The game is designed on 2D graphics with very sharp and natural colours that give this game a soothing eye-catching look. The plants are funny and cute in the look that gives you a relaxing effect. Because the graphics are not so heavy, Plants vs Zombies mod APK is compatible with all of your devices.  

50 dead levels  

PVZ mod APK has an adventure mode in which you will get 5 locations and times, Day, night, pool, fog and roof. Each location has ten levels starting from level one. The difficulty of each level rises gradually, and you meet new kinds of zombies with different skills. You will also unlock different plants with unique powers at the end of each level.   

Variety of plants  

There are about 49 different plants that you can grow in your garden to protect your house against zombies in Plants vs Zombies mod APK. The plants are designed to be fun-loving that look cute when they grow. The plants are basically of two types. One is defensive, like Wall-nut and Tall-nut that engage zombies for some time and stop them from moving forward. The other type is offensive plants like Peashooter, cherry bombs, puff-mushrooms, squash and kernel-Pult that attack the zombies and kill them.  

There is also a different category of plants in Plants vs Zombies hack APK that fulfil the basic needs like Sunflower, Sun-shroom that produces sun energy. Sufficient sun energy is required to purchase any plant and use them in combat against zombies. Each plant requires different energy and has different attacking power, and your main strategy should be to place these plants in such an order in every ray that they can kill the zombies coming towards them before they reach the house.  

PvZ all plants list with details

Killer zombies  

Your main enemies in the pvz apk mod are 26 kinds of fun-looking zombies designed with eye-catching colours. These zombies don’t look scary, and it’s fun to kill them for your survival. Each zombie has different resistance, speed, unique ability and weakness. You have to make a strategy to place the plants in front of them they are afraid of. Like a jack-in-the-box, zombies are afraid of magnet-shroom, have fast speed and an explosive box. In the early stages, you will only have a few kinds of zombies, but they increase in variety and number once you unlock certain levels and plants.  

Sound effects  

The other main thing that makes Plants vs zombies mod APK addictive to its players is the funny sound effects. The sound of zombies eating the plants, plants attacking zombies and the light background music along with animated 2D graphics create such an environment that users can keep playing this game for hours without getting bored.  

MOD version  

You can download Plants vs Zombies directly from the play store. But if you want to play the game in boss mode with unlimited exciting features, we recommend downloading the Plants vs Zombies mod APK from our website.   

Unlimited sun: While playing the game, you need sun energy produced from energy-giving plants to purchase other attacking and defensive plants to combat zombies. Plants vs Zombies unlimited sun provides unlimited sun, so you don’t have to wait for the plants to produce sun.  

Unlocked everything: In the normal game version, you have to pass through different levels to unlock plants with high combat skills. However, plants vs Zombies mod APK everything unlocked gives you all plants unlocked, so you haven’t to wait for a certain time to use your favorite plants.  

Unlimited coins: You need coins to buy epic items such as an extra slot from the shop. In Plants vs Zombies mod APK, you will get unlimited coins for free without any purchase.  

Final Verdict  

Suppose you are bored of playing the same boring racing and action games, are a strategy game lover, or already playing plants vs zombies mod APK but now want to play with freedom by getting unlimited coins and sun. In that case, we recommend downloading plants vs zombies mod APK’s latest version from our website. The game is fun-loving, and the mod version has no virus or bug that can harm your device.   

The next version of the game Plant vs Zombies 2 (all unlocked) is also available now

How to install  

You can install this game in a very few easy steps:   

  • Uninstall the Plants vs Zombies APK if you had already downloaded it from the play store   
  • Download Plants vs Zombies mod APK from our website   
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.  
  • Now click on install.  

If you still have any difficulty downloading or installing this game, then comment your issue below. Our team will try to fix it and will get back to you soon…!