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Download Piano tiles 2 Mod APK (unlimited money/all sounds unlocked) free on your android. Very addictive board game, helps to release stress
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Piano Tiles is a music theme-based game that creates a soothing and enjoyable sound by tapping on the screen. It is an addictive board game with simple graphics. You can create different music of your choice after stressful work and calm yourself by submerging in soft keys. Piano tiles 2 mod APK 2022 aims to bring beautiful music tones to music lovers and give thousands of charming piano sounds. Music lovers and piano players will find this game more attractive. Not only adults but children also find it appealing. 


Piano tiles 2 APK creates a harmonious effect. Piano tiles APK was first released in 2014 by Cheetah developers that aim to improve your focus, concentration, finger movements, and speed. This game requires an attentive mind, not other special skills. Just catch the tiles along with the harmony of sound. One of the good features of Piano tiles mod APK is you can play this game with players all around the world and make new friends. Competing with your friends all over the globe enhances your speed and game skills. You can unlock new features by winning each level. You can invite friends by linking it with Facebook, and your progress will be saved permanently. 

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Beginner’s Guide 

Piano tiles 2 mod APK have stunning graphics and simple rules that give more realistic and mesmerizing effects during play. This game contains six modes, which are addictive and time challenging. All you have to do is tap on black keys and avoid white keys in a limited given time. Your fingers need to be perfect in speed to create harmony. You have to race against the time. The game will be over if you miss any of the black keys.  

There will be specific keys that you have to press longer, about 4 to 5 seconds more, and others will move faster than usual. At every level, you must gain three crowns or stars that will increase your coins, diamonds, keys, and lives. Reward helps a lot to achieve more. You can purchase new musical tracks with the rewarded coins and diamonds. As the game proceeds, the difficulty in levels becomes more. 


Thousands of music    

As a music game, Piano tiles 2 APK mod contains thousands of the world’s best music. This game helps in getting familiar with different musical sounds. There is classical music too. The game includes a hall from which you can access various music from different categories. For music lovers, it collects enormous sounds and music from the famous pianist. Fingers become rhythmical and magical with sound.   

There is an addition of more new songs in piano tiles 2 game that give a more realistic feel. New piano tunes like happy new year, last Christmas, canon, and romance have been added, making it more fun-loving than the previous version. Listening to these tunes with headphones gives no less than concert vibes. There is also an addition of folk and classical music.  

Smooth Graphics   

The game has simple graphics, making it more convenient for the players to focus while playing. Simple background with perfect music does not allow one to lose focus. The simple interface helps to enjoy the game more. Tiles are only black and white, making the player more concentrated while taping. Piano tiles 2 mod APK has updated graphics which are more attractive than the previous one. 

Exciting Reward   

There are almost 15 plus lives, meaning you can play 15 times a day. If you run out of life, you have an option to purchase extra lives with coins, diamonds, and watching videos. During the game, surprise gifts pop up at any time, which have to be collected before the time runs out. Piano tiles hack APK gives all these rewards and lives freely. You can also claim an everyday reward chest available to every player and can be claimed within 24 hours. There is also a revival box that a player can avail of for free if he loses his life and is near his goal.  

Increasing difficulty level  

The difficulty of each level speeds up when the time passes gradually in Piano tiles mod APK. At the beginning of the level, tiles appear at a slow speed that is easy to tap. But as time passes, the tiles’ speed increases with the tone of the background music, and your finger’s movement has to be fast enough to tap the black tiles while leaving the white ones.  

Challenging Leaderboard  

There is also a Leaderboard option in Piano tiles 2 hack mod APK, and you can access it while playing online. By completing various tasks and missions, you can achieve a higher rank on the board, motivating you to perform better than before to be on top of the board.  

Connect the world   

One best feature of piano tiles 2 all songs unlocked is that you can connect to other players all over the world and challenge them to show your skills. You can also check your finger speed by tapping maximum tiles in a second and break the world record by scoring more.  

Daily rewards   

Piano tiles 2 mod APK gives bonuses to its daily player. Players must log in frequently to claim daily bonuses that will unlock them more piano tunes. The next day’s reward is higher than the previous one, and you must maintain the streak to get the highest bonus.  

Cheat codes   

Piano tiles 2 hack APK has cheat codes in the form of booster effects such as frozen effect, shield effect, and anywhere tap effect. These boosters can only be used twice a day and have different effects. The freezing effect makes the tile move slowly. The shielding effect will make tiles guard; if a player loses this effect, start the game from the exactly lost point. The anywhere tap effect makes the till the move faster, and the player can tap anywhere irrespective of black and white tiles, and this help to gain more points. You will get all these cheat codes activated in our mod version of Piano tile 2 mod APK.  

Free to play   

Piano tiles umod is  free to play. A player can access all features without any pay and purchases from the store.   

Save your progress   

If you are thinking of changing of phone and are afraid of losing data, then do not be so. Tiles piano 2 offers you to save data just by connecting to the Facebook app. Whenever you open your game through the Facebook link, you will get access to your data.  

Different Modes   

Piano tiles 2 mod APK contains several modes besides the classic mode that is more challenging and addictive and won’t let you bored even playing for hours.   

Classic mode   

Players must touch the black tiles as much as possible in the set limited time while the screen moves manually. The screen moves with the speed at which tiles are touched or taped.    

Arcade mode   

Tiles on the screen move automatically. The game lasts until one of the black tiles is missed or the player taped on a white tile. The player should move the fingers fast to meet the rhythm and create magic. Piano tiles 2 unlocked APK only uses arcade mode per song, with double tiles, rapid tiles, and slide titles; after earning three stars speed of the tile increases to make a crown and more coins.  

Zen mode   

In this mode, time is set and limited. Players have to tap the tiles before time runs out. Scrolling speed increases gradually, and the player must keep peace with it to survive longer.   

Relay mode  

As its name indicates, this mood is so reliable. Time is set only for 50 tiles in relay mod of piano tiles mod APK. If a player continues up to 50 tiles, the time limitation is lifted, and the screen will begin to scroll at average speed.   

Arcade+ mode   

Arcade+ mode offers extra options to make the gameplay more challenging and addictive.  

Bomb– Tiles with skulls and bones should be avoided; otherwise, the game will end.   

Lightening– The screen’s light goes off and on and becomes darker. There is also a world record for highest score in Piano tiles 2 lightening mode.  

Double– Two tiles will come next to one another.   

Bilayer– Tiles come with horizontal lines and should be taped twice.   

Mist– Mist appears on tiles that make it blur, and it will become challenging to tap the right tile.   

Unstable– Speed of the tiles changes often   

Shaky– The screen will shake.  

Cloudy– Clouds appear on the screen.   

Change– Tile will change their place.   

MOD version  

You can generally download the Piano tiles game’s normal version from the play store. However, to download the modified version with enhanced features, you have to download Piano tiles 2 mod APK from our website, which is free and more fun to play. Some exciting features of our mod version are;  

    Ad- Free
    Unlimited money  
    Unlimited diamonds/gems
    Unlimited revivals  
    All tracks unlocked
    Frozen Tiles
    Shield effect  


If you are looking for an addictive board game that can calm your mind after a stressful, busy day, then we recommend downloading Piano tiles 2 mod APK latest version from our website. This game will not only soothe your mind but also improves your mind’s concentration and coordination with your fingers. You learn better to coordinate with your brain and fingers while following your eye movement concentrated on black tiles. The game is fun-loving, doesn’t promote violence or hate, and is entirely safe for your device. So, what are you waiting for? Just clock on the download button and enjoy.

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 How to install  

You can install Piano tiles 2 mod APK by following the given steps; 

  • Uninstall Piano tiles 2 game if you have already installed it from playstore. 
  • Download Piano tiles 2 mod APK 2022 from our website   
  • Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on. 
  • Now click on install