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Are you a pet lover, or do you love to play with cats? If yes, then My talking tom 2 mod APK is the best game for you. A person loves a cat but cannot afford enough capital and space to raise him but do not worry; by playing this game, you can raise a lovely cat as your pet.   

By playing talking tom 2 APK, you can become proficient in caring for your pets which is all about feeding, taking care of, playing different games, changing the outfits daily of the cat, and doing stuff that makes him happy. The game is so fun-loving, with many new features you might not observe in the previous version. It is not only just a game, but you are getting a virtual friend in the form of TOM that can make you happy whenever you feel sad. 


My talking tom 2 APK is a virtual pet game by Slovenian Studio outfit 7, first released in 2013. it is so fun-loving with enriched features that it has gained more than 500 million downloads on the play store. The game is equally loved by children and adults all around the globe, and people prefer to play it over others to release their anxiety and frustration.  

Although the Tom 2 APK has many outstanding features, the one option that distinguishes it from all other games of such type is that you can talk to your kitten. Yes, you heard right, say a sentence, and your Tom will repeat it in his voice, giving you a feeling of talking with your pet that is impossible in real life. 

Alternate Game: My Talking Tom

How to play  

My talking tom 2 mod APK 2022 gameplay is straightforward, and all you have to do is make your pet happy by doing different stuff. When the game starts, you get a kitten of just one year, and you have to raise him by fulfilling all his needs as people do for their pets in real life. With each passing level, the tom also grows one year, and you will also have an option to celebrate his birthday. 

You can shop for groceries from the store and make delicious food and shakes for your cat in the kitchen. Keep the tom healthy by fulfilling his nutritional requirements. The game also has a healthcare option you can use when your tom falls ill with seasonal flu or any other disease. Take your tom to the bathroom and shower him to make him clean and fresh. The tom will also demand your time to play different games with him that will make him happy. Oh! The tom is tired and sleepy; take him to his bedroom and turn the lights off for a sound sleep. 

Highlighted Features 

Enjoy 3D animated graphics 

The game developers tried their best to make graphics as simple and attractive as possible. The game’s interface is very simple, and you don’t have to spend much time understanding the game’s basics. All you need is to swipe left and right, up and down, to take your cat to the different locations. 3D animated graphics give this game an ultimate look and is one of the main plus points of being loved by the children.   

Get a unique experience of funny sound effects 

Talking Tom 2 mod APK has animated sound effects, making this game more attractive and addictive. You will hear different sounds each time your cat performs any activity. The sound of taking a shower, eating food, and playing various games is so optimistic. Moreover, the funny sounds every time your cat makes when you hit him gives another level of satisfaction to the player. Children love these sound effects and try to perform different activities with the TOM that increase their productivity. 

Easy-to-use Interface   

The game’s interface is very simple and designed so that people of any age can play it without any complexity. It has easy control and single-touch options with large icons, making it easy for children to play. 

Feed your pet on time 

People don’t compromise on the health of their pets, so you should. Keep your tom satisfied by fulfilling his desires and feeding him nutritional foods. You can buy a variety of food, including fresh fruits, vegetables, cakes, drinks, and multivitamins that ensure your pet’s health. Keep checking the hunger percentage from the bottom option, and don’t keep your tom hungry for a long time. Give him anything to eat, and he will not deny, or you can also give him the desired item to eat if he demands any. 

Maintain the Hygiene of your Pet 

Like in real life, you also have to maintain the proper hygiene of your pet for healthy growth in My talking tom 2 APK mod. The pet needs to pee after eating a lot and gets dirty after playing. Take him to the toilet in the bathroom. You can also tease him by trying to open the bathroom door while he’s peeing. Now take him to the wash tub and shower him with a good soup. You can buy soup of your choice in different colors, designs, and fragrances from the coins you have. After the shower, take your pet out of the washroom, and it will get a fresh look. 

It’s bedtime  

After playing the whole day with Tom, your pet is tired and sleepy. Take him to his bedroom and let him rest by turning the lights off. My Talking Tom 2 Mod APK gives the most realistic experience by providing all these fun-loving features. You can hear the snoring of your pet while he is sleeping. Don’t turn the lights on before an adequate sleep; otherwise, your pet will feel lazy and won’t play with you. Always remember to put Tom on his bed before you exit the app, so you will get him fresh when you come later. 

Keep an eye on your pet’s health. 

Is your Tom feeling lazy and not taking part in any activity. Is his facial expression shows that he is suffering from something? If yes, then don’t worry as we all get ill, so your Pet is. It might be he is suffering from a high fever or seasonal flu. My Talking Tom 2 hack APK also has a medicine cabinet by which you can access some health kits. Give Tom an injection, tablet, or syrup and look after him until he recovers completely. 

Play mini-games for free 

The new version of My Talking Tom 2 new version mod APK offers a mini-game tab having a pretty collection of racing, action, and puzzle games. You can play these games when you get bored performing the same activities with your cat. Playing these games will earn you more coins that you can later spend in the shop to buy items for your pet. 

These games are hell fun for the player and the cat too. They also offer a multiplayer game which gives more options to earn more. Trampoline, basketball, boxing, drums, and swing are the different mod of pleasure for the tom. 

Give your pet a different look 

Talking tom is quite fashionable too. You can make your cat trendy by getting new different outfits. Many professions, like a police officer, doctor, or engineer, have different costumes, and you can get these to give your Tom a new look.  

These outfits are very detailed and will wholly transform your pet into that specific look that will make him happy. You can buy these dresses from the wardrobe tab with your coins. Eyes and fur color can be changed too, which makes your pet more attractive. If you don’t have enough coins, go and play mini games with your pet to earn some extra coins, or download My Talking Tom 2 unlimited coins and diamonds to get unlimited coins for free.   

Explore the new world 

Tom loves to travel and explore new places with you. with every passing level; you will get a travel ticket in Tom 2 pro hack. Use this travel ticket to take Tom to different worlds, each with a unique theme. You will get a surprise gift at the end of your journey in the form of food, coins, and other household items. 

Watch your pet grow every day. 

After accomplishing different tasks, you will be happy to see your pet grow gradually. On every birthday, Tom will get an attractive surprise gift in My Talking tom 2 mod APK unlimited money. You will have to be more careful as your pet grows as it demands more care and love. 

Customize your pet’s house 

Talking tom 2 hack unlimited coins and stars have a new feature by which a player can decorate the tom’s house. You can customize everything like furniture, background, floors, and many other things. Different themes are an addition too. Decorate the kitchen, bathroom, and living room according to your taste. Upgrading things help to earn more points.   

Cheerful magic shows 

Another amusement mode in Talking tom 2 hack APK is the magic shows where tom performs different tricks to make spectaculars happy and stunned. These shows have different time slots, and you can perform eye-opening tricks to get more coins and surprising rewards. 

Pet of your pet  

Although the tom itself is a pet, it has a pet named Squeak. You can also play with Squeak and upgrade him. The Squeak is cute and funny, and don’t let your cat and you get bored of his naughty moves. 

Play offline 

My Talking Tom 2 mod APK unlimited stars can also be played offline, allowing you to play from anywhere without worrying about a data connection. 

MOD Features 

    No ads 
    Unlimited coins 
    Unlimited stars
    Unlimited food 
    All costumes unlocked 

How to install 

You can install Talking Tom 2 mod APK in following easy steps: 

  • Uninstall the game if you have already downloaded it from Play store  
  • Download My Talking Tom 2 mod APK from our website     
  • Now if your device asks you to allow unknown sources go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.   
  • Now click on install