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If we can look back 10-15 years ago, we will see that majority of the people used to opt. Medical or engineering fields and had no other options than that. But with the advancement in technologies, people get attracted to different professions that meet their interests, one of which is a video creation and editing. In recent years, we have seen a boom in the industry where people present their talents and content through video creation. And for this, they need an app to edit their videos. Today we are getting you familiar with one of such apps, Kinemaster mod APK. 


Two or three years ago, people used to hire different video editors to edit their videos to look way better and more attractive to their viewers. People also used heavy softwares like Adobe Premiere and After Effects that require high-compatible PCs to run on. As everything has advanced and the world has turned into a global village, video creation and editing have become a cup of tea and are now accessible for everyone on their smartphones.

It is easy for everyone to edit their videos in a highly professional way just on their android phone without spending a single penny using different video editing applications like Kinemaster mod APK. You don’t need expensive devices or highly professional skills to edit videos on such video editors. 

About kinemaster 

Kinemaster APK is an all-in-one video editing application released by the Kinemaster Corporation in 2013. The one unique feature of the app is that it has transformed the tiring video editing concept into the fun editing by which you can edit your long videos in a very short time without getting bored. Because of its many powerful video editing tools and a wide range of ready-to-apply video effects and transitions, the Kinemaster APK has become very popular among content creators and normal users and has gotten more than 100 million downloads worldwide. 

With the Kinemaster, you can create all types of videos easily. While developing the app, the developers have assured keeping the interface simple so even a person who is using it for the first time does not find much difficulty. Because of its distinctive features, this app has become the priority of many YouTubers, professional video editors, and even regular users.

This app comes with all the elements needed for editing, is very light to use, and has very positive reviews. You can add text, images, audio, animations and much more to your videos with a few clicks. With kine master mod APK, you can make your videos highly customizable by getting access to all advanced features that no other app on play store provides. 

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Why editing is compulsory 

If you are a vlogger on YouTube or upload videos on any other social platform, then you might have been aware of the rising competition in this field. As technology is being accessible by anyone with some clicks, it urges everyone to pursue their passion in this line. Now you can see people with many limited resources and skills as content creators on YouTube. When you step into this field, you will find many of your competitors that will be working on the same topic or niche. 

Now you have to make your videos unique to look better and attract more audience. Wonder! How is it possible? You have to edit your videos in a highly professional way so that viewers don’t get bored. Whether you have shot your video with some expensive camera or with your smartphone, it won’t attract the world until you edit it properly. You can add different effects and animations, remove unnecessary parts or add a piece of beautiful background music so that the viewer doesn’t scroll down to the next video. In simple words, editing is the background of video creation because it will boost your traffic and, ultimately, your earnings through the videos.  

We know that editing has always been a time-consuming and tiring process, and many people also use many paid applications. But don’t worry; in this article, we will introduce you to an ultimate video editing app, kinemaster mod APK, that you can download and use free on your android devices. You can read this article to explore its amazing features or download it to give it a try by yourself. 

Kinemaster Pro  

The basic version of the kinemaster app is officially available on the Play store, and anyone having android can download and start their editing experience easily. But this normal version comes with some limitations, like you cannot export your videos without a kinemaster watermark or in extremely high quality. To use this app in your way, you have to make an in-app purchase to upgrade your kinemaster APK to kinemaster pro APK. 

With Kinemaster pro, you will unlock all the premium packages of the kinemaster app and edit your videos with more depth. This subscription will unlock filters, effects and animations, remove watermark and unlock advanced editing tools, but it will also cost you some bucks. These unlock features will help you look your videos more professionally edited than you ever made before and provide an eye-catching effect.  

We are aware that many people want to use the premium features of Kinemaster, but its subscription seems costly to them. Many users use this app to edit their daily videos and then put them on their WhatsApp statuses or stories for fun. Users who don’t use this app for professional means don’t want to spend any money on the app. For such users, we have come up with the modified version of the Kine master app, where you can use all the premium features of the app for free. All you need is to download Kinemaster mod APK from our website and enjoy the free subscription. 

MOD version 

Here you will get the modified version of the app in which you will get all the premium features unlocked without any subscription. In simple words, you can get Kinemaster pro for free by just downloading Kinemaster mod APK from our website. The mod features of the app are described below: 

No watermarkLike many other video editors, the kinemaster APK also comes with a watermark displayed on your videos when you export them. These watermarks are usually for publicity of their apps so other people can also know and install them. But videos exported with the apps’ watermark don’t look good and negatively impact viewers when you post them on social media.

Premium effects and FiltersKinemaster mod APK comes with all the premium effects and filters unlocked that you can apply to your videos with just a single click. These effects and filters will help you create animation and give your videos a 3D cinematic look to attract more viewers. 

Export with high qualityBesides content, the quality of exported video matters a lot for the one watching that video. Unlike many other video editors, Kinemaster Pro mod APK gives you an option to export your edited videos in a high-quality format, including 1080P, HD, and ultra-HD qualities. 

Regular updatesThe developers of the kinemaster mod APK update their app regularly to add new features, effects, filters and animations. They also ensure to keep this app bugs free to run smoothly on android devices without any lag. 

No-Ads:  Unlike many other video editing apps that show ads to their users while editing, Kinemaster mod APK 2022 doesn’t do this. Kinemaster app display no ads to the users while editing so they can enjoy their experience without any interruption. 

Highlighted Features 

Easy to use interface 

The interface of this app comes with a very simple yet attractive UI and UX. The developers of this editor designed this app so that even a person who has not used this app or hasn’t done any editing before can easily use this app without any complexities. There are options to start a new project or access your previously saved project with a single click to avoid losing your work. You can apply all the filters and effects, and once you finish, you can export your videos directly into your mobile storage. 

The most important thing that distinguishes this app from all other video editors is that it offers the editing interface in horizontal mode while all other editors are in vertical mode. This horizontal model provides exposure to the big screen, and users get rid of the typical boring interface.

When you open this app for the first time after installing it, it will ask you if you want Kinemaster pro mod APK 2022 to access photos and media on your android storage or not. Just click on the allow button, and it will auto fetch media from your gallery. You have to select what you want to edit, and it will be imported to the Apps’ editing interface with a single click. This app also facilitates you to export media directly from your cloud storage. 

Aspect Ratio 

Kinemaster pro APK unlocked gives you the freedom to select the aspect ratio of your own choice. This is a vital and critical factor in editing because different platforms support different aspect ratios, and your video should be in that specific ratio to run smoother. The app gives some built-in aspect ratios like you can choose 16:9 for YouTube, 1:1 for Instagram, 4:5 for Instagram stories and many more. You can also select the custom aspect ratio according to your needs. 

Speed adjustment 

Kinemaster pro mod APK 2022 allows you to adjust the speed of your videos from 0.25 to 16x easily with one click. The change in speed won’t affect the video quality or any audio distortion. You can also use time-lapse effects to change the speed of your video. You can also change the speed of some specific parts of the video and keep the rest normal with its unique speed adjustment tool. 

Video animation 

Video animation is one of the deciding factors for the viewers whether they can develop an interest in watching your videos or not. A few years ago, these animations were made using heavy softwares like Adobe after effects that used to take a lot of time and highly skilled professionals for precise work. But with development in technology, many videos editing apps like Kinemaster mod APK started giving this feature where you can animate your videos with few clicks within no time. 

Kinemaster premium offers you ready-made animation templates to select and apply to your videos. There are bundles of ready to use filters and effects that you can apply to your videos to give them a cinematic look. You can access all these filters from the apps’ online library. The filters and effects are arranged in different categories; you can choose what looks better to you for free. 

This app also offers a wide range of transition effects. Transition is a mode of changing video from one frame to another. When you apply a filter or any animated effect, you can also use a transition effect to look your edited videos natural and smooth to your viewers. 

Kinemasted mod APK provides premium effects and filters to its users for absolutely free without any purchase. 

Audio adjustment 

Kinemaster APK without watermark also offers many features to adjust your audio behind the video. No matter how good your video quality is, if your audio is distorted or not relevant, it will negatively impact the viewers. To make things easier, Kinemaster mod APK provides many options by which you can adjust the original volume of the video or even mute it. You can also change your video’s audio with your favourite song from your device internal storage or get it online. This app offers you to add 8 audio tracks at a time to your videos. 

One more unique feature of the app is that it offers an option to extract video from one video and add it to another video. You can also record voice on the spot and add it to videos if needed. This feature will save your time as you don’t need to record and save audio separately and then use it in videos. 

Cut and Trim 

Besides providing advanced editing tools, this kinemaster pro mod APK also offers essential editing tools. You can cut or trim some specific parts of your video without affecting the quality of the whole video. These tools are necessary to trim some unnecessary parts of your video. You can also duplicate some parts of your videos with this tool.  

The tool is beneficial when you divide your lengthy videos into different portions and apply different audio and video effects and filters on each portion. Moreover, you can also crop and rotate your videos using this app. 

Color correction 

You can also change your videos’ hue, brightness, and warmth as per your need. There is also an option to adjust the background and foreground colors of the video that you can use if you want. 

Chroma key 

The background of the video attracts a lot of viewers, and many of them will watch your whole video if you have an excellent video background. In a survey, it is observed that videos with a rough or not relevant background have a negative impact on viewers. Many people use different heavy software to change the background or hire some professionals that charge them heavily for this task. 

Keeping in view the importance of the video background, the developers of the Kinemaster no watermark app introduced a Chroma key option by which you can change any background of your video into a green screen and then turn that green screen into some attractive and relevant background. You can also change the background directly if you have already shot your video on a green screen. This feature may help you remove unwanted objects from the videos’ background, and this is the feature that many other video editing apps are not providing. 

Video reversibility 

While watching videos on social media, you might have seen different videos that seem magical to you. Those videos are shown in reverse order. Now you may think about how difficult it is to reverse your videos? If yes, then the answer is that with a few clicks. With Kinemaster mod APK, you can reverse your videos that will give a funny and magical look and astonish your viewers. Now it has been so easy to impress your friends and family with your creativity and with the help of this handy video editor. 

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PC version 

The app is so popular among users that Kinemaster is also available in PC version like any other premium app. Now you can enjoy your editing using this app even on your computer, where exposure to the big screen gives a better user experience. However, the feature, effects, filters and animations are the same in both android and PC versions. 

Text animation 

Using kinemaster mod APK without watermark, you can add text to your videos, animate them by applying different effects and filters and give them a 3D look. This app also supports motion graphics. You can add text in different ready to use animated templates and apply them to your videos with a single click. You can also change the text size, shape and font from the apps’ in-built font library. This feature can also help you create video memes that are trending nowadays. 

Multiple layers 

Kinemaster Pro supports the multiple layer functionality by which you can add texts, images, effects, stickers and transitions to your videos in different layers. This function is beneficial because you can adjust the timing and position of each layer according to your need. You can also overly different layers using different blending modes that ultimately give a 3D effect to the videos. Before release of kinemaster APK 2022, we have seen this feature in some heavy PC software. However, Kinemaster mod digitbin made things easy and highly customizable by introducing this feature in the android version of the app. 

Instant preview 

While editing some video, when you apply any effect and filter on that video and want to see the final results, you can simply click on the play button. The video will start playing with all the relevant enhancements. This will save your time and storage as you don’t need to save your video every time you make a change to your videos and see the final results. 

Asset store 

The asset store is a different portion available only in kinemaster PRO mod APK and is the main difference between the basic and the PRO version. You will find a vast collection of premium templates, filters and effects, stickers, fonts, and other premium resources in the asset store. As this magical store is only restricted to its premium users, it means that you have to spend money to unlock this. But don’t worry, if you download and install Kinemaster mod APK from our website, you will have access to this store without any subscription. 

Direct share to social media 

Kinemaster mod APK lets you share your edited videos directly on social media without saving them on your internal storage. This will save your time and energy as you don’t need to save your video first and then go to social media and select the video again and then publish it. You can all do this with one click through kinemaster. 


Kinemaster pro mod APK mod APK supports all the android versions and runs smoothly on android 5.0 and above. Although the app provides stunning premium features, it does not demand expensive devices to run on. 

Some hidden Tips 

If you are already a kinemaster user or new to it, these tips will help you enhance your skills, and you will be able to surprise your viewers with beautiful animations. 

Whiteboard animation 

Usually, you have seen that many content creators use whiteboard animation in their videos; looks fabulous sometimes. You might have wondered how you can also use these types of animations in your videos. So let me clear to you first, there is no application on play store that offers whiteboard animation. However, some paid applications provide this feature but charge you a heavy amount. But here, we will tell you how to create whiteboard animation free using Kinemaster mod APK. 

  • Create one layer of white background having a duration of 10-15 seconds. 
  • Then add any photo or video you want to animate on white background. 
  • Then select the In Animation option and pick the wipe down. 
  • Adjust the speed of the animation effect to the lowest possible. 
  • Then create a new layer and add a PNG hand picture in it. 
  • Take the PNG picture to the leftmost corner and click on the animation key button. 
  • Place one pin on the top left corner of your picture or video and the other on the top right corner. 
  • Then place two more pins below to these two pins and repeat the process until you reach the bottom of your picture. 
  • You can now play the video, and your beautiful whiteboard animation is ready. 

Phone overly animation 

You might have seen different content creators on YouTube who use phone overlay animation, or you can also say that face Cam animation in their videos. Below, we will tell you how you can easily create such videos using kinemaster mod APK. 

  • First, import the video that you want to play in the background. 
  • The add a different layer with phone PNG that you can download easily from play store. 
  • Then add your screen recording, trim it from the sides and adjust it on the phone overly that you have added in the previous step. 
  • Then crop your recording according to the shape that can fit best in your phone overly. 
  • Then click on the three dots option on the top left corner and click on the send to back option. 
  • In this way, the recording will be adjusted perfectly in your phone PNG overly and give a highly professional look to the viewers. 

Social animation 

If you own a YouTube channel and want to add a reminder for your viewers to subscribe to your channel, then you can do this easily using Kinemaster pro mod APK. 

  • In the first step, import your video to the editing timeline you want to add the reminder. 
  • Then click on the clip graphics. 
  • Explore the social likes option from the menu and download the desired template you want to edit. 
  • Now click on the template, it will be automatically created as a new layer. 
  • Adjust the duration and position of the layer and apply it. 
  • In this way, you can easily add the like and subscribe animation in your videos to remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel. 

Scrolling Text 

You can give your videos a 3D professional look by adding scrolling text to your videos. This is not as difficult as it seems; you can add it in a very few easy steps mentioned below: 

  • Add the text in a new layer and adjust its duration as per your video requirement. 
  • Click on the layer option and then on the overly. 
  • Explore the menu for the cinematic overly and then click on any of the overly you want to add. 
  • Set the duration of the frame according to your video length. 
  • Now adjust the text on that frame. 
  • All set? It’s time, for now, to add animation to the text. 
  • To add this, take the text to the extreme right corner, turn on the keyframe animation option and place the first pin. 
  • Then take the text to the extreme left corner, place the 2nd pin, and click on the play button. 
  • You will see that a highly professional looking scrolling text has been added to your videos just in a few basic steps. 

Export videos in 60 fps 

when you try to export your videos after editing in kinemaster MOD APK, you will have a menu to select export quality and frame ratio as per your will. The frame ratio will give you different options, but you won’t see any option for 60 fps. Here we will tell you how to export your videos at 60 fps. 

  • Go to the setting, click on advanced and experimental settings, and then click on continue anyway. 
  • Then enable the option “Allow export frame rate up to 60 fps”. 
  • Then go back and export your video again. 
  • Now you will see an option to export videos at a 60-fps frame rate. 

Final Verdict 

Suppose you are new to the editing world or already a professional video editor who wants to take his editing skills to the next level with an android app where you can do all kinds of editing for free without any restrictions. In that case, we recommend you download Kinemastr mod APK from our website. 

Kinemaster is an ultimate video editing app that helps you to create your videos with 3D looking cinematic effects with a vast collection of its in-built filters, effects and transition that you can access from the asset store. Moreover, if you download Kinemaster mod APK 2022 from our website, you will have access to its premium version without purchasing any pro subscription. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and surprise others with your editing skills and dive into the ocean of creativity by downloading Kinemaster mod APK latest version 2022 from our website, which is completely free to use. 

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How to install

You can download kinemaster mod APK by following the easy steps given below:  

  • Uninstall the Kinemaster app if you have already installed it from the Play store because you can’t run two versions of the game on the same device.  
  • Now download Kinemaster mod APK from our website by clicking on the download button.  
  • The file will be downloaded within a few seconds.  
  • Now check your device’s internal storage or the download folder to search the recently downloaded APK file.  
  • Once you find the file, click on the install button.  
  • Now your device may ask you to allow your device to install third-party applications, don’t worry, permit settings. This is because the updated version of android asks for permission before installing any APK file.  
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow unknown sources, go to settings > security > unknown sources > and turn it on.  
  • Then click on the install button, and BOOM! The APP will be installed within a few seconds.