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Download Gravity Rider MOD APK (Fully unlocked) and enjoy a futuristic bike racing game with unlimited Coins, Gems and All bikes and levels unlocked
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May 20, 2023
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Are you bored of playing racing games with the same challenges and boring race tracks and want to try something new? Do you want to dive into the future by riding epic motorcycles on futuristic tracks? Are you a technology lover and want to experience what racing will look like after hundred years? If yes, then luckily, you are at the right place, and Gravity Rider Mod APK 2022 is your ultimate game. Here you will experience a unique glimpse of futuristic parkour where the technology challenges the laws of physics with the most advanced vehicles that are not invented yet in real-life.  

About Gravity Rider  

Vivid Game S.A., a famous Poland-based fantasy game developer, developed Gravity Rider. The game concept is also unique as its name and was first released in 2018. The game is from the future, with many challenging missions and attractive customizations. It is free to download from the play store and contains many in-app purchases for rapid progress. People are unaware of the addiction to Gravity Rider Mod APK; still, the game got more than 10 million downloads on the play store. If you are one of the next players who will play this game, then this article will be extremely helpful.  

As the game is a reflection of the future, so you will find some exciting and different game menus that you haven’t seen in any game before. In the beginning, the Gravity Rider Mod APK android version will ask you for some permission, don’t worry; click on accept, and then you will be given an introductory game tour to learn about the game controls. Starting a career as a noob racer and passing all the challenges of different worlds in the solo campaign, and defeating other players in online mode, you have a long journey ahead. Complete all the level objectives to get the epic chest full of exciting rewards. 

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Instinctive Moto Control system  

As the game has everything from the future, so are the vehicle controls. Afraid of climbing high on the parkour and taking sharp turns is no longer a problem as half of the system is automated. The bikes will take turns on their own when needed shifting the cameras to the best possible angle automatically. All you need is to control bike speed from two arrows on the right of the device’s screen. Shift the weight forward and backward of the vehicle by pressing two buttons on the left side of the screen. Controlling the speed and weight shifting is crucial while passing through uneven obstacles.   

Visuals and Sound  

The most eye-catching point of Gravity Rider Mod APK unlimited coins is its unbeatable graphics. You might have played many video games, but the graphics you will experience in Gravity Rider are on another level. The game offers 3D graphics with animated illusions that will blow the player’s mind. The parkour tracks and hurdles are designed in a futuristic theme among the skyscrapers and other locations that will make you feel like you are on some other planet. The vehicles are also designed in detail, considering future technologies.  

The other addictive thing about the game is its music and sound effects. Like graphics, we also assure you that you haven’t experienced such unique sound effects elsewhere. The sound of a running vehicle hitting obstacles, the current buzz, and the dumping hammers combine to give an ultimate unique feeling. Moreover, the background music of Gravity Rider Mod APK unlimited money and gems is also very energetic and novel, which won’t make the players bored even if they are playing the game for hours continuously.   

Explore different locations  

Gravity Rider Mod APK currently offers eight parkour locations ranging from Athosic Canyon to Community Tracks. Each chapter has eight levels, and each level can give you three stars if you complete all of its objectives. Every level has unique hurdles and rivals that you are competing with. The player aims to pass all the chapter levels with maximum stars to unlock the next chapter. Be aware of the moving hurdles, life-taking obstacles, and spikes that can damage the vehicle and eventually make you fall. Get all the checkpoints, so you don’t have to start the level from scratch and can be revived from the latest checkpoint.  

Ride Vehicles from the Future  

Gravity Rider hack APK has more than ten vehicles that you may see after a hundred or more years but is not been invented yet. These bikes are based on prototype models on which scientists are working in labs worldwide. These bikes are energy efficient, sound-free, and have many other features, including jet engines, drone fans, and many more. You can unlock these vehicles one by one once you reach a sufficient experience level. Plenty of coins and Gems will be required to unlock and upgrade these beast vehicles to the maximum you can get for free in our mod version of Gravity Rider unlimited coins.  

Ultimate Vehicle Upgrades  

Although the vehicles are already the best available models, you can upgrade them to increase their acceleration, speed, rotation, stability, and grip. Gravity Rider Mod APK all bikes unlocked allows you to upgrade the engine, body, suspension, and wheels of the vehicle after getting sufficient upgradation cards and money. The gamers also have the option to cope with their vehicles with unique abilities like Armor spike, Nitro wheels, Nitro flip, and many others to give extra boost and protection to the vehicles. But for this, you need ability cards that you can get in chests by event rewards or buy directly through the shop.  

Enjoy Unlimited Customizations   

Besides other amazing features, Gravity Rider Mod APK all levels unlocked also offers unlimited bike customization to the players. The game offers three types of customization. The first one is the body, where you will get three choices normal, pixelated, and space bike. The others are paint and trail colors that you can change anytime according to your taste. The customization process won’t affect the overall performance of the vehicle. Spend wisely on customization and follow different strategies while playing if you want to master this game.

Participate in Events  

Besides offline and online modes, Gravity Rider Extreme Mod APK also offers an event mode that is accessible from the left-side menu of the main screen. These events are time-limited and renew after a specific duration. However, you need the required experience level and bike to participate in the event. Once you participate, play with your heart and defeat all the rivals to get the event rewards. The rewards are not hidden like other game modes, and you will get to know before starting the event which ability card you are going to get if you win.  

Visit the shop regularly  

While playing Gravity Rider Mod APK, make it your habit to visit the shop from the main menu after 3 to 4 hours because here, you are going to get epic subscriptions and offers. You can also access different types of earned chests from here and open them to get epic prizes. Furthermore, the game resources, including coins and gems, can also be exchanged from here with your real money if you want rapid progress in the game.   

Gravity Rider Mod Menu  

    Unlimited Coins  
    Unlimited Gems  
    Unlimited Stars  
    Unlimited Cards  
    All bikes unlocked  
    All levels unlocked  
    Auto update enabled  


If you are a technology lover, take much interest in science and inventions, and are curious to know what future vehicles will look like, then this game is definitely for you. The game is fun-loving and challenging and will relax your mind whenever you feel anxiety or stress. In addition, the mod version of Gravity Rider APK on our website will provide you with unlimited coins and Gems so you can enjoy the game differently. So, what’s now? Go and download the Gravity Rider Mod APK latest version by clicking the download button on the top for free. If you like typical bike racing games you should download Real Moto 2 APK Mod