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Racing is a vast genre of video games where you can find many games with different goals and difficulty levels. But many people get bored of playing the typical games that aim to reach the finish line first. Now players want to try something unique and thrilling. Have you ever wondered what getting a touch of action or survival mode in a racing game will feel like? If yes, Earn to Die 2 mod APK will be your best pick. The game will test your speed, driving skills, and courage to reach the destination within time among the deadliest zombies.  


Earn to Die 2 APK is a unique racing game that requires you to show your driving skills for your survival. Drive through the abandoned buildings, broken bridges, and useless tunnels, above the containers, and rail cars flooded with ferocious zombies who won’t take a second to eat your brain if you get caught. The game was developed by Not Doppler and was first released in 2015. It is the second game of this series and has gained over 100 million downloads and 1 million positive reviews on the Play Store. This article will guide you if you are eager to learn more about this game.  


Zombies attack the city, and everything is destroyed. The hero manages to run from the zombies and hide under a shelter. He catches the television signals where an important announcement is made for the survivors. The commander from the Exodus military base is telling us that the zombies have become more ferocious, and they can’t hold back anymore. He then informs that an evacuating ship is waiting at the refuge harbor that will depart soon. He instructs all the survivors to reach the evacuating ship before it leaves for its destination.    

Previous version: Earn to die 1 (Fully unlocked) 

Crush zombies while driving  

You might be aware of the phrase survival of the fittest, which fits here precisely. The time is running out, and reaching your destination safely means killing the zombies on your way. In Earn to Die 2 mod APK unlimited money, you will encounter a variety of zombies, from the normal ones to the wild and deadly chasing zombies. Grip hard on the steering and keep your eyes open while driving. There is only one rule you must follow: kill them before they kill you.  

Don’t run out of fuel.  

The cars you will get in your journey will be the raw cars designed to drive on the typical highway, not in the apocalypse. So, you need extra upgradable items and more fuel cans as you have to go on bumpy roads with many hurdles where the vehicle will consume more fuel. Buy the maximum fuel tanks to reach the destination safely. In each level of Earn to Die 2 unlocked APK, there will be two filling stations from where you can refuel your fuel cans. If your vehicle runs out of fuel in the mid of your journey, the game will be over, and you will have to start the stage again.  

Earn to die 2 Tips, Tricks, and strategies

The Earn to Die 2 Game modes  

Earn to Die 2 mod APK offers a variety of game modes for its players so they can’t get bored of playing. Each mode has its’s perspective and is more interesting than the others. The detail of the four modes you are getting is given below. However, you can download and play this game directly to explore all the modes.  

Story Mode: The most exciting and pioneer mode of Earn to Die 2 hacked APK is the story mode. In this mode, you will start from Level 1 and cover nine levels before reaching the destination. Each level will have two filling stations where you can refuel and give rest your vehicle. 

Free Ride: Completing story mode means that you have unlocked all the vehicles, explored all the levels, and can now play in other modes. In this mode of Earn to Die 2 hack mod APK, you will ride only for fun, and there will be no mission or goal. In addition, there will be no restrictions for driving any car on any level.  

Missions: Earn to Die 2 mod APK offers a mission guide mode in which the players must complete 50 tasks divided into ten levels. Each level will have five jobs and its own vehicle upgraded to the maximum, and its own track.

Exploration:  There are five different levels in this mode, and each level consists of three stages. Just focus on finding survival kits without worrying about fuel or other items. A black circle with the number of attempts to search for all the survival boxes will be marked in front of each level on the map.

Upgrade vehicles to the max 

Earn to Die 2 mod APK offers an in-depth vehicle upgradation system where you can upgrade the vehicle to the maximum level. Add epic parts to your vehicle and turn an average-looking car into a piece of heavy monster machinery that will crush everything on its way. The following features can be upgraded from the garage to increase the vehicle’s overall performance.  

Engine: The engine is the most crucial part of every vehicle that plays a vital role in the overall performance and speed of the car. Earn to Die 2 mod APK allows you to upgrade the engine parts to seven levels. Every next level will cost you more money than the previous one.  

Wheels:  Upgrading the wheels in Earn to Die 2 unblocked APK will improve grip and increase your ability to drive uphill.  

Gun: Add a gun on the top of the vehicle to shoot down zombies before they hit your car. This will save your vehicle’s body and the engine from heating up. Upgrade the gun to the maximum to increase the ammo capacity.  

More About

Fuel Tank: There are only two Filling stations on each level; by default, the vehicle won’t have enough fuel to reach them. So, keep upgrading the fuel tanks to increase their capacity so that you can cover the maximum possible distance. You have to buy these fuel tanks with the money, or you can simply download Earn to Die 2 unlimited fuel from our website.  

Multi-Tired levels  

Earn to Die 2 mod APK now offers multi-tier levels where you have to pass through decaying buildings, broken highways, abandoned rail cars, underground tunnels, and unevenly scattered containers. You can choose different driving paths; each way will open up on the same track. No matter which routes you take, you can’t escape the hurdles and the deadliest zombies who are thirsty for your blood.  

Free to Play  

Unlike the previous series version, Earn to Die 2 mod APK all modes unlocked are free to install and play. You don’t have to buy any subscription with your real money as the game is free and only contains third-party ads.  

Have fun with a destructible vehicle  

Earn to Die 2 unlimited money is an advanced version in the series with more real facts. Now the player must drive more carefully while avoiding crashing with hard obstacles to keep their car safe. The vehicle’s body and other modifiers will get off if you smash so hard with any obstacle. The engine will also burn out if you keep hitting the vehicle at high speed. Getting off a part doesn’t mean you are out; you will lose the vehicle’s balance, which will be harder to drive then.  

What is Earn to Die 2 mod APK?  

Earn to Die 2 mod APK is the modified version of the normal game where you will get a hacked version of the game for free. The player will get the God mode, giving ultimate freedom for playing. By getting unlimited money, it will be easy to unlock new levels and vehicles and instantly upgrade them to the maximum. The other features that you are getting for free will include all modes and vehicles unlocked along with the ad-free version.  

Earn to Die 2 Mod Menu  

    No ads  
    Unlimited Money  
    All vehicles unlocked   
    All modes unlocked  
    Free to play  

Final Verdict  

Earn to Die 2 mod APK is best for those confused about whether to play a racing, action, or fighting game because the above game covers all these categories. It is one of the best apocalypse survival games that will make you addicted to it within a few minutes. The game is fun to play and doesn’t harm your mental health or promote violence. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Earn to Die 2 mod APK latest version from our website and enjoy this ultimate game in hack mode. You will also like Ultimate car racing

How to install 

You can install the Earn to Die 2 mod APK for all cars unlocked by following the given very easy steps.  

  • Delete the previous version of the game, if you have it on your phone.    
  • Download the Earn to Die 2 mod APK from our website; it will take some time. Wait till then.    
  • After downloading, click on the install button.    
  • Now, if your device asks you to allow a third-party app to install APK, give permission n the settings.    
  • After that, Earn to Die 2 mod APK will be installed within a few seconds.